Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Oink, Oink, Oink

From Jumanji. Thank you!

As I've mentioned many times in the past, I grew up in a farm -- you know, with cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, numerous dogs, a cat that kept on returning to our house despite my parents' best efforts to get rid of it. My parents used to raise pigs for slaughter. What a tragic life for those pigs, right? Well, those pigs supported my education. *Hats off to you, dear piggies.*

Anyway, at the close of the high school freshman year, I got chicken pox. It was awful, not only because of the terrible, terrible itchiness and scars it brought, but also because I transmitted it to everybody in the family. By the time I got well, Madear and Fadear were in their heights (or depths?) of the illness and had severe rashes all over, so I was tasked to care for the dear piggies. If memory serves, there were ten -- five on each pen.

They were a cute, yet very rowdy lot. Come feeding time, nag-uunahan sila sa food. Mga dayukyok. I bathe them after feeding, and one time, while showering them using a water hose, I turned my back to them and next thing I knew, my shorts were down the floor. WHAT. THE. EFF? Apparently, one of the darn pigs bit and pulled my shorts down. I SWEAR, each and every one of those pigs were LAUGHING at me.

Here's my final word on the matter: Ang sarap ng bacon!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Cooking and Sewing With TPS: Filipiniana

Last Friday, Sharkteeth's school held the culmination activity for the Buwan ng Wika. From what I remember, it was only Linggo ng Wika before, but now, it's apparently a month-long affair that is combined with other Filipiniana activities.

Ang tagal ko nang tinatanong si S if she needs a Filipiniana costume, and wala naman daw sinasabi. Come Wednesday, "Mymy, I have bad news. We need a Filipiniana costume." Arrrggghh. "And Pinoy-themed food," she added. Arrrggghh. Arrrggghh. Kasalanan ko rin naman. Ever since she started school, lagi namang kailangan ng costume. Di ko na dapat hinintay pang i-announce. I initially thought of just buying a costume from the mall, but aside from the flimsy material and very common designs available, it's a bit expensive as well. An expense that is not only out of the budget but is also going to waste after the activity. Mag-re-rent sana ako sa Noelle West (a gown rental  boutique here in Visayas), but the remaining dresses are in black (di feel ni S ang color), green (same reason), or black and yellow (di ko feel ang color -- bubuyog ang peg?!). Idagdag pa ang Pinoy-themed food. I suggested we just purchase from Red Ribbon or Goldilocks, but S insisted I make pastillas. "But my classmates LOOOOOVVVEEED the pastillas you made last year." So I made pastillas. *Uto-uto* Hay, puro gastos. So I did what I'm good at -- improvise. I have a two-meter-long bolt of eyelet lace over sheer fabric that I was supposed to make into Roman blinds plus another cream fabric lying in my stash and turned them into this:

Not too shabby, right? I'd even dare and say that I did a good job sewing her Filipiniana dress. And I'm glad I did because nobody had a similar dress -- especially since S doesn't like having an outfit similar with others'.

Well done, me! *Hehehe, purihin na ang sarili. False humility what?!* 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sharkteeth's Birthday Celebrations

She turned twelve this year. Twelve. I can't believe it. I can still remember how she looked when I first saw her -- a tiny sleeping bundle with a full mop of hair. I was incredulous. I mean, aren't newborns supposed to be bald? Or at least wispy hairs? Well, not this one.

I remember falling asleep on the couch with her on my chest. She was a generally happy baby.

And now she's growing up fast. Too fast, if you ask me. She grew two inches over the summer break. Hay.

Anyway, off to the celebrations.

Yes, celebrationS. *Comatose na naman wallet ko*

The first was with her lolo and lola and the rest of the family. Mawawala ba ang spaghetti, hotdogs, and ice cream for the kids? Syempre hindi! Our closest relatives were there. Her favorite cousins were there. Her young friends were there, and despite the short notice, they came bearing gifts. Dresses, headbands, shirts, candies, cologne -- S was tickled pink! My aunt brought cakes (for me and for S). Fadear cooked my favorite sinampalukang manok. Ang saya-saya!

When we got back to Dumaguete, I asked S if she wanted to treat her friends to pizza and movies or I can just give her money so she can buy more books. I was expecting she'd choose the latter, given her LOVE for books, so I was quite surprised when she chose the former, saying that her friends will be so happy if they go to the movies together. On the day of her birthday, she also brought snacks for the entire class and was so pleased because her classmates made her so many cards and sang Happy Birthday for her. We also had a dinner at her favorite café.

Now let's move to the all-exciting pizza and movie treat. TheHusband and I chaperoned the kids, seven kids in all. It went swimmingly at first. We ate lunch at Shakey's. The kids, being kids, were so makukulit and maingay! I was pretty sure the blue-eyed French lady at the next table was on the brink of yelling at the kids. When we were leaving, I apologized for all the noise, but she was cool about it. A teacher, as it turned out. Bless her heart. TheHusband got the tickets and chips and off we went to the cinema, where we watched Mission Impossible 5. The kids loved Benjie! We weren't able to watch it from the start, so after the screening, I told TheHusband to just stay and watch the start while I bring the kids to World of Fun. It was quite hard to keep track of all six kids (one went home after the movies), but I just stationed myself near the two doors so I can see if someone leaves.

