Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Kuripot Crafter Strikes Again: Glitter Sneakers

Hello! Hello! Hello! Aba, may free time ako. Anong himala?! Magugunaw na yata ang mundo. Hahahaha! At dahil dyan, crafting time. :) Off-topic na medyo related (ano daw?): My most viewed posts are the DIY Hermes Twilly and the home-made gourmet tuyo...such disparate things, no? But one thing is clear, there are so many DIY-ers out there.

I saw this pair of Keds x Kate Spade rose gold glitter sneakers in Glorietta when we were in Manila 2 weeks ago. So cute diba?  Pero mahalia. Well, not really, but I rarely wear sneakers to justify the cost.

When we came back here in Dumags, my favorite grocery was having a sneaker sale and I got pair of mangy-looking Atmosphere sneakers for 200 pesos. No wonder they were on sale. Hahahahaha. Actually, the shoes are okay, but the fabric's color has lightened already. It's not going to be a problem though, as I'm going to cover it in glitter. Another thing, I did try on the shoes before I bought them, as they came in my size, but when I got home, I discovered that they are way too big for me. Buti na lang kasya kay Sharkteeth, whose feet are two sizes bigger than mine!!!

I cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol and I removed the insole. I wrapped the rubber parts with washi tape. Wala kasi akong masking tape. I also covered the eyelets with glue, so I can easily remove any glitter that might get stuck on it.

I mixed the glitter with fabric paint in a bowl. I used a small bottle of Leeho glitter and Leeho fabric glue/paint. I couldn't find a bottle of rose gold so I settled on this shade of metallic pink. The mixture was enough to coat the shoes twice, plus some more. If you have Mod Podge, you can use it instead of fabric glue.

Then I painted the fabric with the mixture. You can opt not to paint the edges. I did because lilac is much too light compared with the metallic pink. After drying the first layer, I again painted another layer.

 After drying, I painted the entire glitter-covered surface with crafting glue. Again, if you have Mod Podge, you can use it instead of crafting glue. I left it to dry overnight.

The shoes were completely dry this  morning. I brushed off loose glitters then sprayed the shoes with sealant for good measure. I left the shoes to dry for about an hour, then removed the glitters stuck on the eyelets with a nipper. I bought a pair of metallic silver shoestrings to make the shoes even more glittery, 'cause "They are too glittery," says Sharkteeth never.

 Et voila!

I added a heart stud on each side.

I am thoroughly happy with the result, and even if the shoes didn't turn out to be mine, crafting them made me so happy! And of course, Bebe Ghel is so happy as well with her new shoes.

Materials needed:
1. a pair of canvas shoes
2. masking tape
3. small bottle of glitter
4. small bottle of fabric glue
5. round paint brush
6. crafting glue (Elmer's)
7. sealant

I already have tape, paint brush, crafting glue, and sealant in my craft stash, and my total spending was 275 pesos.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Christmas 2015 Recap

Kamusta naman, February na, ngayon pa lang ang Christmas post ko. Like I mentioned in my previous post, nasilaw ako sa salapi and I accepted way too much work.

The days leading up to Christmas were a blur of shipping orders, wrapping gifts, shopping, etc. Despite me setting a cutoff in my IG selling account, buyers were still placing orders up to the last minute. Hindi ko naman matanggihan. It's like saying no to money. Tangent thought: When I was young, I didn't understand why my parents, despite sleeplessness and exhaustion during Christmas season (i.e., peak firecracker and firework season), never turn down a buyer. Kung minsan hating-gabi, may kakatok para bumili, and kahit antok na antok, they'd let the customers in, give them hot food, and prepare their orders. They had this group of customers na taga-Angeles who always want the biggest, loudest, and baddest ass firecrackers -- yung nakakabasag ng bintana. Eh bawal yun, talagang palihim gawin, and talagang special order lang. Ang siste, they'd go sa bahay namin sa gabi and saka lang gagawin ni Fadear. Yung mga customers naman, they'd sleep in their car and wait for Fadear to finish the firecrackers. Tapos uuwi na sila ng madaling-araw. *Sana buhay pa sila and intact pa lahat ng kanilang daliri/kamay/binti/paa.* O hayan, nawala na naman ako. Mabalik tayo. So, I accepted orders despite being past the cutoff. Then I had to prepare TheHusband's and Sharkteeth's gifts/tokens. TheHusband set a budget of 30 pesos(!!!) each for the tokens. Juskopo naman. San naman ako kukuha ng tag-trenta pesos?! Huwag naman ganyan. In the end, I found some nice floral cups for 24 pesos each and I just added a bag of tea. *Victory!*

For TheHusband's gifts naman, I bought some Mason drinking jars and placed assorted chocolates inside. Sayang walang pictures. Nabalot ko na kasi. I discovered my stash of Christmas-themed gift tags and stickers used them to decorate the brown paper I used as wrapper. *Victory!*

