Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 And The Promises It Holds

It's almost the end of January, and I haven't done much really other than work. I'm not saying working isn't important, because it puts food on the table and, of course, it can be argued that work gives me the wherewithal to feed the soul, to be happy, if you may. Just that I want to do more in my pursuit of happiness. And this year, this 2015, I promise to be more proactive in pursuing it. Go! Go! Go!

I want to do more arts and crafts, sewing, and DIYs. I have a ton of projects, and I want to finish least one a week. I've already started refurbishing bags again, and I finished two last week. Not bad at all. Slowly but surely. I want to try my hand at dyeing and recoloring bags as well, and Sharkteeth wants a new quilt. Sana.

Another thing that I want, that I've been trying (emphasis on trying) to do for years now, is living light. I want to lessen my frivolous expenses and be in a better financial state. Some of you know that I have a bit(?) of hoarding and impulse-buying tendencies. It's something that I've come to terms with and accepted, but I don't equate my acceptance with justification or a license to continue wanton spending, neither would I contradict it with single-minded thriftiness or extreme frugality. Faced with a potential purchase, I now ask myself the following questions:
1. Do you already have one (or two, three) at home?
If the answer is yes, stop, just stop. Do you want to be THAT relative whom nobody wants to visit because of all your clutter?!
2. If you tire of it, would you be able to sell it?
If the answer is no, put it down. Ang dami mo nang kalat sa bahay.
3. Does it fit you now, not tomorrow, not next month, not after you shed those pounds, now?
If the answer is no, put it back on the hanger and return. Exercise and diet, then let's talk again when you lose weight.
4. Do you have a particular person in mind if you're planning to give it as a gift?
If the answer is no, then don't get it. Buy a gift shortly before sending it.
Of all these challenge questions, it's the fourth that I am having trouble with because I don't like scrambling for a gift. But for the sake of my goals, I will at least try. Try.

Still on the topic of light living, I will be more active again in Ebay, selling stuff. I'll be shooting two birds with one stone: I can clear my inventory and earn at the same time. Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

I also want to apply light living on relationships. The end of 2014 brought me so much stress, Facebook being one of the sources. There were so much petty, and otherwise, high school intrigues (I know, right?! ) and cliquish behavior that went on and on and on, and I'm assuming, still going on, that I just up and left our FB reunion groups and chats and unfriended tons of high school classmates. I don't have anything against those classmates I removed, but as THE Tina Tagle said, "I just don’t see any point why you’re in my list and we don’t talk. I feel like I’m being stalked." It's one of the best things I've ever done so far this 2015 in service of my pursuit of happiness. I felt so relieved after. Parang pigsa na natanggal yung "mata" -- sorry for the kadiri analogy, but that's the closest I can come up with. Can you just feel the sense of relief?

To 2015 and its promises!  Cheers!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Stress Oreña Drilon

You know it's never good when a call is opened by, along with crying, "Mymy, please keep calm. Don't panic!"

I was on my way to pick up Sharkteeth when she called and asked me to come get her ASAP because she tripped while walking down the ramp and hurt herself. Imagining horrible scenarios, I was screaming and panicking, which made her cry even more. When I arrived at the school, she was alone and crying. She has a huge bump on the forehead and numerous abrasions on her arms. I wanted to bring her to the doctor, but she didn't want to. She's terrified of doctors and hospitals. Lagi kasing nagkakasakit, and her checkups turned to hospitalization one time too many. Si Dr. Mymy na lang ang nag-treat sa mga sugat. Which took, like, two hours kasi takot sya sa Betadine. I was rolling my eyes na. "Mymy! Stop rolling your eyes! Can't you see I'm in pain?!" Soweeeeee....

She's okay now.

I'm not. Napakahirap maging nanay. I don't think I would ever stop worrying about her. Every little cut, every little bump, every little sadness hurts me hundred times over. If only I can kiss away the hurts like when she was a baby. And she's not exactly the dainty sort. One time I kept looking for her around the campus grounds but couldn't find her. Then across the basketball court, I saw a kid at the back of the basketball board. I thought, "Naaaah, it can't be Sharkteeth...that board is too high for her." It was Sharkteeth. Hay. I will always worry. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ang Papa, Mga Papa, And Everything In Between

May papal high pa ba kayo? Ako, almost back to normal programming na. (Ang Rappler, parang hindi pa. Hehehe.) I only watched the youth encounter ('cause, you know, I'm young, hehehe) in UST and the pope's, and his entourage's, departure, which brought me a tinge of sadness, dunno why.