Two of the boys asked me to bring them to Globe where their parents were waiting, but when we got there, the parents weren't there yet. We went back and asked S to pack it up and told them we were getting ice cream. She came back to me, saying that one, J1, was missing. *Bumagsak ang puso ko* I immediately called TheHusband and then I asked the counter girl to look over the CCTV videos. took us a bit before being shown to the CCTV room. She rang a sale first and the guy who was supposed to assist us had to set up something first. Meanwhile, aatakihin na yata ako sa nerbyos. I brought the two boys inside the CCTV room to look over the videos.

J2: "Dude, my mom's never going to let me join any party again. Ever."
C: "Right, dude? Never again."

*Mga dudes, hanapin nyo si J1 sa video, please.*

And they did, those two dudes did. Apparently, after S went back to me saying they couldn't find J1 and I went inside to go to the counter, J1 wasn't really missing at that point and nakasalubong ko pa, albeit I was looking at the other direction. The thing is, J1 left the play area, turned left, with no indication where she was going. In my mind, I was thankful that at least she wasn't kidnapped. I was all too ready to accuse a seedy-looking guy who had been looking intently at me as I was pacing outside the CCTV room. I belatedly realized that maybe he was looking intently at me because I looked like a raving lunatic and he was keeping an eye on me in case I suddenly attack him.

After the TheHusband came back from searching around the mall, I asked him to stay with the kids, lest we lose another one. I went to all exits and informed the guards and went to the mall's customer service to have her paged. It was a tad irritating because they wouldn't page her unless I give the surname, which I didn't know. I know it might become confusing if were many girls by that name who'd come to the customer service, but I asked that she give my daughter's full name as the one paging her. Ayaw pa rin. Jusko, may nawawala nang bata, protocol pa rin ang problema nila? It was useless arguing with their impertinence so I just left and looked around again.

Grabe, inikot ko ang buong mall! Ikot, ikot, ikot. On my way back to the group, I saw J1, watching ironed-on T-shirts being made. Coolly, calmly, not feeling nawawala at all. Good Lord. Sa totoo lang, gusto ko syang batukan. Kaya lang hindi ko anak eh. And I was just so relieved to find her. When I asked her why she left, "I don't know." Yun lang ang sagot nya sa mga tanong ko, "I don't know." Bwiset. It was as if she was oblivious to all the brouhaha she caused. Naiyak kaya si S kaka-worry sa kanya. No ice cream for her! When their driver picked her up, I told him she left the group and we thought she was lost, but he was only laughing. I related the story to one of the parents when she picked up C (dude 2), and she said, "Ay, ganyan talaga si J1. Bigla-bigla na lang kung saan-saan pumupunta." Goodness. Never again will I invite her. Aatakihin ako sa puso dahil sa kanya. A few weeks before her birthday, S got lost in the very same mall. I didn't even worry much because I know S, unless under some sort of duress, God forbid, will do the right thing, and true enough, after a few minutes, we were being paged to the customer service, where S proceeded when she couldn't find us.

So there. Alam nyo na kung bakit exciting ang celebration ni S. Alam nyo na kung bakit hindi na invited si J1 next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The World According To Madear

This is the continuation of The World According to Madear that I posted last year. I remembered a number of other stuff and added them here.

"Huwag kang magtatahi ng damit habang suot mo. Pag nagka-anak ka, walang butas ang puwet."
Oh-kay! Let's overlook the short-term problems of poking myself with a needle and focus on the distant future. Thank goodness Sharkteeth has a perfectly working butt hole. 

"Huwag kang kumanta habang nagluluto, hindi ka magkaka-asawa."
Always defiant, I deliberately reserved my singing for the few times I cooked when I was young. In my mid-twenties, boyfriend-less, there would be moments when I'd quietly ask myself, "Could it be true? Nah... But..." 

"Huwag kang mag-aalaga ng cactus, hindi ka magkaka-asawa."
No, hindi ako nag-alaga ng cactus dati. Not out of fear na hindi mag-asawa, more like, "Gosh, nakapagpatubo ako ng peanuts, orchids, roses, daisies, dahlias, etc. Walang challenge magtanim ng cactus." Naisip ko, parang takot na takot ang magulang kong hindi ako mag-asawa.

"Nakasimangot ka dyan. Baka mahipan ka ng hangin, hindi na babalik yan."
Mother, natural resting bitchface lang talaga ako. Don't blame me, blame genetics. Ehem.

"Huwag kang maliligo or magbabasà sa gabi para di ka mapasma."
For years, hindi ako naliligo sa gabi. One stinky childhood. Lately ko na lang na-realize na baka naman ang totoong reason eh until I was 10, wala kaming indoor plumbing and we had get our water from a manual water pump. Well played, Madear, well played.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Minsang breakfast ni Sharkteeth (before school), I was browsing Solenn's Instagram...
Me:  I'm such a fan of Solenn.
Sharkteeth: Why?
Me: Well, she's beautiful and very confident.
Sharkteeth: What else?
Me: She's very talented. [I showed her Solenn's paintings.]
Sharkteeth: Now, I too am a fan. 
Me: She has a very handsome fiancé.
Sharkteeth: But you have Deden. 