Sharkteeth's tokens to her classmates were chocolates and various kiddie stuff like character rulers, stickers for Lego figures, erasers, etc. May separate pang gifts for her friends. Haaaaay...kapoy jud. Due to insistent public demand, pastillas ang contribution ni Sharkteeth sa class Christmas party. Buti na lang, she helped in the preparation. I gave her the recipe and she was the one who mixed it. TheHusband helped and balled the mixture. *Family effort, wagas!* I added some royal icing snowflakes to make it Christmas-y. :) *Victory!*

Christmas pastillas
For her  teachers, I packed some chocolate mix and porcelain spoons in Cath Kidston mugs and decorated the handle. Hindi ko na binalot. I was bleary-eyed already. *Powerless na si Darna.* *Still a victory!*

Aside from my Christmas wreath, eto lang ang Christmas decoration ko. Tssskkk. Oh well. *Not a victory.* *sad trombone*

We left for Manila on the afternoon of the 23rd. Gabi na rin when we landed. Surprisingly, getting a cab was a breeze, and the traffic from NAIA 3 going to the expressway was very light. Kaso pagpasok ng EDSA, ibang istorya na. The traffic was barely moving. TheHusband and Sharkteeth proceeded to the hotel, but I went to Makati to meet up with Onyxx, kaso when I got there, past 10 pm na and papasok na si Onyxx sa cinema. We just had a brief exchange of gifts and chismis (of course!). In fairness, I was able to squeeze in a bit of shopping pa. Hehehehe. Paglabas ko ng mall, isang kilometro yata ang queue sa cab and walang Uber maski isa. Juskopo. I so wasn't prepared to ride a bus. But I did. Isip ko malapit lang naman ang Pioneer. Malapit nga, di naman umuusad ang mga sasakyan. Hay naku. Nung makita kong malapit na ang Guadalupe bridge, bumaba na ako ng bus. Eh malayo din palang lakarin yun, at disoras na ng gabi. What was I thinking?! Binilisan ko na lang lakad ko, para kung may mag-isip man na mang-holdap sa akin eh mahirapan sya ng konti na habulin ako. Hahahaha!

On the morning of the 24th, I woke up early and visited D in Heritage. Using Uber to and fro, it was fairly quick. I had an interesting conversation with the driver, who hails from Davao, about Duterte. I won't repeat it here kasi baka biglang tumimbwang na lang ang driver. *cough* *cough* *cough*


Nag-Trinoma muna kami and bought gifts for the kids, then we went home na to spend Christmas with my family. As always, riot! Ang mga kids, flushed with cash! Inggit ako. Meanwhile, ang bulsa ko, luhaan pa hanggang ngayon.

Christmas mornings be like
The next morning, I left for Pampanga for my friends/college roommates' annual party. I didn't add the pictures anymore. Puro gilagid lang namin ang makikita dun kasi tawanan kami ng tawanan. I found a remote shutter for my camera phone and kung ano-anong shots ang na-take. *facepalm*

Somewhere in Pulilan
Per family tradition, we went to Baguio. *blah blah blah* You know the drill: KaTuGa (kain-tulog-gala). Add ukay-ukay (flea market) to that, and you have our itinerary. Oh, we had to shoot some spiels for Sharkteeth's vlogging project.



We got back to Bulacan on the early hours of the 30th, and we spent New Year there. It's been so long since I celebrated New Year in the firecracker capital of the Philippines, pero pansin ko, it's not the same anymore. Dati parang kumukulo ang paligid with all the lights and noise, pero last New Year was a bit more sober. O baka naman kasi tulog lang ako kaya di ko napansin. We left early for our trip back kasi ayaw naming maiwanan ng eroplano. Kaso ang aga naman namin and we had time to go to Makati pa. I gorged myself on Kumori cheesecakes! Yes, "cheesecakeS" -- plural! Hahahaha!!!

The flight was on time and uneventful.

Heto ang tragic. Pagdating namin sa bahay, Sharkteeth noticed that Bacon, TheHamster, lost weight. When I held her, totoo nga. She was sooooo light. I could feel the bones. It turned out the damned ants stole all of the hammie's seeds and pellets and stored them on a mound a foot away from the cage. It must be so sad for Bacon to see all her food being taken and stored a foot away and she couldn't do anything about it. Nagtiis na lang sya sa tubig. Kaluoy. Good thing she didn't die of starvation. Meanwhile, I'm still waging a war with the ants. It's ON. It's SOOOOO ON!!! "You want war? I’ll give you war. I’ll be there in my red stilettos!"

Ipaglalaban kita, Bacon! Babangon ako at durugin ko sila!

