Monday, September 01, 2014

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Dermatological Travails

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have an [hopeless] obsession with clear and luminous skin, and I'm almost always willing to try anything, and I do mean anything, to have it. I'm almost embarrassed to write this post because it shows and proves my shallow concept of faith and spirituality back then. 

Back in college, I was suffering from acne. Actually, that's an exaggeration. I've had mild pimples, zits, if you will, not really huge ones, but pimples nonetheless. But suffer, I did. Alam nyo ginawa ko? Aside from the usual astringent, soaps, and Panoxyl and tretinoin creams, I went to St. Clare in Katipunan, brought eggs, and wrote a short letter requesting for prayers for my PIMPLES. Hahahahahaha! I don't remember the text of my letter, but it must have been something like this:

Dear Sisters of St. Clare,

Please, please, please pray for me that I will have clear skin. Thank you so much. 

Sincerely yours,

The nuns must have been like, "Mga sisters, yes, merong may cancer, may leukemia, may depression, may nag-re-request ng prayers para pumasa ng board exam, may gutom sa mundo, at may mga katiwalian sa lipunan na dapat nating ipagdasal, and heto ang isang ito -- ang dasal nya ay kuminis ang kanyang balat."




Coincidentally, I received a free trial pack of Belo's AcnePro line. I must say, it was beautifully packaged, as it should always be -- I mean, if you're marketing a beauty product, the product itself must be beautiful. Sa totoo lang, nakakawalang gana i-try yung mga products na ang balot ay parang ginawa lang sa backyard. Thank you, Dra. Belo. *Feeling close*

Eto na siguro ang sagot sa dasal ko...LOL!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Faux" Pastillas De Leche

I call this "faux" pastillas de leche because it's not the traditional way of making pastillas de leche. That doesn't mean it's actually fake and inedible. Masarap naman, but it's way too sweet for my taste. And for the remaining pastillas de leche purists out there, I have the recipe for the traditional one as well.

Faux Pastillas de Leche

1 medium pack of unsweetened powdered milk (~2.5 cups)
1 small condensed milk
0.5 c sugar for rolling

1. Mix the powdered milk with the condensed milk until it looks like a dough.
2. Form into half-inch balls, then roll into little logs.
3. Roll the logs on the sugar.
4. Cover the logs with parchment paper or even bond paper cut into 2x3-inch rectangles.
5. Wrap the paper-covered pastillas with papel de japon.

You don't have to decorate it -- it's just a wrapper after all. However, I'm a sucker for good packaging, and because it was Sharkteeth's Linggo ng Wika food contribution, I thought making it look nice wouldn't hurt. Instead of the traditional way of cutting the paper into lace-like patterns, I just used my old puncher to decorate the scalloped edges. Ganyan talaga ang mga harassed na nanays, kung ano-anong shortcuts ang natututunang gawin. Hahahaha! I was able to finish this in less than an hour, from the mixing to the arranging in a wicker basket. *Triumph for the harassed nanays!*

For the traditional way of making pastillas de leche, you need 1.5-2 liters of fresh milk and sugar for rolling. Just simmer the milk, stirring continuously until it is reduced to about a quarter or a third of the original quantity of milk. You'd know when it's done when it is starting to look like a ball of soft dough. Remove from the pan and let it cool, then follow steps 2 to 4.

My mother used to make pastillas the traditional way, which entails using the freshest milk from our mama cow. (
The fresh milk makes all the difference. It tastes so much better than the "faux" kind.) It's a labor of love -- it takes hours to simmer and reduce the milk, while stirring the whole time. It starts off easy, but when the milk is starting to reduce and ball up, it can be a drag, literally!

I might try doing this one of these days if I'm able to get fresh milk from the local dairy.


Sharkteeth in her Muslim princess costume for Linggo ng Wika

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorite Five: Luxe Girly Girl Edition

Yay! Finally, another Friday Favorite Five! I was supposed to publish this weeks back, but we were on our way to Cebu and I didn't have time to finish the post. For three obvious reasons (mahalia, mahalia, mahalia), these stuff are just dreams. But a girl can dream, right?!

1. Mansur Gavriel Rosa bucket bag. With their perennial unavailability, these totes and bucket  bags from designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel just seem more desirable. Remember when we all fell in line to buy Krispy Kremes? Ganun. Or perhaps more aptly, THE Hermès Birkin list. From what I gathered, you have to preorder and reserve the bag to get one. With the bag's simplicity and craftsmanship, any flaws can immediately seen, and that is where the bag wins -- its perfection in its simplicity. Another bonus point for not having any logos, just a simple inscription in gold, "Mansur Gavriel." [Tumatanda na yata talaga ako. I used to be so crazy sa logos.] Other designs have contrast lining, and the one in black with red shiny lining looks positively sexy and dangerous. The reservation list is the least of my worries though, as I would have to ask TheHusband to sell his right kidney in order to get this. Babe, pwede namang mabuhay kahit isang kidney lang...

2. Lenox dining set. I saw this in Rustan's Facebook page and swooned. The colors and design are sedate yet so visually catchy at the same time. And oh-so-feminine. I was supposed to check out the price, but as TheHusband remarked, "if you have to ask, you can't afford it." How true.