You have to agree, she KNOWS which side of the bread to butter. :)

Minsan sa mall, after eating...
Me: Can we browse in the department store a bit?
Sharkteeth: Sure. C'mon, you can choose a gift for your birthday.
Me: Well, in that case, let's go to the second floor where the jewelry shops are.
Sharkteeth: Oh, no, we're just going to the clearance aisle. 

So, you know now that I'm not the side of the bread that is buttered.

Again, usapang birthday...

Sharkteeth: What do you want for your birthday?
Me: Not much. Just a clean and organized house. Maybe you and Deden can...
Sharkteeth: I said a birthday gift, not a MIRACLE.

Am I asking for too much? Am I?
Related note: May bago kaming helper. She's very masipag, may utak, may kusa, hindi chatty. I love her. I did get my birthday wish, after all. Huwag sanang mausog.

Overheard, after kong utusan si Sharkteeth for the n-th time that day...
Sharkteeth: [mimicking a Nat Geo voice-over] The Samosaurus will surely face the brink of death and extinction because of the never-ending orders from the growling and terrifying Bossy Rex.

Am I terrifying? Am I? I'm such a Care Bear kaya...with fangs.


S and I were chatting yesterday and she said that everybody's spoiling her with gifts. *Thank you all for the kind gifts and greetings. So grateful.* I said, "I hope it won't turn you SELFISH."

Upon hearing the word selfish, hayun na. Lumabas ang lahat ng hugot.

Eto ang soliloquy...

"You know, when I don't lend my iPad to J, he calls me 'selfish'. He once told me, 'I haven't done anything bad to you, why are you treating me this way?' And I said, 'EXCUUUUSSSEE ME, I have a list of all the things you did to me!' [may matching nanlilisik na mata] And he replied, 'Let's not talk about the past. Forgive and forget.' But I can't forget. It's all in here [points to her head]."

Hays, there are times when I look at her, seeking a reflection of myself and don't find any. At all. Yet there are times when hints of little habits and mannerisms, and unfortunately bad ugali that I vainly try to hide from her (like being vindictive and unforgiving), faintly manifest, reminding me that she is her mother's daughter. We're both works in progress.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

TPS Does Drama Queen

Every time we get back from Manila, may baon kami pagbalik. Sakit, that is! TheHusband was the index case sa House KoKo. Medyo masama ang tama kay TheHusband, kasi, aba, um-absent ang lolo! Hindi naman yun nag-a-absent unless may trip kami. Even after he got better, he was a bit lethargic.

Then Sharkteeth. Minsan tumawag sa akin ang secretary sa school. Nasa clinic daw si S, nilalagnat. Juskopo. But when I got there, she was feeling better na daw. Nakahinga ako ng maluwag. Nakuha pang magpunta ng National Bookstore at bumili ng libro. But come Saturday and Sunday, all-out trifecta na: cough, cold, and fever. Naturally low ang temperature ni S, and even without taking her temperature, I know when she has fever. Others get feverish at 37.5°C, siya, 36°C lang, lagnat na. Thank goodness she got better by Monday.

Then yours truly. Ang yabang ko pa. I said, "ako lang ang hindi tinamaan ah!" Hubris. Come Wednesday afternoon, I kept on sneezing na. Not the allergic rhinitis type of sneeze. Tapos ang sakit na ng throat ko.

Hindi pwedeng magkasakit!

Paracetamol, check!
ConzACE, check!
Green tea, check!
Turmeric tea, check!
Lemon water, check!
Pineapple juice, check!

Tapos hirap na hirap akong makatulog. Nakakatulog naman ako ng maaga, but I'd wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back to sleep. You must know by now that sleeping and my relationship with my bed are things I hold most sacred. So, grumpy akong maghapon. Come Thursday, ang dami kong deliverables -- editing files and IG sales alike. Had to refund somebody and with my old Nokia phone out of commission (where my BPI app is), I had no choice but to go to the bank. I tried so many times depositing the money in the automated deposit machine, but it just won't accept the cash. Akala ko problem sa account. I had to return in the afternoon. Pagbalik ko with new bank details, ganun pa rin. Apparently, ayaw ng machine ng crisp bills. Kailangan medyo luma. *Eyeroll* Grabe, pagod na pagod ako.

I spent Friday and Saturday lying on bed, watching films and shows, feeling sorry for myself. Sorry, drama queen lang ang peg. Pero ang dami kong napanood na films -- Little Boy, About Time, Mamma Mia, Game of Thrones, Friends, etc. So it wasn't so bad after all, kasi I rarely get to relax. Heto, Sunday morning na, and I'm feeling better, pero like what happened to TheHusband, lethargic pa rin. At least, may panglasa na ako. I made some egg drop soup earlier and I can taste it again. Unlike last night when TheHusband got me a bowl of lomi and wala talagang lasa.

Feeling ko kasalanan eto ng flu shot ko eh. I felt something off with that shot kasi I don't usually get a fever sa flu shots, but this time, not only was the shot very painful, but I got low-grade fever and swollen lymph nodes as well. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I just hope to feel better soon.