Masamang damo. Hehehehe.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016



Just in case someone, ANYONE(!), is missing me...I'm still alive. Busy-busy-han muna ako. For the love of money, I accepted way too much work, and after coming back from the family Christmas vacation, I could barely squeak a peep.'s officially past the Christmas season, and I have yet to post Christmas-related stuff. Pabalik na lang kami ng Baguio sa weekend, hindi ko pa rin na-po-post yung Baguio trip namin last Christmas. Ay, sus! Then again, lagi naman kaming nasa Baguio and we just go to the same places. Sa totoo lang, ayoko naman talaga ng too much activities. R&R and eating lang talaga gusto ko dun, and flea market shopping, of course (not much fabulous finds, unlike last summer). Well, the coming weekend will surely be a bit different. It's a family reunion and it's going to be crazy. Sa my maternal side ko kasi yun. The noise will be unprecedented. And there will be chaos. O sya, I have to get back to work and finish all my files before I leave. Next time na lang.

Wear earplugs on January 24 and 25. Maingay talaga pamilya ko. As in.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Reneging On My Promise

I miss my dear friend, D, so much. So, so, so much.

When I find myself chuckling at an anecdote I read online and I proceed to write an email to her, forwarding her the link...only to realize she won't be replying anymore.

When I see something new in the grocery and think of sending her one, being the foodie that she is...but sadly it's now "being the foodie that she WAS."

When I see Kate Spade, Pylones, Fully Booked, Snoopy, Sanrio, and remember how much she liked  beautiful things.

When Christmas came and went without a present from her and realized that it wasn't even the actual present that I was longing for but the knowledge that anything from her was well-thought of and something she subtly picked up from one of our conversations, showing that she truly listened.

When I'm about to whine about services, helpers, products, etc...only to be reminded that she won't be there anymore to support  me in my endless DTI complaints.

When I open my Facebook and see that she hasn't logged for a long time now...she used to spend as much time as I do on Facebook.

When I'm in a conundrum and I get reminded of how she guided me on doing the right thing, never imposing, never rebuking, always gentle and kind.

When I'm about to do something rash, crass, downright cheap and jologs and pause long enough to think, "what would D do?"

When I was in Abest writing the waybill for the silvanas I sent for her wake and found myself teary-eyed and disoriented that I was addressing it to her husband, not to her.

And so on and so forth. Ad infinitum.


I visited her grave in Heritage on the morning of the 24th last December. When I reached the area and I alighted, I saw a fresh grave and I was immediately emotionally overtaken by the sight.

The reality that D is gone and her ashes are buried underneath shook me...bumuhos talaga ang luha ko...until I looked away and saw that there were two more fresh graves nearby. And most likely hindi nya grave ang iniiyakan ko.

I dried my tears and texted her son. Her son gave me a map the day before, but I didn't realize that he sent the coordinates as well. True enough, hindi nga yun ang grave nya. After another wrong grave, I had no choice but to send a picture of one of the fresh graves to confirm D's final resting place.

By the time I got to the correct grave, lit some candles, and was ready to (re-)pour my heart out, a hearse carrying a body for burial arrived, along with the relatives of the dead. It was my first time to watch an "alta" burial. Nobody was wailing or hysterically supplicating to be buried(!) with the dead. It was a very quiet and dignified affair. Being a card-carrying member of hoi polloi, I was strangely, morbidly fascinated by the sight. Good thing I was able to check myself and stop staring. (Siguro kinalabit ako ni D to stop gawking.)

I left soon after. I couldn't seem to regain my "conversation" with D with so many people around.

I can just imagine D chuckling at the sight of me.


Aggie mentioned her conversations with D in one of her posts, which was ominously about funeral songs, and where she posted part of the lyrics of All We Leave Behind:

None of the things we leave behind
Will tell the story of our passage here
Not the symbols of wealth, or of glory
It’s the legacy of love
That remains engraved in those we hold most dear
In the people we touch
It is the essence of all
We leave behind

There is nothing that holds more true that this, and D's death is an all too stark reminder. Indeed, her legacy of love remains engraved in those she held most dear and in the people whose lives she touched -- her son, her husband, family and relatives, friends of her son, parents of friends of her son, co-workers, co-parents, friends, friends' kids (I was planning to ask her to be Sharkteeth's confirmation ninang), tutees, former students, blog friends, even Rustan's personnel. As one of her friends said in D's Facebook wall, "It seems most of us [D's friends] were in for the same surprise and it is this: even if we each had thought so all this time, hindi pala kami ang most special friend ni D. Madami pala kami na feeling 'D's Most Loved'" -- because she treated each one of us in the most special way possible. I've said this once, but it bears repeating, her passing left a hole on this earth, in this universe, that seems impossible to fill.

I know, I know, I said no public tributes -- sorry, D (huwag kang magalit and huwag mo akong multuhin). I'm not exactly looking for closure, but I need to deal and this is the only way of dealing I know. See you again, dear friend, but not too soon.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

The 2015 Year-End Survey

Thank you, Aggie, for the tag.