3. Reese Witherspoon's vintage Christian Dior gown. This was once worn by a princess, and the shop owner was at first hesitant to sell the dress to Kumareng Reese. He/she shouldn't have hesitated, for Reese did the gown justice and indeed looked princess-y. The gown appears to be made of tulle with strips of silk embroidered with golden thread and then beaded. I'm dreaming of making a similar one for Sharkteeth. For her 18th birthday perhaps? Or Sweet Sixteen? 


4. Guerlain's Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder. With my [hopeless] obsession with clear and luminous skin, I'm almost always willing to try anything, and I do mean anything (will blog about this this soon, sa Istoryang Sinauna series) just to have that perfect complexion. Kasi naman, nung magsabog ang Diyos ng kinis ng skin, nagtatago ako sa kweba. According to Guerlain's website, "A blend of matte and pearly shades, an ingenious mixture of six correcting or light-enhancing colours to deliver the purest radiance to all complexions: pink to refresh the complexion, green to diminish redness, white for a brighter complexion, mauve to catch the light, gold and pearl to add a perfect touch of radiance to the face…The complexion appears even, radiant and luminous with a soft, light and matte finish." While their blurb might sound like a load of BS, I couldn't help but agree. I have the Météorite balls type, and it did make my skin look better. Not flawless, mind, but so many times better. And that's good enough for me.

5. Louis Vuitton Gloria loafers. These loafers are made from monogram-embossed leather with leather trim, knotted leather lace, bow with golden aglet, and rubber nub soles. I would have preferred pink patent Lomboks, but I don't think they still produce Lomboks. Mangangarap na rin lang, yung may shade of possibility na, right?!

Note: In my bid to post regularly, I'm going, or at least try, to post every Friday five of my favorite things. They might be a current or past possession, though others might not be necessarily mine -- could be a wish for my fairy godmother (where are you, by the way?), could be something I saw and found interesting, but it will always be driven by beauty and functionality, hopefully both, but that's a tall order.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Feelingera Ever So Much

My friend got married in San Sebastian Church. Such beautiful Gothic-style architecture. Pero hindi yan ang gist ng kwento.

As we were approaching the church, I saw a guy leaning sexily near the door, SMILING AT ME. Ang pungay, yet welcoming ang tingin. Di ko kilala. Medyo nag-blush ako. Di ko malaman kung ngingitian ko rin ba or what.  He looked so familiar yet I'm sure hindi ko pa sya na-meet ever.

Muntik ko nang malimutan na kasama ko nga pala si TheHusband (then TheBoyfriend pa lang). Hehehe. *Joke lang, TheHusband! Mas pogi ka dun!* 

Nung palapit kami, I realized why he looked so familiar...

Picture credit:

Si Bobby Andrews pala! *face palm* Husband nga pala sya ng cousin ng bride. *face palm uli* And he was just being nice in an artista-like manner kaya sya SMILING AT EVERYONE.

Ugggghh. Whatever. Si Red Sternberg kaya ang crush ko sa TGIS.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Still Alive! August Week 1

Yes, I'm still alive, like it or not. Hehehe. In fact, I celebrated my birthday just a few days ago. Yay for another year! *Thank you for all the greetings and gifts, so touched! Danke, grazie, thank you, gracias, salamat!*

This August, we've been so busy with travels and activities. I'm just thankful I was able to schedule everything before the trip. More importantly, I DIDN'T PROCRASTINATE *fist pump* *achievement* -- which means less stress for me. I don't like traveling with pending work -- di ako makapag-concentrate sa fun, fun, fun.


During the first weekend of August, we went to Manila to celebrate Sharkteeth's birthday. We took the first flight out. Nasa Dumaguete airport pa lang kami, text na ng text si Madear. Pati si Auntie Dear. May bagyo daw sa Manila. Kebs. Dumaguete was bright and sunshiny naman. But during the trip, sobrang turbulent -- nahilo talaga ako. Meanwhile, ang aking dalawang kasama, tulog na tulog. Hmmmmppp...

Malayogenic. Huwag nyo nang i-zoom. Utang na loob.

We hitched a ride with TheHusband's officemate. Pagbaba namin sa may Roxas Boulevard,  ang lakas ng hangin! As in feeling ko eh natatangay ako. We had so much fun walking, or rather, being pushed by the wind. Buti na lang may cab kaagad. Otherwise, I dread the amount of conditioner I would have to use on my heavily tangled hair. Mahihiya si Bob Marley sa buhok ko.

Love you, anak.
We went to UST for S's pedia checkup. Then kain muna sa family favorite, Pancake House. UST is soooo different na. Ang dami nang relatively upscale food places. Dati mga coop lang ang kainan (miss ko na ang yummy beef mami na amoy aso daw sabi ng friend ko, saka yung siopao meow meow *kidding* sa taas ng Main Building); pinaka-upscale na nun yung Janet's sa Dapitan and Shakey's sa España.

I brought TheHusband and S to the museum. It's on the mezzanine, and walking up the steps always make me feel sentimental (the reason is here). The museum doesn't have too many artifacts, but there are many preserved animal specimens.