It's remarkable how the visit of the pope, which brought millions of people together, unwittingly became an object of discord. After a former colleague posted some particularly biting criticism about the arrival of the pontiff, the Internet bit back (which is an understatement) and gave him the equivalent of electronic fire and brimstone.

Honestly, I wasn't surprised naman sa sinabi nya, in fact, when I saw the screencap of his infamous statement, I just shrugged my shoulders. Although, I admit, kahit nakakahiya, at the start of the brouhaha, I did have some "fun" about it. Alam naman siguro ng lahat how I love, ehem, "information" (read: gossip -- naku! magagalit ang pope sa akin), and pinag-chismis-an talaga namin ng mga friends and former officemates ko. Pero as the day, and the weekend, progressed, palala na ng palala -- it got posted in a number of websites, including Fashionpulis and PEP. *Shudder* Hateful Facebook sites were made for him as well. *Double shudder* There were death threats and ugly words. *Triple shudder*

Like I said, it's the Internet's version of fire and brimstone.

I guess, along the way, he rubbed some people the wrong way, whether coworkers or friends, and some did get some joy over his difficult situation. Schadenfreude. It's something I completely understand. We're humans, we have our frailties. If my enemies would derive joy from my difficulties (and, boy, one/some really did, LOL!), I would understand. Surely, it will both sadden and anger me, but I will understand and perhaps even respect, however grudgingly.

But you know what I don't understand? The people who posted their vitriol in the comment sections -- people hiding behind their anonymity, with not enough balls to tie a name to their [hateful] message. People who know not a thing about him yet passing judgment about him. People making fun of his weight. People who wished for his misfortune, his death, his downfall. Those indignant people, thumping their chest, contradicting his, daresay, hateful message with the same level of hate, if not more. Those who passive-aggressively implored for prayers for his soul yet said hateful words in the same breath. Good mother of ironies! What a great study on society and morality this could be.

I hope the pope's message of mercy and compassion, along with his humility, makes an impact not just on the millions of people who sacrificed and sweated to see him but also on bashers and cyberbullies. Admittedly, cynicism brings out the worst in me, making me bitter and critical, but seeing his humility and his bravery in accepting that there are things he doesn't comprehend either reminds me to be gentler to myself and others. 

Uuuuuuy, serious. Hehehe.

On lighter news...have you seen the very "papable" papal contingent? Teka, meron pa bang hindi nakapansin sa kanila? If hindi pa, go, head over to Chuvaness' comprehensive list. LOL! All that dizzying pulchritude. Whew. However, it's a travesty, I tell you, that the pope's interpreter wasn't included in that list. Msgr. Miles, the interpreter, is just so easy on the eyes! And with the perfect voice to match. How many languages does he know, by the way? Ma-review nga uli ang Spanish ko. *Perdóname, padre, porque he pecado...*

Dreamboat much, Msgr. Miles? JOWKE!!!
Source unknown
Isama pa yung mga Swiss guards. Papahuli ba yung UST seminarian? Guapo na, talented pa. Teka, para naman akong cougar. Also notable is Father Felloni, who serves in Caloocan and can give some models a run for their money.

Again, forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. *And babe, mas guapo ka dun, all of them combined.*

Oh, napansin nyo may UST lanyard and ID ang pope?

From News Around the World
You know why? Aside from UST being a pontifical university, strict ang guards dun. Talagang "no ID, no entry"! Hehehehe.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Commuter Queen

I miss riding jeepneys. Mostly trikes kasi ang usual public transpo dito sa Dumaguete. Back in my mid-twenties, I was working in Parañaque. So everyday, Mondays to Fridays, kung minsan pati Saturdays, Bulacan to Parañaque ang kino-commute ko -- north to south and south to north. Bus/jeepney-LRT-FX. I had a flexible schedule, so there were times I leave home very early or kung minsan naman I get home very late. 