What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before?
Nothing much. Does online selling in Instagram count? I've only traded in Ebay before.

Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Some, yes. Others, no. I can't seem to stop buying stuff. I rationalize that I sell or give them as gifts. Which I did. Most of the time. Nuninuninuninu...

Did anyone close to you…
     Get married?
     No, my contemporaries are thandercats na.
     Give birth?
     No. Like I said, my contemporaries are thandercats na. But my friend from high school is currently pregnant. Sana ako rin. Not that enthusiastic about it, but it will surely make TheHusband and Sharkteeth very happy.
     Passed away?
     Yes. My dear friend D's death caught me by surprise and I wasn't able to say a proper goodbye. It still pains me.

What would you like to have in 2016 that you lacked in 2015?
Health and wealth

What date(s) from 2015 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
December 13, 2015. The day D died.

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Nothing spectacular. Got a new client. Trying to improve upon a "talent" (and mildly succeeding).

What was your biggest failure?
Like I mentioned earlier, I failed to say a proper goodbye to my friend.

Did you suffer illness or injury?
Hypochondria. Always naman.

What was the best thing you bought?
Again, nothing spectacular. Bought a whole inventory of Cath Kidston mugs for reselling. Was pretty successful.

Whose behavior merited celebration?
I guess Sharkteeth. She took a relative failure, worked hard, and turned it to a great success. ['Nak, not ironic anymore…]

Where did most of your money go?
Kay Sharkteeth, of course. Puhunan sa business.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
This is so babaw. When I learned of the new shipment of Cath Kidston mugs.

What song(s) will always remind you of 2015?
Underpressure. I don't know why, but it was on loop most of the year. I think with all the pain, unrest, and terror of last year, the lyrics are so apt. 
Can't we give ourselves one more chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance
Why can't we give love give love give love give love
Give love give love give love give love give love
'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the (People on streets) edge of the night
And loves (People on streets) dares you to change our way

Compared to this time last year, are you
     Happier or sadder?
     Happier in the sense that the persons who made me sad last year around this time are gone from my life.
     Sad that one of the persons who make me happy is gone.
     Thinner or fatter?
     Richer or poorer?
     Same lang

What do you wish you’d done more of?
Sleep and exercise

What do you wish you’d done less of?
Worry. Internet surfing ng mga walang kwentang bagay. Sumawsaw sa gulo.

How did you spend Christmas?
At my parents'. With my crazy and noisy relatives. With my favorite food on the table. With happy (and gift- and money-laden) kids.

Did you fall in love in 2015?
Always in love with TheHusband. Yeeeeheeeee…

What was your favorite TV program?
Game of Thrones. Downton Abbey (the ending was so satisfying). Brooklyn Nine Nine. Marvel Agents of Shield. Modern Family.

What was the best book you read?
Didn't get to finish any. Since I started editing journals and books, natamad na akong magbasa.

What were your greatest musical discoveries?
Not sure about the greatest, but I really like Taylor Swift. Please don't judge me. It's not merely the music. It's the whole business operation that I like -- the packaging, the support from her management, legal, and publicity staff, her sometimes retro fashion sense, her not-a-hair-out-of-place persona (which appeals to my control freak persona). I'm on the fence about her Bad Blood video, as I find it too Mean Girl-y, but girl can turn lemons to lemonade, whether ex-boyfriends or former friends.

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2015?
My uniform: stripes and florals

What did you want and get?
New client

What did you want and not get?
Kate Spade bangle

What was your favorite film of this year?

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
Eat out. Am ignoring the second question.

What kept you sane?

What political issue stirred you the most?
Mamasapano Massacre
Presidential candidates

Who did you miss?
Dear friend D

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2015.
Clichés but all so true: Life is short -- never take a loved one for granted and cherish every moment.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Goodbye, Dear D

Almost a week ago, my dear friend D died. She was one of the kindest and classiest ladies I've known. Always gracious, quick-witted, and kind. Much as I want to pay tribute to her through this blog, I would rather not because, despite D being a blogger, she has always valued privacy and detested calling attention to herself. But let me tell you, her passing left a hole on this earth, in this universe, that seems impossible to fill.

Goodbye, dear D. You can dance ballet again.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Live Another Day

Caption from Sharkteeth: "Don't go towards the light!"

As you might have noticed, I was exceptionally quiet last October. For the entire October, I only posted thrice, two of which were about my blog anniversary promo. Well, aside from my Instagram business picking up faster than I expected (thanks to a great stroke of luck on my part), my dear doggie got sick. And I can't stand it when a part of my family, human or not, is sick -- it paralyzes me with worry and makes me lose sleep, making me irritable and horrible to be with.