That is one long boa!


In the poon wing

There are also a number of paintings from the not-quite-old masters.




Nuestra Señora de la Palona (unknown artist)

Portrait of a Young Balinese Girl (Locatelli)



For a moment there, I briefly toyed with the idea of staging a heist and stealing that tiny Miss Virginia Grace painting by Amorsolo. Kaso may CCTV cams covering all angles. Hehehehe!

JOOOOKE lang!!!

Actually, yung Locatelli painting talaga gusto kong nakawin. Eh sobrang laki, mahihirapan ako.

JOOOOOKE uli! Baka may maniwala and makita ko na lang bukas ng umaga ay may pulis nang aaresto sa akin.


The rest of the weekend was spent with my family, celebrating S's birthday. After the luncheon celebration in a Chinese restaurant (can't remember the name -- it's the one in Centris, Yang Cha? Yam Cha? Uggghhh, memory lapse...anyway, love the food, but the crew were all unsmiling -- little TIP for you then), we went to SM North EDSA, and I realized that it has been so long since we last went there. May mall-wide sale. Ang daming tao. I'm getting old and grumpy na -- wala na akong patience sa malls na napakaraming tao.

We spent the last night in Manila. Nakuuuu, bago kami nakaalis ng bahay, nagpabaha pa si Madear and S. Iyakan na naman ang dalawa. Lagi na lang. Sumasakit lang ang loob ko pag nakikikita sila. Hanggang makarating kami ng hotel, may shade of sadness pa rin mukha ni S. Buti na lang binigyan ng concierge ng back copies ng Total Girl. She brightened up. We were supposed to visit our home in Laguna, but TheHusband, a mallrat worse than I am, requested that we just go to the mall. Ang dami na namang sale. Got some Martha Stewart glass containers with pistachio green rubber/plastic cover for only 120 each. Sayang, di ko pa binili lahat yung nakalabas na stocks. :( Madami pa akong small anik-aniks na nabili, pero pinaka-value for money yung containers. Saka yung Black & Decker na plancha (500?). Nakakainis kasi yung old plancha namin, sobrang ikli ng cord. Although the new plancha isn't exactly inspiring me to learn how to iron clothes...

Our flight back was early. And per family tradition, muntik na naman kaming maiwanan ng flight. Well, hindi naman tipong nagsasara na yung pinto ng plane... It took us so long to check out because I stained the towel a bit pink, as I wrung my red dress with it. So I paid for the towel and the housekeeper took his sweet time bringing the towel down. And when we reached the airport, we queued on the last call line. Then a CebuPac ground crew told me to get off the line as it was for the last call passengers. When I told her that we're bound for Dumaguete, which was leaving in a few minutes, she said, "Next pa sa last call ang Dumaguete." So umalis kami sa line. A couple (literally) of seconds later, ni-last call na Dumaguete and we had to go back to the queue we were asked to leave. Uggghhhh... Anyway, eventually, with much running, naka-abot din, and we got home safe and sound.

Home, sweet home. TheDog was ecstatic. 

Friday, August 08, 2014

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Schadenfreude

Ilang taon na pala since I passed my physical therapy board. That was in, oh, never mind na lang -- magkakabukingan pa na thandercat na ako. Naalala ko lang kasi around the first week of August ang examinations and not even a week later, lumabas na ang result.

I have one bad memory of the examinations. On the last day, half day lang ang exam, and around noon, on my way out of UE, where the exams were held, nasalubong ko yung isang volunteer physical therapist sa isang military clinic where I was assigned for a month. I don't know why sabay kaming nag-take ng board exam eh ahead sya sa akin a year or two. Full disclosure: For some reason or another, medyo contentious ang relationship ng batch namin with her, and she didn't go with us sa grand duty. ["Grand duty" refers to a celebratory out-of-town trip or merely eating out together at the end of the month of internship.] Enjoy kaya ng grand duty namin -- sa La Union, free food and accommodation!!! Four days kaming nagbabad sa beach. Di ako nakilala ng parents ko pag-uwi ko kasi ngipin at mata lang ang maputi sa sa mukha ko.

Anyway, here's the verbatim exchange when we saw each other after the exam:

TPS: [cheerily, akala ko naman kasi wala na syang sama ng loob sa amin] Hi, Ma'am! Sabay pala tayo nag-test. Kamusta test mo?
Volunteer: Okay lang.

TPS: I hope pumasa TAYO.
Volunteer: Okay lang sa aking bumagsak sa test BASTA BAGSAK KA RIN.
[WTF, right?!]
TPS: Okay lang sa aking pumasa ka BASTA PASADO AKO.

Come Thursday, both our wishes were only half-fulfilled.


Sorry, I'm all too human.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Love Actually Is All Around

A mom was waiting in the arrivals gate of the airport earlier. When she saw her daughter, she was so overjoyed -- she squealed a little and shot like an arrow to her daughter, hugging her tight. I saw the daughter wiping tears from her eyes while hugging her mom. I got teary-eyed myself but choked up the tear. Mukha naman akong tanga na makikiiyak pa sa kanila eh di ko naman sila kakilala.