I was so sleep-deprived that I'd instantly fall asleep once I sit down in the FX, LRT, or jeepney. Minsan, sa harap ako ng jeep nakasakay, and just about 8 kilometers from my home, naisipan kong pang i-bundle up yung windbreaker ko and use it as head cushion...I thought I wouldn't fall asleep because the music was blaring and the gaudy lights were shining so bright. Next thing I know, "Miss, gising na. Nasa terminal na tayo." Haaaaaa??? Buti na lang the driver was on his way home and malapit lang sa amin ang bahay nya. Otherwise, baka pagsakay ko pabalik eh makatulog na naman ako and end up sa Monumento where I started.

I like riding in jeepneys the best because the manner of seating forces you to look at other people, and what better way to while away the time than to study (and speculate/judge?) other people. Iba-ibang klase talaga.
  • Merong masungit, kahit anong paabot mo ng pamasahe, deadma. Kung pwede lang akong maging si Lastikman.
  •  Merong chikadora, kayang makipagdaldalan kahit kanino. While admittedly madaldal, ayokong may kasabay at kausap sa byahe. I consider it my me-time and the perfect moment to contemplate on existential thoughts. Meganon?!
  •  May lovey-dovey. Nagsusubuan pa ng mani, butong-pakwan, butong-kalabasa, itlog ng pugo, shingaling, fish crackers, chicharon, and what-nots. Syempre inggit ako. NBSB pa ako nun eh.
  •  Kung may lovey-dovey, may kadiri. Minsan ba naman, may couple, uber-PDA talaga. The guy grinned at me lasciviously, clearly showing off that he was fondling his girlfriend's breast in public. Juskopo. 
  •  Kasamahan pa yan ng mga manyak na nanghihimas ng boobs, braso, hita, [insert body part here]. Spell P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C naman.
  •  Mawawala ba ang mga nag-ro-rosaryo at novena sa mga byahe? Syempre hindi.
  •  May nakasakay naman ako, kadiri. Kumakain ba naman ng lanzones tapos tinatapon sa floor yun balat and seeds. Uggghhh...
  •  Merong antukin (*ehem*). Pagdikit ng puwet sa upuan eh tulog agad. Magigising na lang tumutulo na ang laway or leaning on the shoulder of his/her [visibly irritated] seatmate. *Sorry sa mga nasandigan (or natuluan ng laway? eeeewwwwww) ko dati. And thank you na rin.*
  • Merong mga babae na mahaba ang buhok na di man lang maisip na itali ang buhok nila, every strand flying to her seatmate's face. Kainez. Sarap sabunutan. Masama pa nyan eh you're wearing your very pretty lip gloss, tapos madidikit sa lips mo yung buhok nya. Kadirrrrssss...
  • May mga masipag na estudyante na nag-aaral.
  • Of course, may mga mandurukot at holdaper. Thankfully, di ko naranasan yan. Although minsan, sa bus going to Laguna, may nakasakay na akong sindikato. Yung isang group ng lalaki, lahat sila eh nakaupo sa seats na katabi ng aisle, LAHAT SILA AY NAKABUKAKA. Buti na lang nagduda na ako kasi pagpasok ko ng bus nagulat ako sa hitsura nila, kasi nga lahat sila ay nakabukaka. I was thinking, "What's up with that? Are they trying to, uhmmm, aerate their private parts?" Then pagdating nila ng Buendia station, bumaba sila sabay-sabay. Yun pala, kaya sila nakabukaka eh para you'd have trouble maneuvering your way, and all the while, dinudukutan ka na nila. 
  • Marami pang iba...