Monday, August 17, 2015

TPS Kitchen: Raisin Scones

Seeing all these women collecting teacups and saucers made me hanker for some scones. I don't know where to get some decent ones here so I just made them myself. I used Ina Garten's recipe, with some modifications. I think my modifications led to a cakey scone rather than a flaky one.

    2 cups flour
    1 tbsp sugar, plus extra for sprinkling
    1 tbsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt
    half a bar of butter, frozen and grated (using a frozen grater)
    2 eggs, lightly beaten
    1/2 cup cold sour cream
    1/2 cup raisins
    1 egg beaten with 2 tablespoons milk or water, for egg wash
    Makes ~20 two-inch-diameter scones

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
2. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Ina recommended using an electric mixer with a paddle attachment, which I don't have. I just used my rubber spatula. Pwede naman, nakakapagod nga lang. Blend in the cold butter. Combine the eggs and sour cream and add to the flour/butter mixture. Combine until just blended.

2. Add the raisins.

3. Place the dough onto a floured surface. Flour your hands and the rolling pin and roll the dough out to 3/4-inch to 1-inch thick. Cut into circles with a cookie cutter.

4. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush the scones with the egg wash and sprinkle with sugar.

5. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the outsides are crisp and the insides are done.

*Nigel! Bring me my tea! And some clotted cream and jam.*

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vintage Love: Gucci Top Handle Bag

I think it was in the early to mid-nineties when my mom clipped a Gucci ad of a top handle bag and showed it to me. It was very lovely -- from the rich and warm caramel brown tone of the leather to the impeccable craftsmanship. It was also very, very, very, and if I might add, VERY EXPENSIVE. How she wanted to buy it for me, or at the very least, I get to buy it for myself. But much as I love bags, when you spend so much time thinking long and hard when considering buying, say, an Esprit bag, Gucci bags, or any other luxurious bags, are definitely out of the question. 

So years passed. I kept that clipping in my stash. For years.

Then we moved here in Dumaguete in 2011. One day, I took one last look at the old Gucci ad and threw it away, along with my other clippings and stuff.

Then November 2011 came. I visited a popular flea market here, Aly Mae. And there, among other bags, standing out from the rest, is the Gucci bag I coveted. Complete with the shoulder strap and the hangtag, but in black. The lining was sticky because of the paint, but nothing I can't repair. When I asked the tindera for the price, I thought she'd quote something close to a thousand, and I was prepared to get it, if only for my mom to know that I, we, finally have the bag, but she gave it for THIRTY PESOS! I very nearly fainted. I paid immediately, lest the tindera changes her mind. 

See? Dreams DO come true.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Victorious Manila Trip August 2015

It was Sharkteeth's birthday a couple of days ago. We flew to Manila for an advanced celebration  with relatives. Our flight to Manila was a bit delayed. What's new? When we reached T3, the traffic near the airport wasn't moving. At all. So ang Team KoKo naglakad. Then we rode a trike going to EDSA. Buti na lang I shipped most of our stuff ahead and didn't have to carry much. Grabe lang ang traffic. We wanted to go to Makati but cabs didn't want to go there. Unfortunately, hindi updated ang Uber app ko and I couldn't book a trip. :( Parang maiiyak na kami ni Sam because of frustration. Eventually, we got a bus and reached Makati past nine. We had dinner in Glorietta and I briefly went to SM to pay my respects. Hehehehe. Ang ganda na ng SM Makati. Dati it was looking almost dingy na, being near the MRT station. Ngayon shala na. I felt out of place. You know naman, moi is a card-carrying member of hoi polloi.

It was almost 2 am when we got to my parents' house. Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion! 

The next morning, I went with my college friends-roommates to Pampanga to visit our other friend. *Hindi naman sya masyadong prepared.* Parang fiesta lang -- jambalaya rice (super sarap), salmon (favorite ko!), babyback ribs, mashed potatoes, etc. Grabe sa kabusugan. I wanted to buy some spaghetti sauce and pasta, so we went to S&R. It was my first time there. Parang may seraphims and cherubims na kumanta ng Handel's Messiah. *Aaaaaa-lleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleeeeeluuuuia!* Nalula ako. Spaghetti sauce and pasta lang dapat bibilhin ko, pero nadagdagan ng white coffee, stuffed toy, chocolates, marble cakes, chips, etc. Nagpigil lang akong bumili ng mga EOS lip balm packs. They have so many flavors. Napakarami naming nabili, punong-puno ang trunk. Hahahaha! Para kaming mamumundok.

Next day was Sharkteeth's celebration with her lolo and lola, and our other close relatives as well. I'll post about her celebrations (yes, plural, jusko, luhaan ang bulsa ko) next time.

Come Monday, we left for Manila na. It was TheHusband's annual checkup and he went ahead of us. On our way to GoHotel, we went to Derdo's home to drop off something. I have her address but it was my first time to go there. By then, updated na Uber app ko and was able to successfully book a trip. Sharkteeth was quite alert and immediately saw Derdo's house number. Success! Walang kahirap-hirap on our part kasi we just booked again the same Uber car and he brought us to GoHotel.

Eto ang eksena sa GoHotel.

S is obsessed with vendo machines. She wants to go to Japan, where there are vendo machines that dispense plushies. 