The scene reminded me of the British prime minister's opening line in Love Actually:

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Omnipresence and Irreverence

As we were about to leave school kanina, Sharkteeth went to a statue of a saint (or was it Jesus) and made the sign of the cross.

TPS: Why did you do that?

Sharkteeth: Do what?
TPS: Touch the statue.
Sharkteeth: I prayed.
TPS: Well, you don't have to touch the statue. You know, God is everywhere. You can pray anytime, anywhere, and you don't need to touch a statue for your prayers to be heard.
Sharkteeth: ... [noncommittal]

Moments later, as she was playing with her friend and they were kicking rocks...

Sharkteeth: Oh no! 
TPS: Why?!
Sharkteeth: I'm kicking! For all I know, I might be kicking God right now on his crotch!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mga Kwentong Sinauna: Nung Ma-Deads Si Uncle

Iisa ang uncle ko sa maternal side, and he had Down syndrome. They didn't realize immediately that he had it. Madear said that they were delighted kasi he was extremely flexible nung baby pa, pero medyo nagtaka sila, and only then did they seek a doctor. He didn't attend school, pero he was relatively independent. Mabait yun, although kung minsan, pag tinopak, maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan. I remember once hiding in the wardrobe with my cousins kasi nagwawala sya. Pagkatapos naman nun, okay na uli. Marcos loyalist yun -- he would spend hours just watching Marcos' speeches. He must have been mesmerized.

Isa sa mga health problems ng may Down syndrome is congenital heart defect. And yun ang kinamatay ni Uncle, pero relatively matagal din ang buhay nya. Syempre, being the panganay, punong-abala si Madear sa lamay. Hindi halos natutulog. Pagod na pagod. Parang adrenaline na lang ang nag-po-propel sa kanyang kumilos. Nung araw ng libing, before ilabas ng bahay ang patay, may padasal muna, led by the oldies, along with Madear and her other siblings, my aunts (umuwi din si Auntie Bebeng).

Salamin ng katwiran...
Luklukan ng karunungan...
Mula ng tuwa namin...
Sisidlan ng kabanalan...
Sisidlang bunyi at bantog...
Sisidlang bukod na mahal na makusaing sumunod sa
Panginoong Diyos...
Rosang bulaklak, na di mapuspos ng bait ng tao ang halaga...
Tore ni David...
Toreng Garing...
Bahay na Ginto...
Kaban ng Tipan...
Pinto ng langit...
Talang maliwanag...
Mapagpagaling sa mga taong makasalanan


Bigla na lang si Madear, while sitting, slumped on the wall against her.

Sigaw ang oldies, "NAKU, SI NENE. INATAKE SA PUSO!!!" Nagkagulo ang mga tao. Nakalimutan for a moment si Uncle. Nakalimutan ang tore ni David, toreng garing, bahay na ginto, kaban ng tipan...

Siguro dahil sa sobrang ingay, biglang tayo si Madear. Nagulat na naman lahat kasi nga, diba "SI NENE. INATAKE SA PUSO!!!" Turned out NAKATULOG lang si Madear sa sobrang pagod.

Heart attack kaagad? Di ba pwedeng exhausted lang muna?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorite Five: Anik-Anik Edition

Matagal na pala akong hindi nakapag-post ng Friday Favorite Five. Sobrang busy kasi lately. I have new client, and I'm still not used to their editing requirement. Light editing kasi. As in feather light. I still haven't found the right mix of sweetness, tartness, and saltiness, in a manner of speaking. Plus nagkasakit pa ako ng sunod-sunod. So here I am, and here are my current favorites.

1. Palmolive Olive and Milk Body wash, ~80 PHP. "Infused with 100% natural milk proteins and olive extracts. Olive is known for conditioning your skin for that Ultra Moisture. Its rich formula will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while its delicious scent lingers."

I wasn't really on the hunt for a new body wash, but I like smelling bath products whenever I'm grocery shopping, and I found this. It smells so good -- not quite Amazing Grace-good, but very good nonetheless. Ewan ko kung psychological yung effect, pero feeling ko my skin was so soft and smooth after, which lasted till the morning. Very reasonable yung price, ~80 PHP, and a little goes a long way. I hope they'd make a bar counterpart with matching lotion and/or body butter.

I just had to add Angel's picture as well. Isn't she gorgeous?
I don't think it is something a body wash, no matter how moisturizing, can give you.
Lest I get into some serious jologs fan war, I must say that I like Marian's beauty too, especially with her sunshiny, happy smile. *Defensive*

2. Giggles Baby Wipes, ~90 PHP. "Giggles Baby Wipes are silky soft and extra thick like a soft wash cloth. With moisturized aloe lotion contents. Alcohol-free. Gently formulated to clean and moisturize baby's delicate skin. Gentle enough to clean baby's face and hands."

I don't know how parents in the olden days survived without this. Seriously. We started regularly purchasing wet wipes when Sharkteeth was born -- she's almost a tweener now, and yet it's already part of our regular grocery purchases. One for each of us. We don't go on any long trip without it. Aside from its use on the body, I also use it to clean my leather bags because it's gentle and mild. Further, it's unscented and hindi sya malagkit unlike other wet wipes. Compared with other reputable wet wipes like Johnson's, Wet Ones, or Nivea, Giggles is the cheapest (per sheet).