Minsan, I was sitting across a guy -- good looking and neat, mukhang disente. Halos puno na yung jeep, but there was still a space on his side of the jeep. Then may sumakay na girl -- pretty and very modest, parang girl next door. I don't know if he knew her before then or yun ang first time na nakita nya yung girl, pero the moment she stepped in the jeepney, I immediately saw that he had been hit by what Sicilians call the "Thunderbolt." He kept on discreetly (or so he thought) looking at her, who was three seats away. All throughout the time she was in the jeepney, he kept on looking at her. Kung napansin ko, napansin din syempre ng ibang passengers. So ang lolo mo, nagkunwaring tulog, nakasabit ang kamay sa ceiling bars, his head leaning on both his arms, pero huwag ka, pasilip-silip. Nung pumara na yung girl, disappointed yung guy, and as the girl was getting off the jeepney, you can see the longing on the face of the the guy. By that time, I was really rooting for him to gather enough nerve and get off as well and introduce himself. In retrospect, good thing he didn't, kasi, aside from psychos, sino ba ang susunod sa iyo sa madilim na kalsada para lang magpakilala?

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Holidays, Holy Days, Crazy Days: Part 2

I mentioned in my previous post that we all got sore eyes last Christmas, right? It screwed up our holiday plans in more ways than one. We were planning a Cebu-Bohol-Siquijor trip, but with the delay in our departure, we had to scrap the Bohol part. The thing is, Typhoon Seniang hit Cebu and sea trips were cancelled. Oh, but I'm getting ahead of my kwento na. 

We left Dumaguete around 10 pm of the 27th via M/V Zamboanga. The trip started a bit bumpy, but it was soon smooth sailing and I immediately fell asleep. The vessel was slow, and it was almost 6 am when we reached Cebu.

Sharkteeth on her bunk with her eldest and youngest

After we checked in, we left for, guess what, Ayala Mall. Hahaha! Mall rats, that's what we are. Syempre, pumunta ako sa Daiso. How I love that store. Hindi ka lalabas na malungkot, well, unless ang goal mo is to NOT buy anything. Look at what I got! Kate Spade-ish trash bin and notebook, Ellefar Princess powder foundation for mother, belt tape, and tiny sauce bottles. So happy with the sauce bottles -- I can bring patis na anywhere. *Prepare for the stink* :) There's also a cute pink trash bin for Sharkteeth (not in the picture). Grabe, so, so happy talaga with everything I got sa Daiso. I'm sure mother will be happy with the powder as well. Kung ano-ano na nabili kong powder for her, laging may reklamo. Kesyo maitim sa kanya, nangangati sya, di maganda sa skin nya, etc. Sa Guerlain lang yata walang reklamo, wala naman akong mabiling Guerlain. I too like this powder kasi may very tiny glitters. Hindi flat sa mukha. And the packaging is so cute, parang Anna Sui. I had to restrain myself kasi ang daming cute Sanrio and floral Cath Kidston-ish items.

We went to Rustan's and I swooned. So many beautiful porcelain and kitchen wares. Lenox, Royal Albert, KitchenAid mixers of many macaron-like colors, all lovely, all [very] expensive. Must be nice to be rich and be able to buy such beautiful things without having to pause and think how to pay it.

I espied a cute floral saucer and TheHusband urged me to get it. But before long, I was looking at the matching shallow soup bowl as well. "Bilis! Bayaran mo na 'yan! Baka kung ano pa makita mo," he said [in panic?]. Hahahahahaha! Sige na nga, binayaran ko na. Sharkteeth was a bit worried when I told her to use the bowl. Baka daw mabasag nya. Kasi, a few years back, she broke my music box and a cute oversized coffee cup and I freaked out in both instances. But recently, with my fondness for cute breakables, I've decided to be detached about it. Sure, nakakalungkot pag may nababasag, but I don't want to be too affected by it -- they are just things, napapalitan. Hehehe, kinu-kundisyon ko sarili ko kasi napansin ko na may hairline crack na ang aking favorite teacup. Oh well, it's just a cup. 

Another thing, I always enjoy shopping, window or otherwise, sa Rustan's. Generally speaking, their staff are polite, knowledgeable of their products, and discreet. It doesn't matter kung magkano ang binili mo, whether 100 pesos or 10,000 pesos, they serve with a smile and are very helpful. And like I said, they're discreet. Hindi yung buntot ng buntot sa customer. Compare that with Etude House salespersons. Hay naku. They trail you around, either blabbering about the product you're touching or making you feel like a shoplifter about to make a kill. Is it just me who feels that way sa Etude? I love Etude's products, don't get me wrong, but their salespersons are simply ill-trained in the manner of sales.