After TheHusband finished his executive checkup, we went to Glorietta and Landmark. Tamang-tama, sale ang Landmark. Yung mga pillowcases na ~100 each dito sa Dumags, 70 each lang sa kanila. I bought four blue+white ones with illustrations of birds. They turned out to be part of Laura Ashley's 2015 spring-summer line. Sayang walang matching na bedsheets. Pagbalik namin ng Dumags, I just bought a flat sheet with the same blue shade. #ImprovisationQueen :)

From Laura Ashley
Finally, nakakain na ako ng cheesecake sa Kumori! I bought both chocolate and cheese variants. Sharkteeth didn't like it. TheHusband took a bite but I didn't offer him any more bites. #Shellfish  Hehehehe. Ang sarap kasi. Mapapatirik ang mata mo sa sarap. If you haven't tried it yet, try nyo na. As in ngayon din. Then send me a box, 'kay? Hahahahaha!

Later in the evening, I met with Diane sa Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Absent si Leah. *Ako lang ang perfect attendance, ha?!* Sandamakmak na kwentuhan na naman. *Shhhhh...password protected* Ayokong mademanda, makulong, or ma-salvage. Basta our kwentuhan ranged from bloggers worse b*tches than us (ang pait, teh, hahahaha!) to politicians and public "servants". Hays, kulang ang kwentuhan, kasi our flight next day was so early.

Of course, takot na kaming maiwan ng plane. Alas-kuatro pa lang gising na kami.

We got to the airport with one and a half hours to spare.
Hindi kami naiwan ng plane.
Tama ang destination.
I call it a family victory.

Go Team KoKo!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fountain Of Youth

Fair warning to vegetarians: Close the browser and visit another time. Maybe then we can be friends again. For the meantime, this post is for meatatarians.

Sorry, hindi maganda pagka-picture ko. Gutom na eh.

Ginaya ko lang kay Neri Naig yan. Madali lang lutuin. Oooopps. Wait. Madali as in easy, not quick. Mabuti nang klaruhin. Baka mamaya eh may uuwi na gutom na gutom and think na mabilis lang eto maluto. No.

Soooo...I modified Neri's recipe a bit. Instead of marinating the baby-back ribs for an hour in olive oil, salt, pepper, I prepared it in the morning and kept it in the ref for ~7 hours. I also added paprika and chili flakes. I baked it in low heat for ~2 hours then in high heat for ~15 minutes to properly crisp the skin.

It was very TENDER and JUICY and so FLAVORFUL. *Yes, kailangang all-caps.*

Isang bandehadong rice pa nga!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Name Wreath By KT

This is a sample of Kessa's art.
I didn't use Sharkteeth's because it has her name.

If there is anything I truly envy, it is talent -- whether in performing arts, painting, design, body contortion, etc. Anybody can buy the latest gadget, shoes, bags, cars, and what-have-yous, but it takes someone truly talented to make something beautiful. Last weekend, an IG user posted a beautiful wreath of flowers with her name in it. I followed the e-trail, which led me to @ktnielsen24. KT, or more popularly known as Kessa, an artist, makes them and gives them away to very lucky winners. She usually holds the contest during weekends and sends you the *.jpg file after. I requested for Sharkteeth's name and it was stunning. I'm beyond happy with it and so thankful with Kessa's graciousness. And she truly is gracious. Other contest holders will make you jump through hoops for a chance to win, but Kessa just asks you to comment the name you want in the wreath. She doesn't even ask you to follow her IG. I don't think the word contest is even appropriate. :) This isn't a paid post or an ex-deal. I'm just so happy with it and thought you might want to have yours too. Head over to her IG and wait for her next contest. She accepts commissioned work if you want something unique and personal. You can contact her through her Instagram or through Viber (09175778432).

Friday, July 24, 2015

Yellow Fingers

I noticed an increasing number of people planting cacti. I was rolling my eyes, muttering to myself, "Hello!!! Cactus?! Eh super-daling alagaan yun. Saka sabi ng mommy pag nag-alaga daw ng cactus TATANDANG-DALAGA." *I know, right?*  Fast forward last weekend, may isang ale na nagbebenta ng stargazers and cacti sa sidewalk. The stargazers were so expensive, PHP650 for a flowering plant. The cacti were being sold for fifty pesos. Long story short: nakiuso ang lolah nyo. 

Yesterday, the first flower opened. I'm calling it Pinky. Well, the plant looks like it has five fingers, hence the name.

This morning, three flowers opened: Thumb, Ring, and Pinky, and the last seemed to be in a foul mood and closed its petals.

Thumb, meanwhile, is fully opened. So gorgeous, right? Perfect shade of yellow.

Apparently, prickly pears (Opuntia sp.), as they are called, are edible, high in dietary fiber, and are used in folk medicine to regulate blood sugar.

I'll just continue this tomorrow. I'm so sleepy na.


Hayan, alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic na naman ako.

By the way, Index blossomed na. Late bloomer yata si Middle. Si Pinky, sullen pa rin. Teens nowadays...