3. Fossil Tree Jewelry Stand, ~2000 PHP. "Branch out with our vintage-inspired Tree Jewelry Stand. Use this multi-branched, antiqued brass-tone tree to organize all of your accessories--it's as functional as it is whimsical. Multi-branched brass ox-tone jewelry holder tree with chocolate brown wooden jewelry tray base."

I've been hankering for this for a couple of years na. Yes, ganun na katagal. Nag-sale sa Fossil USA kaso naubusan ako. Still haven't found one, even something similar. Malamang ay idi-DIY ko na lang. I like that it has a number of branches where I can hang rings and other accessories and that it is accented by a charming solitary bird. Update ko kayo pag nai-DIY ko.

4. Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves, ~250 PHP. "Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves glow with the orange-yellow luster of fresh, ripe apricots. Each jar of these 100% natural preserves is filled with pieces of apricot, which add sparks of acidic brightness and refreshing flavor. Deeply succulent, Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves is stimulating on toast and pastries and ideal for enhancing entrees."

I love this most with honey yogurt. Not too tart, not too sweet. Just perfect. I will try their grilled apricot chicken skewers, parang madaling lutuin and easy to pack for Sharkteeth's baon.

5. Tory Burch Jelly Reva. "The classic Reva, now as an adorable jelly. Rubber ballet flat with cutout logo disc at vamp. Vents at side. Logo-textured rubber sole."

I almost forgot about my pair na, pero naalala ko because of the recent storm and rain. These won't protect you from the cooties like a pair of rainboots would, but if you're not wading into a flood, they're okay. They have the right amount of pliability, but I had blisters when I first wore them. They dry easily, and if not already obvious, stylish enough to wear even during sunshiny days.

Picture credit to I don't wanna take a picture of mine kasi madumi pa.

Note: In my bid to post regularly, I'm going, or at least try, to post every Friday five of my favorite things. They might be a current or past possession, though others might not be necessarily mine -- could be a wish for my fairy godmother (where are you, by the way?), could be something I saw and found interesting, but it will always be driven by beauty and functionality, hopefully both, but that's a tall order.

Another important note: None of these items are ads or sponsored.  Pero if Palmolive will give me a lifetime supply, o sige, kahit a month's supply, okay fine, kahit isang bote lang, hahahaha, ng
Palmolive Olive and Milk Body wash, I'd be most grateful. *Hint-hint*

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Heart DTI

Remember the scarf-dry cleaner problem I hinted at in another post? Well, I filed a complaint at the local DTI. It was mediated today, and unfortunately, I cannot share what happened, as stipulated by the mediator.

Pero para di naman bitin, let me just say this, DTI is one of the most, if not the most, reliable government agency I have ever encountered. In the few times I've asked for their help (*cough* Metrodeal *cough*), they never failed to help in a speedy and reasonable manner.

As consumers, let us not forget our rights, and there are still a number of government offices that we can trust, and DTI is one of them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso

Nung singing lessons ni Sharkteeth last Saturday, she was dilly-dallying sa pag-akyat ng hagdan papunta sa studio. A young teenage boy prodded her, saying "Don't worry, they won't eat you there." Anyway, as there were so many parents and yayas inside the studio waiting for their superstars, I just stayed on the lobby near the stairs and reread Harry Potter. The young boy was also there listening to music.

Siguro around half an hour later, may umaakyat sa hagdan. The young boy briefly looked down the stairs and immediately covered his head with his hoodie, bent forward on his knees, and nagkunwaring tulog. Then a couple of young girls passed by on their way to the studio, briefly looking at the boy, exchanging odd looks.

A few seconds later, he surreptitiously checked kung nakapasok na yung mga girls. Then another girl went up the stairs, and the young boy again did his little farce. When sure that the girl was already inside the studio, he removed his hoodie, and craning his neck toward the studio, checked out the girls again.

Di ako nakatiis. *Chismosa talaga*

TPS: What's that about? Is one of them your crush or something?

AND YET, he kept on checking out the girls in the studio. Akala nya hindi ko nakikita pero he had this little smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes. Later on, hindi na nakatiis, pumasok na ng studio and pinanood na nya ang practice nung isang girl. Echosero.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rant Na Naman?

I was pretty late in having Sharkteeth's uniform made. I was getting desperate too, kasi June na nun. While buying fabric in a local store, thankfully, another mom buying some fabric herself recommended a tailoring shop that specifically sews uniforms. PHP150 per blouse daw ang charge.

When I went there, the guy owner said they can finish it in a week. Eh di kampante naman ako kasi S still has her uniform from last year and kasya pa naman, albeit getting a bit tight for her na. Still, the old uniforms would do for the meantime.