Syempre, mawawala ba sa itinerary ang SM? LOL! Kelan ba naman kasi magkakaroon ng SM dito sa Dumaguete? Sale! Sale! Sale! Pero I just bought some basics, well, okay, I also bought a so-trendy-two-years-ago Lucite clutch! Ang cute eh. Saka mura na.

Sa SM kong minamahal

Whenever we go to Manila or Cebu, we try to eat at our favorite restaurants. Pero this time, we also tried an ihaw-ihaw, The Original AA BBQ, near the hotel. I don't know kung dahil ba nagsawa ako sa Pancake House at iba pang usual food staples namin or dahil ba rainy weather and sinigang+grilled food+steaming rice seem an appealing match, but we really enjoyed the food. Ang mura pa (less than 500 PHP). Yung sinigang na mamsa (talakitok in Tagalog; jack in English) ang pinaka-winner for me. Tamang-tama ang asim. Pati grilled seafood and chicken BBQ, tender and succulent. Naka-dalawang meals din kami dun. Kung pwede lang doon kami kumain ng iba pang meals namin...kaso baka mag-rebelde na si S. Babalik ako dun even just for the sinigang. It's in front of the University of Southern Philippines, along Salinas Drive. Kaya lang napakaraming tao pag gabi, but it's not as crowded pag lunch time.

As I said earlier, inabutan kami ng bagyo. Sea voyage was stopped, and we had to rebook our trip. When trips resumed, wala naman kaming makuhang trip back, leaving us no time to proceed to Siquijor anymore. :( Traveling by bus was an option, albeit an unappealing one, kasi it takes very long (>3 hours), and S has the bladder of a mouse. Plus, a bridge in the southern part of Cebu fell, so kailangang mag-transfer pa. We considered it and thought that we can just go to Oslob for whale shark watching instead, but our swimming gear was at home. Hays, kelan ko ba makikita ang mga whale sharks na 'yun? We waited and got a trip back on the evening of the 1st. Daresay na medyo malas ang trip namin, ano? Sore eyes, rebooked trip to Cebu, bagyo, rebooked trip home...medyo inalat ang December ko, diba naiwan ako ng eroplano?

Akala nyo ba eh nakapunta kami sa tourist spots? Hindi! Mall pa rin. Hahahahaha! Well, we went to Sto. Nino Church, if you can call it a tourist spot. Then again, ilang beses na rin naman kaming nakapunta sa Cebu City, so we've already covered most of the interesting spots. They're renovating Magellan's Cross and there was scaffold inside. I didn't take pictures of the cross anymore.


One great thing about the delay was that we celebrated New Year in the hotel, away from the smoke and firecrackers. We watched the fireworks show from the window of the hotel and enjoyed it thoroughly. Oddly, I kinda miss the smell of firecrackers on the morning of the New Year. Growing up in Bulacan, my parents manufactured and sold firecrackers, and New Years were always noisy and smoke-filled.

Pagdating namin ng Ayala on the first day, S immediately bought some books. So naubos na nya yung mga aguinaldo sa kanya. Kasi I told her to halve her money, half for spending and half for saving. By the third day, nabasa na nya lahat ng books. Umutang pa kay TheHusband so she can buy another. So may tagahugas kami ng pinggan for one month. Yay! Well, Happy New Year to me. LOL!

Our trip back was uneventful, via M/V Georich this time, and I was happy to be home. I picked up the dog from the pet "hotel" and we were both ecstatic to see each other. When we got home, he immediately bound toward the nearby field. He must have had a bad case of cabin fever in the pet hotel. 

2014 has been spotty, with aviation tragedies and natural calamities, but it's over and done. I'd rather focus on the bountiful blessings I received last year. I hope our 2015 will be filled with more blessings and graces along with more friends, love, happiness, wealth, and as always, the best of health.  


Saturday, January 03, 2015

Holidays, Holy Days, Crazy Days: Part 1

We're at the tail end of the holidays. Everything is winding down. Nabuksan na ang mga gifts. Napagtaguan na ang mga inaanak. Naubos ko na LAHAT ng chocolates.