Two Mondays ago, I noticed a soft lump on dear doggy's right side, on the ribs, near the scapula. It was acute, as it wasn't there when I gave him a bath the Sunday before. I initially thought that it might just be a case of aural hematoma. He had it a year or two years ago, and with proper medication and wound care, he survived it. (My other dog didn't and died of it years back.)

Come Tuesday, the lump got bigger and I decided to bring him to the city vet, who prescribed high-dose vitamin C. Googling "high-dose vitamin C+dog+lump",  I learned that it is used for canine cancer.

I was crestfallen.

When Friday came, it seemed like the lump was much bigger and firmer. I brought him back to the vet, but she was blasé about it. I suggested excising the lump, but with TheDog's advanced age, she said that it's going to be risky. She told me to wait it out till the following week, and if the lump isn't getting smaller, I should have him X-ray-ed. But last Saturday, the lump was almost as big as my palm. Hard, yet with fluid at the bottom part near the chest. Add to that was his general lethargy, which at any other time I would have attributed to his old age, but that time, it just made his condition look darkly ominous. I sat beside him, and while I stroke his fur, he tenderly rested his paw on my thigh, and I all I could think of was, "Syeeeeetttt, nagpapaalam na yata sa akin ang bruho." That was it -- I couldn't wait anymore for Monday and brought him to a vet near our home. When we got there, he seemed to perk up and looked happier. He even had the strength, and guts, to bark at an English bulldog brought there for checkup. He was very taken with one of the crew holding him down during the examination, licking his hand and asking for tickles. Turned out the crew knows him because TheDog sometimes go near the clinic to loiter around and look for bitches in heat. After some blood tests, he was prescribed some antibiotics and corticosteroids.

His medications and vitamins are given thrice a day, and after I gave him his meds for the umpteenth time, he went to me, rested his chin on my thigh and wagged his tail, and I immediately recognized it as his sweet "thank you." *'re welcome, dear friend. So very welcome.*

When Monday came, the lump was already significantly smaller. By Wednesday, there was no more palpable lump and he seemed more upbeat. Everyone in the family is so happy, even TheDog's fierce nemesis, TheHusband. I'd hazard a guess that even TheHamster is happy, well, only because we'd have more time for her again.

Speaking of TheHamster, she sure is one lucky rodent! Sharkteeth cleaned TheHamster's cage and left her running around, not realizing that TheDog was inside the house. Good thing TheDog was sleeping; otherwise, we would have been burying a dead animal, and it won't be the one I was afraid we would.


I can safely say that he's out of the woods. I left the gate open when we left yesterday and here's what came bounding to me from the fields when I got back:

Who are you and what have to done to TheDog?!
He looked like a dugyot Dalmatian. He must have fought again with the village dogs. Either that or rolled inside a kiln. Tssskkk... Oh well, I'm just thankful his canine hedonism is back.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 Preparation

Malapit na Pasko. Remember last year? Never again. So I'm preparing gifts na. Unahin ko na sa list si TheHusband.

He has a thing for Rayban shades. As in. Kaso naiwala nya yung isang pair nya, mind you, he lost the entire package: shades+case+fabric cleaner. *Ang swerte ng nakapulot!* That was years back, when he was still working in Parañaque.

What did I say earlier? That he has a thing for Rayban shades. So he bought another pair. Same design lang. Last year, during preparation for Halloween sa office, nabitawan nya sa isang table. The entire package uli: shades+case+fabric cleaner. Pagbalik nya, wala na. Obviously, may numakaw. Grrrrrr...freaking thieves.

Tangent thought: When I was working at the same company in Parañaque, I used to hide my bottle of Clinique Happy Heart sa loob ng spine ng binder. [It was a huge binder.] I love Happy Heart kasi I was using that scent around the time I gave birth to Sharkteeth. And the scent reminds me of the happiness her birth brought. Aba, may numakaw! Akalain nyo yun? Tagong-tago nakita pa rin. Freaking thieves! May isa pang "perfume story" sa office na iyon, but I'd rather not kwento it anymore kasi (1) it was soooooooooooo disgusting, (2) I know the victim, and (3) I have no way of verifying the truth.

Anyhoo, ang haba na ng tangent thought ko. :)

So malamang TheHusband will be getting a pair of Rayban shades this Christmas. It's alright -- he doesn't read my blog. May element of surprise pa rin. Hehehehe. I've been looking through Ray Ban Wayfarers at Zalora, 'cause last August, I purchased something from them and I was extremely pleased. Brief kwento: I received my payment from an online survey company, and I have a personal tradition of buying a little something whenever I finish a job with a particular company/client. It was so little lang naman. Like 15 dollars. Anyway, I bought a gold Ezra watch with pink nylon strap from Zalora. It was discounted at around 500 pesos or so. Sobrang cheap, right? So cheap that I wasn't expecting anything pretty. You can imagine my delight when it was delivered the next day. I was on my way to pick up Sharkteeth and nakasalubong ko lang yung courier. Eh wala akong EQ. Nasa trike pa lang, binuksan ko na yung parcel and I was so happy because it was so pretty. Pink! Gold! Sobrang tuwang-tuwa ako and I was smiling by myself. Tapos akala nung katapat ko sa trike eh siya nginingitian ko. Smile din sya sa akin. Hahahaha!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