When we got back from Bacolod, nagka-gastroenteritis ako and I wasn't able to pick up the uniforms on the date they specified, June 30. On the Saturday of that week, when I tried to pick up the uniforms, wala daw dun. Wala rin dun yung owner. Hindi ko naman alam kung saan yung main branch nila. When I returned on the next Monday, July 7, andun yung asawa nung tailor, and di pa raw natatahi ang uniform. Jusko naman. Naiwala daw nila yung measurements. I didn't wanna argue anymore 'cause I was getting tired na of arguing with them and with another shop (a laundryshop, another story). I just had S remeasured, and the lady promised I can get two uniforms after two days. Unfortunately, I hurt my back, which restricted my mobility. Long story short, kanina ko lang na pick up.

I was actually expecting the worst, i.e., hindi pa rin tapos. Buti naman tapos na. When I paid, naghihintay ako ng sukli sa 1000, kasi PHP600 ang total, tapos, wala, deadma lang yung lalaking sastre. When I asked for the sukli, wala daw kasi PHP250 per blouse. WUTTTT???!!! I told him na sabi nya sa akin PHP150 lang yung blouse. Sabi daw nung wife nya eh PHP250. But my point is, sya (guy owner) ang kausap ko in the first place, hindi yung wife nya, and he told me na PHP150 per blouse. He was sort of denying na sya ang kausap ko, asking, "Tayo ba ang nag-usap? Parang hindi naman."


No matter how much I promise to avoid cursing, parang the whole of the universe, o sige, the whole of Dumaguete's service industry is conspiring to make me curse, and curse loud. I really tried to hold my temper in check, and I actually succeeded. Pero kung inakala nya na papayag akong hindi makuha yung pera ko, well, he was sorely mistaken. I just told him, despite his protestations that his wife told him to charge PHP250, we agreed on PHP150 and I told him that, in fact, he was the one who first took S's measurements. Eventually, he must have realized I wasn't going away till I get my money and relented.

Pero, grabe, bakit kailangan ko pang makipag-argue? To paraphrase my friend M, why do they have to draw this out of me? I was getting angry, I was close to the point of yelling, and I felt terrible because I was behaving like a bad person, for what, 400 pesos?! I know I could just have let it go, it's just money, but I know I'd get angry at myself more if I let bad services have their way.

This isn't the first time I've encountered bad services, kahit saan naman, merong ganun. It's just that sobrang frequent talaga dito. Nakaka-bother na. The laundy incident I mentioned above, it was awful, but I won't talk about it yet 'cause I filed a case sa DTI. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

SHARKTEEEEETHHHH!!! Water, please, saka gamot sa alta-presyon!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Coño Madear

I took the liberty of editing the translation:

"Oh, [TPS], your dad killed a snake in our kitchen. It was as long as my arms and as big as my thumb. He saw the cat spying on it. What if I was the one who saw it? I can't run. OMG."

The line "I can't run. OMG" really cracked me up. Oh em gee, mother, you're so coño. Clearly, the stroke hasn't dampened your hirits.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cath Kidston Haul

Remember I bought a Cath Kidston backpack for Sharkteeth last year? I was supposed to purchase a rolling pin as well, but I bode my time hoping for a further discount. When it appeared na wala nang forthcoming na discount, I placed my order, but sold out na. Sabi nga ni Bacon sa Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, "'Too late, too late' will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you by." Nakailang sale na ang Cath Kidston after I bought the bag, pero di nila ni-sale yung bagong rolling pin in stock, plus masyadong magastos ang first two quarters of 2014 namin, comatose pa wallet ko, with a Glascow Coma Scale of 2.

A month back, ewan ko ba kung sino sa kanila ang nag-tip sa akin na may sale ang Cath Kidston, either si D or si L -- word of warning: naku, those two, who share my interest in Cath Kidston and other pretty stuff, delikado yang dalawa na yan -- kung ano-ano ang naiisipan kong bilhin dahil sa kanila. Hehehehe, joke lang, Cath Kidston sisters. When I checked, the much-coveted rolling pin was on sale!!! Yay! Agad-agad I got in touch with the two and another CK-obsessed friend. Agad-agad din may order yung dalawa (L and D). Hahahaha! What is "excited," Alex Trebek? We shared the shipping fee, which was pretty steep (20 GBP).

Unboxing. Hindi na ako nakahintay.
I was in Sharkteeth's school to pick her up -- binuksan ko na, took a picture, and IG'd it.
EQ, schm-EQ.

The order took 24 days. Twenty-four days too long, I'd say. Hahahaha! Kidding. Excited lang. When the post office delivered the notification, I went to pick up the shipment on the same day. Like my customs experience last year, it was again a breeze. I know many have had a horrible customs experience, especially in Manila, but the customs personnel here are reasonable, transparent, and very easy to deal with. Considering that I bought breakable merchandise, I was so happy that nothing untoward happened. But then CK packed them really well -- bubble wrap + air pillows. My only regret was that I ordered immediately. The price of the rolling pin was further decreased by a pound after a few days, and last time I checked, it went from 13 GBP to 10 GBP. Oh, well.

Packed and ready for shipping

By the next day, the girls' orders were paid, packed, and shipped, and I hope that as I am typing this, they are already delivered (Abest, your performance has been superb so far, don't fail us now). 