I don't know what is it about the Christmas season that makes me crazy for it yet turns me literally crazy as it approaches. Case in point:

Yes, dear readers. That happened. Not the first time, actually. This time I realized it while hurriedly walking. I briefly looked down and saw my right foot wearing my patent pink flat, fully knowing I was wearing my floral one on my left. I shrieked a little, making Sharkteeth jump. Hahahaha! Good thing we were going to the grocery. When I asked the nice saleslady for some flipflops, she ushered me to the rack displaying Fitflops™ -- jowsko naman, pinakamura ay 1.8K, kasya nang pang-Noche Buena yun! I repeated myself, "Miss, flipflops, thongs, yung de-ipit." Understanding dawned, and with that she relegated me to the back of the grocery, and there I found flipflops. Flipflops, fifty pesos. Being saved from embarrassment, priceless.

I was so stressed last December because I took a brief time off work to attend my high school reunion. It's a kwento worthy of its own post pero I don't want to anymore. May mga nega parts kasi, and you know, new year, new beginnings, iwas nega. Suffice it to say, avoid nega people. Kung kelangang mag-deactivate ng Facebook, do so.

After I came back from the reunion, I got a bit under the weather and wasn't able to work for a few more days. Must be from all the late nights, bad (yet oh so delicious) food, and sleeping on the cold airport floor. So piled up na naman ang work-work, home-work, and Christmas-work ko. 


These were just about a third of all the gifts I wrapped for Christmas. Token ni S sa classmates nya. May dagdag na gifts pa for her close friends. Meron pa sa teachers. Saka for TheHusband's officemates and friends. For nephews and nieces. It was endless. There, let me see, 35 for her classmates, 12 for her friends, 7 for her teachers, 25 for TheHusband's officemates, and 7 for TheHusband's nephews and nieces. For my friends, family, and relatives, wala nang balot-balot. Yung ibang gifts, I brought with me when I flew to Manila. I thought baka pabuksan pa sa akin sa airport, masira lang ang balot. Paper bag na lang. Yung iba, I shipped. Up to the last minute, nag-si-ship pa ako. P for procrastination.

December 24 na when I was finally able to clean up the house and set up the decor. Yes, December 24. Nakahabol pa. I fought valiantly! Hahahaha! For the longest time, ang daming kalat sa living room. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief nung medyo maayos na ang living room.

Thank you again, Sheryl! So lovely.

One of my favorites
This is our white Christmas tree's swan song. Some parts developed rust and I covered them up with fake snow. It looked great at first, but the fake snow aggravated the rust and now it has creamy patches. Bye-bye, Christmas tree. You'll be missed.

I got inspired by Leah's roast chicken and made one for Christmas eve. But instead of Italian sausage, I used Hungarian sausage. #Rebel. Hahahaha! Seriously, I just used what I found in the ref. Cheddar and quezo de bola? Sure, why not?! Various unidentifiable leaves and herbs? Join in! The more, the merrier. Before cooking, I soaked the chicken sa milk to keep it juicy. I wasn't able to add yogurt sa stuffing kasi S made a bowl of fruit salad and added the yogurt by mistake. It turned up yummy and golden. Sayang, walang picture, kasi we were so hungry na.

With the exception of our gifts to each other and to Sharkteeth, most of the gifts had been opened na before Christmas eve. Alam nyo naman, low EQ. So many gifts! And talagang pinag-isipan. I don't deserve my friends, sa totoo lang. They are all so very nice and thoughtful. Thank you all so much.

My gift to myself

Come Christmas day, may sore eyes si Sam. Then the following day, si TheHusband naman and ako. The gift of Christmas. Falalalalalalalala! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Than Meets The Eye

When Sharkteeth came home last night, she was furious. You should see her when she's angry -- brows knitted, eyes flashing dangerously, and lips curling up in disdain. The Furies personified, with Lady Sif thrown in for good measure. An unstoppable force of nature in a tiny bundle.