TPS 10th Anniversary Contest Winners

The following joined my blog anniversary contest:

  • Ms Grey
  • Marichu
  • aggiedala
  • edelweiss_19
  • Rose
  • Onyxx
  • cheekeegirl
  • Sheryl Burwell
  • Amor
  • Dbrightspot/Leah
  • Ba-an
  • blahblahblogchef
  • MyleneL
  • Nheng_28
  • Antonette
  • Anonymous 1:14
  • Biker Chic
Thank you for joining!

And the winners are...[drumroll, please]

Marichu (The Little Prince)
Amor  (Cath Kidston)
Antonette (Mrs. Winterbottoms)
Congratulations! I've already sent you an email. Please confirm your address and I'll send your prize within the week!

UPDATE: Amor and Antonette, this week ko pa ma-send ang prizes nyo ha? Nagka-ubusan ng bubble wrap!

Special thank you to my FAVORITE DAUGHTER (hehehehe), Sharkteeth, for helping me pick the winners!

Friday, October 02, 2015

TPS Turned Ten!


Gosh!!! I forgot my blog anniversary yesterday!


I had to ship so many parcels yesterday kasi. (Nakalimutan ko pa yung isang buyer! Nakakahiya! So mortifying!)

Unfortunately, di pa rin ako nakakapag-decide kung ano ang prizes. Di bale, the contest will run throughout the whole of October. Siguro naman, by the weekend eh nakapag-decide na ako till October 17. [Inip na inip na kasi ako!] I've already decided on the prizes:

1. Butlers Mrs. Winterbottom's utensil caddy and vinegar dispenser and Royal Houseware sugar bowl

2. The Little Prince undated planner (this is my favorite), Secret Garden coloring book, and French-chic tin can for your stuff

3. Two Cath Kidston Stanley mugs (red spot and red buttons) and two red polka-dotted bowls

1. Leave a comment in THIS ENTRY with your specific username.
2. E-mail me your username, real name, address, and phone number (complete info, okay?*).
3. Only entries submitted until 11:59 pm of October 17, 2015 (PH time), will be included. 
4. Three winners will be drawn on October 18, 2015. I will post the names of the winners and contact them on the same day. Winners have until 11:59 pm of October 21, 2015, to contact me and confirm their data. If I don't hear from you, I will have another draw on October 22, 2015.

Hayan ha? Ang dali lang ng mechanics. Walang "follow me on FB, IG, Pinterest, Google, Blogger, etc." or take a selfie while doing cartwheels and singing "Your Lips Are Moving."

Sali na!

*I will delete the info from my email and literally burn the list after all the prizes have been sent.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: My "Career" As A "Concert Pianist"

One thing about me -- sobra akong ilusyonada. Marami akong feeling kong kayang gawin. Feeling lang. Feelingera nga kasi.

Back when I was in elementary, the school offered piano lessons for students. It was extracurricular and not covered by the tuition fee. But the tuition fee wasn't exactly cheap in the first place, so the piano lessons were out of the budget and out of the question. But I so wanted to learn. So much.

Nung mag-college ako, medyo nakaluwag-luwag ng konti, kinulit ko si Madear na i-finance ang piano lessons ko. Kakakulit ko, napapayag ko rin. So nag-enroll ako sa Conservatory of Music for four lessons. Parang "starter set" ba.

As I was walking to my very first ever piano lesson, with my piano for beginners book, I was full of optimism and was already imagining myself in the middle of the stage, playing the piano in front of an appreciative audience. Star na star ako in my daydream!

Pagdating ng piano teacher (he's a famous pianist and poet) sa piano room, he said, "Okay, show me what you know."
Uhhhhmmmm...I don't know any.
I did do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do.
I was NOT joking.
The professor was NOT smiling.
I think, in his mind, he was all, "Bwisit na registrar yun ah, sa akin pa ni-assign eto."
"O sige, practice-in mo yang pages XX-XX," he said.
I did.
Natapos ang isang oras.

Second lesson na...
"Did you practice?"
"I did, yes."
"Okay, let me hear it."
Fingers to the keys. Piano-ing like my life depended on it.
"Your rhythm is off. Here's the metronome. Gamitin mo."
I didn't even know how to.
"Maybe you should learn how to dance muna para matuto ka ng rhythm." 

DANCE?!!! RHYTHM?!!! DANCE?!!! DANCE?!!! If I have to learn how to dance in order to learn how to play the piano, then it's a lost cause.