My loot

Till next sale, fellow CK fans. Next quarter na lang ha? Wala pa akong pera.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: The Mallardog

Growing up in a farm, I had a menagerie of pets aside from the usual cows, rabbits, cats, pigs, and dogs -- and my parents were unfazed when I brought home albino mice, hermit crabs, and ducklings. The hermit crab, eventually, nakatakas. Never to be seen again. Yung ducklings, well, I brought home a pair, naming them Daisy and Donald (napaka-creative and imaginative ng names, ano? hehehe). Unfortunately, my cousin's dog killed the other, Daisy. I was inconsolable for days. The hurt was eventually forgotten, and  Donald grew up and brought us so much fun. I would place him in a huge washbasin where he would swim for hours.

The thing is, he didn't have friends. My uncle had itik (brown ducks), and Donald tried to befriend them -- and tried he did. Susunod-sunod sya dun sa mga itik, like a stalker, hoping to be noticed. Parang kawawang hanger-on or groupie. His efforts were all in vain though. Being a mallard, he looked quite different from the brown ducks -- with a brown body and gray wings with iridescent tips and neck and head that change color depending on the angle. The brown ducks would gang up on him, attack him with their bills, and chase him away, and he would hide behind some bananas, poking his head this way and that, checking if everything was all clear and safe.

Credit to

Finally, he just gave up befriending his "kind." Suko na sya.

Minsan narinig ko panay ang tahol ng mga aso at quack-quack-quack ni Donald. Isip ko, naku, the dogs might be attacking him. When I checked the ruckus, however, he was out there, "barking" along with our three dogs at people walking near our house. The acceptance he didn't receive from his fellow ducks, he got from our loving and accepting canines.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


When I picked up Sharkteeth sa school kanina...

Sharkteeth: Mymy, you know how much E's bank savings is? 36,000 pesos!!!
TPS: See? He knows how to save. You should learn how to save your baon.
Sharkteeth: I think I have a mental illness...
TPS: Hah? What kind?
Sharkteeth: Spend-icitis.


Don't ask me why or how pero na-LSS si S ng Bubble Butt song. I know, I know, but as a mom, I can only do so much, right? Well, that's not really the point of this exchange.

Sharkteeth: Just what is a bubble butt? 
TPS: [being clueless] I dunno. Maybe you should put some soap on your butt then you fart and make bubbles.
Sharkteeth: Maybe I should try that.
TPS: Yes, and I will take a video.
Sharkteeth: Noooooooo!!! Okay, but don't post it on Facebook.
TPS: I won't. Sa Instagram na lang. Hahahahaha!
Sharkteeth: I'll report you to the police. No nudity allowed. Oh, no na lang. They might arrest you and you will get imprisoned. [pregnant pause] But if you are imprisoned, I can go and check out all the stuff you have in your room. Should I or shouldn't I? Hmmmmm...[sabay stroke ng chin]

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I was asking for my ultrasound results...

Radio staff: Ano yung ultrasound mo?
TPS: Thyroid and TVS.
Radio staff: Heto. [handing me my thyroid ultrasound results]
TPS: Yung TVS?
Radio staff:  Meron ka bang TVS?
TPS: Yes.
The radio staff disappeared to the next room, presumably looking for my TVS results.
Radio staff: Di mo pa ba kinukuha yung TVS results mo?
TPS: Hindi, kasi walang release ng results ng weekend, di ba? Gusto mo balikan ko na lang tomorrow, hanapin mo muna?
Without replying, she disappeared again, then returned. She handed a piece of paper to me, but she was looking shifty about it. Buti na lang ni-check ko kasi copy lang yun ng thyroid result ko.
TPS: Same lang eto ng thryroid results. 
Radio staff: Di mo pa ba kinukuha ang TVS result mo?

Hehehehe! I didn't actually say that; it was only in my mind. But, gaaaaahhhh, how it would have satisfied me to let that one out.


A similar incident happened before, when we were still living in Laguna. I had a bag and a wallet repaired. I sent the bag and wallet via a courier and just went to the shop in Sta. Ana, Manila, to pick them up. Pagdating ko dun, okay na yun bag, but they couldn't find the wallet.

Shop owner: Di ko makita yung wallet. Sigurado kang may wallet kang pinadala?
TPS: Oho, meron. Pakitanong na lang dun sa anak nyo kasi sa kanya ko ni-address.
Hanap, hanap, hanap...
Shop owner: Di sumasagot ng text si Noli eh. Baka naman nakuha mo na? O kaya pinadala na sa iyo ni Noli?
TPS: Hindi pa ho. Usapan namin ay pi-pick-in ko dito sa shop.

Hanap, hanap, hanap...
Shop owner:  Sigurado ka bang hindi mo pa nakukukuha?
TPS: [please, pasensya, pasensya, pasensya] Hindi ko pa ho nakukuha.
Hanap, hanap, hanap...
Shop owner:  Baka naman nakuha mo na? Wala dito eh.
TPS: Ano ba?! Ilang ulit ko nang sinabing di ko pa nakukuha, tanong ka pa ng tanong? Galing pa ako ng Laguna, sa palagay nyo bibiyahe ako papunta dito para kuhanin ang wallet kung nasa akin na?!! Naiwala nyo ba yung wallet? 