Sharkteeth: Mymy! You know what?! Bush* and his friend accused me that I took his Lego! But I didn't. I just played with it and returned it on his table.
TPS: That's rude...pero, anak, baka someone took it and they thought you didn't return it. 
Sharkteeth: But I did return it. I'm going to ask teacher to change my Kris Kringle baby. I don't want to give those Hotwheels to him. 
TPS: Anak, I'm afraid it's too late for that. You'd have to suck it up. Ibigay mo na lang yung gift and ignore him na lang. 
Sharkteeth: Fine. I'll give it to him alright. I'll SHOVE that gift to his face!!! 
TPS: Huwaaaaggg!!! 
Sharkteeth: They were so rude to me!!!

This went on for a while. Pag-uwi ni TheHusband, sinabi din daw sa kanya. Bubusa-busa daw.

Christmas party. When we met for lunch, S said that the boys apologized na daw. Kasi Bush found the Lego inside his pocket.

TPS: That's good. It's nice they know they should apologize when they wrongly accuse someone. 
Sharkteeth: They only did because I asked them. When Bush said it was in his pocket all along, I DEMANDED that they apologize. Or else I was ready to make them apologize the HARD WAY. [hitting her palm with her fist...ominous, right?]
TPS: So they did? 
Sharkteeth: Yes. They must have realized that there's something BIGGER IN THIS LITTLE GIRL IN THE CUTE DRESS.

Cute naman talaga yung dress.
Akala ko hindi isusuot kasi ayaw nya ng dresses.

*Not his real name, of course. Let's protect the innocent, however rude they might be.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trip Katangahan. What Else Is New?

O, huwag kayong tumawa -- naiwan na naman ako ng eroplano. Ang press release ko sana eh dahil sa traffic, pero the truth eh katangahan. Sobra-sobra-sobrang katangahan. When I checked the screengrab of my itinerary, akala ko ETD yung ETA. Tanga lang. Hays.

Na-realize ko na lang when I was queuing sa cab and TheHusband messaged me asking for my ETA. Such a stupid and expensive mistake. I called TheHusband. Medyo naiyak ako. It was so frustrating and embarrassing. Together we looked for available flights, whether a red eye to Cebu that night or to Dumaguete the following morning. Ang mamahal ng Dumaguete flights tapos fully booked na yung both Monday trips ng CebuPac. The PAL options are equally bleak. Thankfully, TheHusband found a relatively cheap red eye flight to Cebu. My plan was to get the first bus going to Liloan, the southern part of Cebu closest to Dumaguete. Na-delay ang flight. Ang tagal. Actually, it doesn't have any bearing naman on my bus trip going to Dumags kasi the bus leaves around 2 am pa. But inspiration struck. I went and asked the ground steward kung pwedeng i-rebook na lang ako sa Dumaguete. Long story short, na-rebook ako without having to shell out additional fees and what-nots. Yun nga lang, sa airport na naman ako natulog. Kebs. Sanay na. My only regret eh hindi ako masyadong nakapag-mall. It was a bit of a downer to an otherwise happy day of meeting with Dbrightspot, Diane, and Tsokoholik.

Lessons learned:
1. Check itinerary carefully. Can't stress this enough.
2. Be nice to ground stewards. Or to everybody for that matter.
3. Dress smartly when traveling. Feeling ko eh hindi nila ako papansinin kung mukha akong taong-grasa.
4. Walang mawawala kung magtatanong. Either yes or no lang naman ang sagot. :)
5. CebuPacific's fare increases as the date of departure approaches; PAL's stays the same. And PAL's website shows available seats that aren't available anymore sa booking offices.

I was thousands of feet up in the air when I wrote this, and I was marveling at the beauty of view. The plains, mountains, and bodies of water are all equally majestic. I cannot say the same when I'm on land, however. On my first night back in Manila, I caught myself thinking, I wanna go back to Dumaguete. I wanna go back to Dumaguete. I wanna go back to Dumaguete. Hahahahaha! I am thoroughly Dumaguetefied na. #Provinciated Grabe naman kasi ang sitwasyon sa Manila. Parang nakakasakal. To think just a few years back eh I was part of that buzz, that constant hum of city living. Saan ka naman makakahanap ng lugar where you'd be hit on (Babe, may asim pa asawa mo) and literally hit (on the nose!!!) on the same day? BUT...cue in Hotdog's Manila. :)

Friday, December 05, 2014

Trials And Tribulations

Oh, hi, dear blog-friends! Buhay pa ako. Yay!