Hindi na ako bumalik!

Kyeber na sa natitira kong two more lessons. There goes the concerto, the star, the diva in my mind.

Hindi nakakalimutan ni Madear 'yan. Makakalimutin na 'yun pero di nya ako nakakalimutang asarin sa aking failed "career" as a concert pianist. She's always quick to snark pag napag-uusapan ang piano or music in general, "Eh di ba pumasok ka sa Conservatory?" *Eyeroll*

At dahil dyan, favorite app ko ang Smule Magic Piano. Kasi feeling ko ang galing-galing kong pianist when I'm playing, especially my favorite, Handel's Messiah.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kwentuhan Time: Anik-Aniks And Anniversary Contest

Hello! Hello! Hello! Buhay pa akez! Busy-busy-han lang.

The Instagram response to my Cath Kidston mugs has been overwhelming and I had pretty good sales last week. *Sana tuloy-tuloy!* I was so busy packing mugs last week that I'm sure the neighbors were annoyed already with the sound of packing tape being pulled and Styrofoam being cut. Maski ako ay ngilong-ngilo na. ***Marami pang available, bili na kayo!***

Uggghhh, two mugs from two different parcels got broken! That was after layers upon layers of corrugated cardboard+Styrofoam for one and bubblewrap+Styrofoam for the other. Walang sinasanto ang Abest or ang Cebu Pacific cargo or kung sino mang Poncio Pilato na naghahandle ng parcel. Ibabato kung ibabato, kahit na marked "FRAGILE"! Huhuhuhu. Hindi tuloy ako mapakali dun sa isang shipment going to Zamboanga -- hindi pa dumarating and I'm worrying that they might get broken. Ang dami pa naman nun. *crossing fingers*

I'm fairly new at Instagram selling, and I am INCREDULOUS (and of course thankful) at the trust people have on online sellers. I mean, they don't know me at all, yet they trust me enough with their orders. Sa Ebay kasi, you at least have some form of security that you will get your money back if you transacted to the letter. Sa IG and FB selling, walang ganung reassurance. Admittedly, I myself have bought from IG sellers as well, and I did put my trust on them blindly. One of the things I bought was sort of a dud, but it wasn't exactly a loss. I learned a lesson, didn't I? I'm just thankful na wala pa akong naka-transact na mandurugas. Huwag naman sana.


Sino hindi pa nakakarinig sa AlDub? Aba, kung hindi nyo pa narinig eh lumabas na kayo sa kuweba nyo!

I was initially dismissive of the the love team and I had to ask Derdo to explain it to me. Hindi ko kasi ma-grasp kung reality show ba yun or make-believe. Plus hindi naman ako nanonood ng TV. Eh minsan napanood ko sa YouTube yung AlDub day 1, aba, ramdam na ramdam ko ang kilig ni Maine, so pati ako kinilig din. Saka it doesn't hurt na cute si Alden and looks like a good boy. I still couldn't pinpoint kung ano ang charm nung show. Basta kilig. Ang hirap pang ipaliwanag kasi walang direct translation ang "kilig".


Eh heto pa, pinalabas ang Heneral Luna. Ang dami kong nababasa kesyo tigilan na daw ang mga pabebe at AlDub na yan at panoorin ang Heneral Luna, either implying or directly saying na huwag magpakabobo sa mga "shallow" shows na ganun. Ang tanong ko: Is it mutually exclusive? Pag ba nanood ka ng AlDub eh bobo ka na? And likewise, pag ba nanood ka ng Heneral Luna eh matalino ka na? Essentially, both shows are the same -- they are both propagandas. Can't we just watch those shows for what they are, entertainment? Sa dami ng problema ngayon, why begrudge others of joy, of kilig, albeit fleeting?


Come October 1, this blog will turn 10 years old! One decade sure flies fast! Dahil dyan, magpapa-contest ako!!! I'll announce kung ano ang prizes on October 1 na lang as well as the mechanics (don't worry, hindi nyo kelangang mag-tumbling or cartwheels!). Sure na may Cath Kidston mugs, Little Prince diary planner, etc. Hindi ko pa maisip kung ano ang ibang prizes at saka wala pa akong budget ngayon.

O sya, till then!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

For The Loverless

Onyxx posted this video in her Facebook page, and I suspect it was because of George, the very adorable cat perched on the the singer's guitar. Admittedly, I myself went to the YouTube page because of the cat, but I stayed because of the voice. Ayleen O'Hanlon is a singer from Melbourne, and she's an amazing songwriter as well, matching her hauntingly beautiful voice with soulful lyrics. Loverless is her debut single, and it's a beautiful song about finding ourselves in solitude: "I think it’s time we talked to ourselves a little more...And it’s time we held our own hands a little more. Our hands."