And that time, I really said it. I tried to be as patient as I could, pero, wala, my patience ran thin and snapped, especially since more than an hour na kami sa shop. Long story short, dumating yung anak nya and finally nahanap nila yung wallet.


It's so frustrating when people are all too quick to wash off their stupidity from their hands and dump the dirty water on you. It especially galls me when they insist that, since they couldn't find the result, item, or what-not, I already have it. What kind of logic is that? 

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Bacolod: Ang Pagbabalik

TheHusband was asked to be a principal sponsor for a wedding (cue in the theme from The Godfather, hehehe), his first time to be one (now cue in the theme from Thundercats...joke lang, babe).

I was initially vacillating if I should go or not. I had a particularly bad case of flu, cough, cold, and may sumama pang hypersensitivity, and while I have already recovered, all I wanted to do was rest and sleep for a couple of days to fully recharge. But then, what kind of message am I sending if I let TheHusband go without me, him being a principal sponsor, i.e., a godfather, to the couple? I mean, shouldn't I, the wife, be there to support him? So after much internal debate, ayun, sumama ako, and of course, Sharkteeth.

Simula pa lang, sablay na. We specifically chose the 5:40 a.m. departure kasi aircon bus daw yun, according to the dispatcher TheHusband inquired from the night before. Turned out hindi aircon. TheHusband asked me if we should still go; huwag na lang daw kaya kaming tumuloy...nakita siguro na nakasimangot ako and isip nya eh malamang totopakin ako sa byahe. Naisip ko naman kasubuan na and I should just suck it up. So off we went.


May restroom and food break when we reached Mabinay, kaso natagalan kami ni S sa restroom (gotta wipe our wet? pwet? hehe), and when TheHusband and I went to eat, nakaka-ilang subo pa lang kami ng food eh umandar na yung bus. Sayang, ang sarap pa naman nung beef nilaga na tinda dun sa canteen. I tried to stuff as much food as possible to my mouth without choking. Hahahaha!

 Bearable naman yung trip because it was so cold. Around 6 hours din yung byahe. Zigzag yung road dun sa mountainous area, but the driver was very careful.

We reached Bacolod around 12 noon. We went to the hotel, left our things, and went to the mall to eat.

We ate in The Pastry House of Bob's. Itatanong nyo, Bob's  whom or what exactly? Malay ko. Hehehe!


Yung mag-ama, they liked their respective orders (schublig and Hungarian sausage), pero I didn't like mine (chicken terriyaki). The dessert, however, was sooooo good -- it has two or three layers of chocolate cake with white mousse filling in a chocolate shell and topped with grapes, cherries, slices of kiwi, and other fruits. Sobrang sarap. I like it better than Conti's Mango Bravo or Purple Oven's chocolate cake. Hindi ko naubos kasi it was so filling. Too bad, I don't have a picture of the cake -- it was as delicious as it was pretty.

I fell asleep shortly after we went back to the hotel. Aba, pag-gising ko, alas-siete na ng gabi at wala na yung mag-ama. They went to Starbucks na pala. I followed them there, and after coffee, we went to SM. We looked for a gift for the couple and S went to look for some Moshi Monsters or Squinkies or something -- I swear, I have lost track of all the toys in the market now. Sandali lang kami sa SM, kasi halos closing time na nung dumating kami dun.

Trying on hats in SM. Bagay naman, diba?


Sunday was very hectic. We woke up late -- what's new? Hahahaha! After we had our breakfast, we bought some wrappers and books for S, and when we got back to the hotel, 11:30 na! Eh 12 noon ang checkout. Jusko, we had to pack, shower, and dress up in 30 minutes. I was wailing, "pa'no ko na lang paplantsahin ang buhok ko?" Di ko naman nakita, but I assumed TheHusband and S rolled their eyes. Hahahaha! In fairness, photofinish naman kami! Saktong 12 noon, naka-checkout kami. I just did my makeup in the lobby restroom; wala nang plantsa-plantsa ng buhok. Wash and wear. Hahahaha! I was planning on going to the salon, but with a 2-pm call time, I didn't have time to go anymore. 


On our way home, hindi na naman aircon yun bus.  We couldn't wait for the 10-pm trip or postpone the trip the next day because TheHusband had to be in the office early for some visiting clients. Turned out the aircon (or lack of it) was the least of my worries. Grabe yung driver. "Fearless" is an understatement. Parang may death wish! He wasn't afraid of going fast over the zigzag roads and hairpin turns. I used all my reserves of self-control not to have a mental meltdown, 'cause I tell you, I was starting to freak out. I tried to sleep it off, rationalizing that should we fall into the ravine, I'd be asleep. To show you how fast our trip was, we were home in 5 hours.

Sadly, may pabaon pa ang Bacolod sa amin. S and I had a bad case of gastroenteritis. It was awful. At least I lost weight. Hehehe. I don't know what we ate, but TheHusband wasn't hit. S wasn't as badly hit either, but I was almost crawling from the weakness it brought. The sight of food made me nauseous. Turned out TheHusband's other officemates were hit as well, with one ending up being hospitalized. I'm okay now, thankfully.