I was just so busy. I had to learn a new tool in a matter of hours and turn around urgent files quickly. How quick? The turn-around time was 6 hours! Grabe, muntik nang mag-total eclipse ang heart ko. Corneeeeyyyy. Sorry. Kulang sa tulog.

Needless to say, medyo nataranta ako...medyo naloka ako...medyo nangilid ang luha ko habang nag-wo-work. Sa isang eye lang. And I wiped the tear even before it can fall. I'm hard that way. Hahahaha! Pero diba nga, thankful ako for this work? So I sucked it. There was no choice but to march on. And march I did. For six days. For freaking six days, I barely cooked. I barely mumbled. I barely went out of the house. Okay, tama na. OA na ako. The important thing is tapos na yung project na yun. I can breathe easier.

Or so I thought...

May bagyong padating. Hagupit! Pangalan pa lang takot na ako.

Back in Thursday morning, Dumaguete was included in the list of projected areas that might be affected. Nataranta ako. I bought a powerbank and canned goods. Seems every other Dumagueteño had the same idea. Isang kilometro yata ang haba ng counters. Exagge ako. Hehehehe. Pero very long talaga ang lines. Friday classes were cancelled. Sayang, mahina lang naman ng ulan today. I guess the city government wanted to play it safe. Mahirap nga naman pag inabutan ng ulan ang mga kids. I think Yolanda traumatized all Pinoys, not just Taclobanons.

So far, wala pa namang malakas na ulan. I hope magtuloy-tuloy na ang good weather. And sana wala namang tamaan ng malakas. We all deserve a happy Christmas.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grace And Thankfulness

It's Thanksgiving next week in the US. Of all the American holidays, it's the one Western holiday that I want to celebrate here in the Philippines. Never mind Halloween (especially since I just get stressed with all the costumes). I just think that we don't say "thank you" often enough.

I have SO MANY things to be thankful for. So many. But there is one that particularly stands out because it brings food to the table, among other things, and lets me earn without needing to leave home. Now the latter remains debatable as a perk, but when you're a mother of a child who is susceptible to all sorts of respiratory infections and gets feverish with every bout of cold, being able to stay at home is a huge benefit.

Back in 2011, I replied to a LinkedIn ad from a company in Europe -- on a lark, mind -- not really expecting anything to come out of it. So I was pleasantly surprised when the editorial manager (EM) replied immediately. Things went pretty fast, and soon I was already receiving steady work from the company, which, for the sake of privacy, I will refer to here as "Castle."

Like I said, Castle provides steady work, although of course there will always be lean times -- even scientists and authors have to rest. Another wonderful perk is Castle's fair rate. I know, and have long accepted, that it is lower than my American or British peers; after all, why would Castle subcontract something if they're not going to have any financial benefit out of it? And yet, Castle's rate remains the highest among my clients. And the most important of all is the gracious EM. There are times (not often!!! *defensive*) when my work isn't as good or when I miss my deadline, yet she's always professional and understanding. Last February, I was midway on a book when Sharkteeth got sick, and ever so gracious, she emailed me, asking me not to worry about the book and to focus on S first. While other EMs would be freaking out by that point, Castle's EM was calm and collected. And have I mentioned their fair rates? I have?! LOL! Well, I can't stress it enough, Castle's rate is very good. So good that it inspires me to work harder. Hahahaha!

It has been more than three years (no jinx please!!!), and I still marvel at this grace I received. Thank you, Castle and your ever-so-gracious EM.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cath Kidston Stanley Mugs For Sale


Magpa-Pasko na, I need moolah! Hehehehe. I'm selling Cath Kidston Stanley mugs. It's 320 pesos each (SRP in Cath Kidston Bonifacio Global City is 599 PHP). Shipping is 180 php per piece +40 pesos per additional mug (this isn't a fixed amount -- it's probably cheaper when you order a lot). The shipping fee is a bit steep because these are breakables and will be crated. If you are ordering a lot, like 10 or more, maybe I can give you a discount. You can send me an email at thepseudoshrink at gmail dot com.

Kentish rose

Daisy rose check

Garden bird

Christmas Santa

Strawberry blue