Out in the pouring rain
The bending trees
Salute the wind
Do they hear me singing

I’m calling out
To the ends
Of the earth
Do they see me dancing
I’m swaying side to side
Holding on to nothing
I am loverless
And light

Countless are the days
Of the year
The year gone by
And so time stands still

While the colours
And the lovers that I’ve known
Blend and spill
But they’ll wash out with the tide
While I’m

Swaying side to side
Holding on to nothing
I am loverless
And light

I think it’s time
We talked
To ourselves a little more

And it’s time
We held
Our own hands a little more
Our hands

I’m a strong believer
That the soul won’t defeat us
And the rain
It will clear up
For the loverless

Out in the pouring rain
The bending trees
Salute the wind

Because how can we share ourselves, our love, with another person if we haven't found or don't love ourselves first?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Ghost Month Extravaganza

Warning: A lot of whining up ahead.

Sabi ghost month daw from August 14 to September 12.

From Wikipedia:
As the ghosts and the suffering spirits will come out from the hell to visit their homes during the 7th lunar month (the ghost month), many things should be avoided during this month including the ghost day.
1. Don't stroll at night. Guilty.
2. Don't swim. It is said that drowned evil ghosts might try to drown people in order to find victims for them to rebirth. Guilty. Thankfully, hindi kami nalunod.
3. As the month is considered to be inauspicious, don't move to a new house, start new businesses or marry.
4. Don't hang clothes outside at night. Guilty.
5. Do not pick up coins or money found on the street and if one does, never bring any home.
6. Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside. If one were to step on any offerings by accident, he or she should apologize aloud to ameliorate the situation.
7. Do not wear red because ghosts are attracted to red. Guilty.
8. Don't sing and whistle as these may attract ghosts. Guilty. Kahit hindi ghost month, pag kumanta ako, maglalabasan talaga lahat ng multo.
9. Keep away from the walls as it is believed that ghosts like sticking to walls.
10. If someone is born during the ghost month, avoid celebrating birthday at night. It's better to celebrate during the daytime. Guilty

 Kyeber lang. Hindi naman ako superstitious. 

Episode 1: After we came back from Manila, sunod-sunod kaming nagkasakit. First, TheHusband. Next, Sharkteeth. Grand finalé, yours truly. To think fully vaccinated ang entire Team KoKo against the flu, well, except TheDog.

Kyeber lang talaga. Hindi ako superstitious. 
Episode 2: Three joybidders and three complete a**hole buyers in Ebay. I was supremely peeved. Ikukwento ko na lang ito in another post solely devoted to my (good and bad) Ebay experiences.
Hmmmm...not so kyeber anymore...could it be true?

Episode 3: My freelance client is cutting outsourcing by half. It took me by surprise and I was so shaken -- to the core. You might think I'm being overly dramatic (again!), but you have to consider that they pay well and are very consistent in sending me work and that I have a very good relationship with my production editor/contact. In short, mahirap humanap ng ganyan na client. The client emailed me minutes later, saying I won't be affected by the cut. Which didn't comfort me much. For me, it's a cold reminder that all this work is fleeting. All the world is fleeting, if I might add. Boom! Anyare? A simple email brought out not only pragmatic concerns but philosophical as well, and I don't like thinking philosophical (and existential) thoughts -- they make me sad and I was downtrodden for days.
Teka lang ha...parang naniniwala na talaga ako sa ghost month eklavu na yan.

Episode 4: When the weekend came, TheHusband got ill, and upon checkup, he was admitted due to dehydration. His stomach was cramping so much and his temperature very high. We all slept in the hospital, which was not comfortable at all and I woke up all sore. Thankfully, he was discharged last Tuesday.
*Kapit lang, TPS.* Teka, teka, teka, si TheHusband ang may sakit, yet ako pa ang mas emote. Hehehe. Me, me, me, me, me. *Glad you're well na, TheHusband!*

Episode 5: But no, it ain't over till it's over. On the morning of our last day in the hospital, I briefly went home to get Sharkteeth's stuff for school, and on my way back, TheHusband and Sharkteeth called me, saying that S's schoolbag got wet. I was wondering why they had to call me for that and I snappishly replied, "Eh di ilipat nyo ang gamit sa ibang bag." Well, pagdating ko sa hospital room, I understood. The entire room was flooded with ~1 inch of water. S was under the shower for about 30 minutes and the water overflowed. *Anak!!! Hindi eto hotel! Not exactly the time or place for luxurious baths!!!* Basa ang bags! Basa ang chargers! Basa ang laptop! Basa ang shoes! Basa lahat! *I think you need more training, my dear Katara. Water-bending skills aren't learned overnight.*

May isa pang particularly bad na pangyayari, but it's not my story to tell. Needless to say, I was saddened by it immensely. Haaaaay. Saturday, you can't come fast enough. Pagod na pagod na ako.