As I mentioned last night, prickly pears fruits are edible as well as the pads and the petals. Careful though. They have tiny thorns, aside from the needle-like ones, that are so prickly. But being so tiny, they are difficult to remove using tweezers. A wiki tip is to cover your hands with glue then remove when dry. It should function like those nose masks that take take away the blackheads along with the dried glue. Perhaps when my cactus grows large enough, I can try cooking some pads and adding the petals to salads. *Salad? Who are you and what have you done with TPS?*

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Back To The Grind

It's tea o'clock!
Walang lang. Mema.
Pasukan na naman. I'm still adjusting to Sharkteeth's early schedule. Gising na naman ng maaga ang huwarang(???) ina para magluto. Nauubusan na ako ng easy recipes. The latest I've tried was chicken piccata. Masarap naman and madaling gawin, kaya lang nagrereklamo na si S -- sawa na daw sya. Kasi ang baon nya ay either chicken cordon bleu or chicken piccata. Tutubuan na yata sya ng feathers. Hehehe. Any suggestions?

Maalala ko. I had a nightmare minsang madaling-araw. I was exorcising evil spirits daw. *Delusion of grandeur na naman ako.* I got scared a bit kasi saktong alas-tres ng madaling araw. Eh diba ang sabi-sabi ay start yun ng witching hour? Paggising ko, I felt itchy all over. So I'm guessing the evil spirits I was exorcising were actually mosquitoes feasting on my fat, juicy flesh. Or could it be that I'm the Slayer? Ah, I forgot that bit about being "young". Okay, fine, not the Slayer then.


Pagdating ko kahapon sa school, I saw S, luhaan. I worriedly asked her why. Pinapanood daw sila ng teacher ng Hachikō. Nasabay pa sa early stages ng cold. Hayun, malungkot na malungkot ang bebeh gherl. She wanted to hug Kelly daw. Chika lang pala. Pagdating namin sa bahay, hindi naman ni-hug yung dog. Mabaho kasi. Hahahahaha! Hug pala ha?! Walang tibay na maasahan sa iyo ang aso.

Eksena sa bahay...
Sharkteeth:  [shaking a can with coins] Palimos po...
Me: Why?
Sharkteeth:  I need to save money to buy a book.
Me: [jokingly] Go ask your classmates for 1 peso each everyday.
Sharkteeth: Nooooooo...
Me: Hehehe, that's extortion.
Sharkteeth: Of course not, there's no threat. YET.

O baboosh muna. S has cough and colds. Saka slight fever. Medyo naglalambing. Will post my flea market find next time -- a structured Gucci bag.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Snorkelin' In Dauin

UPDATED: Added "how to get there"

Hello! Sorry for the uncharacteristic lack of inane chatter here. I was struggling with a book. Again. Well, it wasn't so much as difficult as long. Pero nakuha ko pang makapagsingit ng isang getaway in the middle of the week. KG visited Dumaguete for the first time, and Sharkteeth and I tagged along when she went snorkeling in Dauin. The marine sanctuary is just a few meters away from the beach, and at a depth of 4 feet, there are already numerous colorful fishies swimming around. Four feet na nga lang, lunod-lunoran pa kami ni S. She didn't wear a life vest. Ang lakas ng loob. Kaso nung medyo natatangay na kami ng tubig, biglang binabatak na ako pailalim. Nag-panic naman ako. *Tanga lang, nakalimutan kong naka-life vest ako, hehehe.* Buti na lang, KG helped bring S ashore. You'd think na we learned our lesson, but no. After KG returned to the resort, naiwan pa kaming mag-ina -- we went snorkeling again. Natangay na naman kami ng water. Good thing I was able to get back my bearings, and S and I were able to swim back ashore.

Sadly, we didn't find Nemo. :(

All the pictures were taken by KG.
KG, balik ka ha?!

How to get there:
1. From Dumaguete airport (which oddly is in Sibulan, not in Dumaguete), ride a trike and tell the driver to bring you Dauin terminal. Dauin terminal is at the side of the old bell tower, near the fruit market. The market is called tiangge here, not palengke.
Tip: The fare inside the airport compound ranges from 100 to 150. To cut on fare, you can go out to the main highway and get a trike there, which costs ~15 to 20 pesos to go downtown.
2. From downtown, if you prefer, you can rent a trike to Dauin for 250 pesos. Multicabs charge ~18 PHP/person. From Dauin public market, you can walk to the beach. However, we rode a trike. We asked the driver to bring us to Alar's, but he brought us to another resort. We paid 40 PHP (which, I belatedly realized, was kinda expensive, oh well).
The resort was okay. Chair and table rental was 100 PHP (includes use of shower and restroom -- Alar's charge 10 PHP, I think, for restroom use). But it's a long way from the marine sanctuary -- around half a kilometer. Vest rental was 100 PHP as well. We brought our own snorkeling gear, but they rent out gears as well.
Tip: A guy from the resort learned that we brought our own camera, and he said that we should have registered it in the municipal government, which charges 150 PHP. I'm not sure about that. Best research on that before bringing your own gear. I hardly think it's necessary though -- I mean, it was a GoPro, for goodness sake, not an Aquabotix Hydroview.
3. For the trip back, we trike driver picked us up and brought us to the public market, where we rode a multicab going to the city.

Oh, by the way, we witnessed a motorcycle accident on our way home. The driver tried to overtake another motorcycle and lost control. He crossed to the other side of the road and tried decreasing speed with his right leg. He lost his balance and the motorcycle fell, pinning his right leg. Motorcycle accidents are sadly a usual occurrence here in Dumaguete. Just a couple of months ago, an employee in a local BPO, together with her brother (a recent high school graduate) died in a motorcycle accident. Ironically, having recently resigned, it was her last day in that BPO. Saddest of all, they were the only kids of their parents. Drive safely, okay? Wear a helmet when riding a motorcyle. A couple of years back, I was so tempted to buy a Vespa. There was an introductory promo and I really wanted one in pink or mint green. Good thing sense prevailed that day. Ayan na naman, kung saan-saan na naman napunta kwento ko -- nawala na sa Dauin. O sya, visit Dauin, okay?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pabebe What?

Mga kampon ni mamon
Posted by Senyora Santibañez on Friday, June 12, 2015

Unang sumagi sa isipan ko: "'Nyeta! Pag nakita kong nag-upload ng ganito si Sharkteeth, suspended na ang no-sinturon policy until further notice!"

Then, "Ano ang pabebe?"
From TagDef: pabebe: "used to describe narcissistic girls or boys (mostly girls) who tries to act cute that they tend to be annoying. They usually tries [sic] to talk like a baby; squeaking their voice to the highest annoying pitch you'll ever heard."

Next thought: "But you love sass!"
Yes, I do. Pero may limit. Saka may age range. Sabi nga nung isang nag-comment: "Kwento nyo sa baby bra nyo."

Ang ending thought ko: "'Nyeta! Pag nakita kong nag-upload ng ganito si Sharkteeth, suspended na ang no-sinturon policy until further notice!"

Sharkteeth, huwag na huwag mong masubukan!!! KTnxBye!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kwentuhan Pa More

Kakatapos lang ng fifth season ng Game of Thrones.

Pagod ako, mga teh.

More tired and beaten in spirit than Cersei walking naked on the streets of King's Landing. It was emotionally draining. Maraming namatay. There were more questions than answers, and having to wait for 10 months is unbearable. Meganon? Speaking of questions, haven't you wondered why Cersei's "carpet" didn't match the "drapes"? Or why she even has "carpeting" for that matter? I mean, there was a scene in season 2 (or was it season 3) where Bran's wildling yaya (Osha?) seduced Theon (or was it his guard?) and she had what seemed like a Brazilian, and now here's the queen mother, as bushy as the Amazon. Ewan ko. Baka iba ang body hair convention sa Westeros.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Public Service: Transferring Money Online

Public service, dear readers. Because I love you all. Char.

Seriously, online money transfer is one of the best things about having an online account, well, aside from bills payment. This is especially helpful (and cost-saving) for me in my online buying and selling. Take BDO, for example. If you deposit over the counter to an account in another province or city, you'd be charged an interbranch fee of 50 pesos -- minimum pa lang yan; the fee increases with increasing deposit amount. Ano nga tagline ng BDO, "We find ways"? We find ways, alright, ways to get more money from you, that is. Hahahaha! Seriously, at this day and age of online transactions, naniningil pa sila ng interbranch fee? I didn't even know dati na pwede palang mag-transfer ng money to an unenrolled account using my BDO online account. I've asked BDO tellers bakit may charge ang deposit, they only say na "interbranch fee", but NOT one responded, "Ma'am, actually, you can just transfer money online for free." Buti na lang a friend told me. *Thank you, Atty. R!*

I only have three accounts, BPI, BDO, and Unionbank, so I can only tell you about these three. If any of you have other accounts, feel free to share on how to transfer online in your bank.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Pet Love: My Little Bacon

My demure little fluffball, Lady Ham Sandwich Kensington, aka Bacon.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kwentuhan Time

Kaka-download ko lang ng Instasize -- masyado akong nag-enjoy. :)

Parang ang tagal matapos ng May, ano? O dahil napakarami kong activities -- TheHusband's Cebu birthday trip, na-hospitalize si Sharkteeth, I finished a book, McDo Kiddie Crew ni Kulet, Ebay-ing full time, trying to be fit (failing miserably, hehehe)...parang feeling pagod, pero hindi naman sobra-sobra. Just right.


May nabili akong 1 liter of fresh goat's milk. Ang mahalia pala nun, ~130 pesos. It's very good in boosting immunity, so bumili ako for S. Kaso ayaw nya, may odd taste daw, ayaw inumin. Sayang naman. Goat's milk is very good din daw for the skin, hence the influx of goat's milk soap and lotion.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Vintage Love: Lady Dior Patent Cannage Pochette

Let me get this straight, di ako brand conscious. Kahit ano, pwede sa akin. BUT it must be pretty and sturdy. And most of the times, yung mga branded ang pretty and sturdy. Bakit ba ako defensive? Hehehe. Pasakalye ko lang yan kasi I wanted to post one of my precious Baguio ukay finds: Lady Dior patent cannage pochette.

I mistakenly referred to the stitching as "cannelle" -- mali pala, it should be "cannard." Anyway, when I saw it in the flea market (ukay), I was immediately taken because of the high-quality patent leather with lambskin lining as well as the even and straight stitching. I have an obsession with even stitching. Ewan ko ba, di ako matahimik pag pangit ang tahi. I know, I know, may gamot ang mga ganitong conditions. Hehehe. While the cannage stitching reminded me of Dior, I wasn't expecting it to be one. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was cleaning it and turned it inside out. Wow! Just wow! It's marked "Christian Dior Paris"  on one of the card sleeves, and the serial code and country of origin are stamped on another sleeve. Bongga!!!

It's similar to this, but mine has a north-south design, instead of east-west. If only I can capture the softness and suppleness of the lambskin leather (*sorry, little lambie*) or the high-gloss shine of the patent cowhide. Ganda 'no? While the bag itself is flawless, it was missing its chain strap and Dior charms. I easily fixed the former, but the latter is a bit difficult to find online. Nevertheless, paying 100 pesos for a 500-dollar bag is not a bad deal anymore. Even with its charms missing. Besides, I'm charming enough for the both of us, right? Hehehehe!

Ayan, di daw brand conscious, pero kilig na kilig sa find.

Pwede na akong mag-donya-donyahan. Hehehehe.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sea Urchins

On my morning walks along the bay, I usually bring TheDog to the water, trying to coax him to swim or at least get used to water touching his fur. Giving him a bath at home is always like a farce -- me trying to get him near the water hose by tugging on his leash, him lying down trying not to move. He always gets up and acquiesce though when I use "the" tone, but not a moment too soon. Happily, he's now at least dog paddling.

Wait, wait, where was I?

The sea urchin roe, yes.

Well, I usually see halved and empty sea urchin shells underwater when I bring TheDog to the water, and I asked the man who cleans the beach where to get some. Apparently, sellers bring the sea urchins (aka uni or swaki) to the baywalk around 10 am everyday and a bottle of roe costs 50 pesos. So cheap, right?

Fast forward to yesterday, Sharkteeth and I went to the bay to meet with friends who were going to Siquijor and on the way to the restobar where we were supposed to meet, I saw a couple along the breakwater preparing sea urchins. Long story short, I bought a bottle of roe and requested for one sea urchin shell with roe.

When we got home, I opened my pack of roe and sea urchin and thought of eating the roe from the shell. The thing is: BUHAAAAAAYYYY siya, mga teh!


Di ko kinaya. I placed it in the freezer. Death by ice. It was the merciful thing to do. I think. When I'm over my fear and awa today, I'll cook the roe in cream and use it as pasta sauce. IF I do get over my fear and awa. Wuz.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Not-Quite-Smooth Criminal

Nakalimutan ko pala ikwento ang Manila leg ng vacation namin last April.

Sharkteeth attended a writing workshop in Pasig, but before the event, she wasn't feeling well na. Tuesday after we arrived from Baguio, nilagnat sya. I thought it was just fatigue from the trip, saka naulanan kami nung last day namin dun, pero pagdating ng Thursday, she was all poopy as well. Good thing she wasn't vomiting. She thought na baka dahil sa carinderia food nung last day namin sa Baguio. Possibly. I was a bit hesitant to let her go sa writing workshop, but since she seemed to be doing better by Friday morning, gora na kami. We were supposed to meet her ninang before the workshop, pero naka-ilang rescheduling din kami.

Anyway, we ate at Robinson's Forum before I checked in sa hotel. Aba, di pa kami tapos kumain, sumasakit na naman tummy nya. Poor bebe. After I checked in, we proceeded to the venue and signed up and all. She was feeling better naman na daw. Whereas last year her school had may delegates to the writing workshop, this year, they were only three, and she was the only girl, so sa dorm, isinama na lang sya sa mga delegates from the North.

I then went to Makati to meet Leah, who treated me sa isang pasta place sa Glorietta. (Thank you, Leah! Ano nga name nung restaurant?) It was so yummy. Dapat kasama si Diane, eh wala. D-R-A-W-I-N-G. Hehehehe! Joke lang, dear Diane! Matagal-tagal din kaming nagkwentuhan ni Leah, then lipat naman kami sa Vanilla Cupcake. Then Sharkteeth suddenly sent me a text saying she wasn't feeling well. Alam nyo naman ako, may hypochondria na, may paranoia pa. Hahahaha! Nagmadali talaga akong umalis. I was not even sure kung nakapag-goodbye ba ako kay Leah. Kahit surge rate ang Uber, pinatos ko. S didn't wanna leave sana, pero I couldn't let her be alone that night. Baka hindi lang ako makatulog sa pag-aalala. Pinilit ko syang mag-stay with me sa hotel.

Nung madaling-araw na, balik na naman sya ng balik sa restroom. I decided to bring her to the hospital na lang. Buti na lang, malapit lang ang Medical City. It was our first time there, and maganda yung place. Still, hospital pa rin. Kahit gaano kaganda, I'd rather na hindi pumunta dun. Very efficient ang staff. Pagka-submit ko ng health card namin, ni-admit kami sa rehydration room sa ER. Thank goodness she wasn't vomitting, so there wasn't any need for an IV. She only had to take oral rehydration fluid. And oh, I had to catch her poop for examination, para ma-determine kung viral or bacterial. If the latter kasi, she would need antibiotics. Eh para namang tukso -- kung kelan kailangan, saka wala. I was LITERALLY waiting for shit to happen. Tawa kami ng tawa ni S kasi whenever she felt like going, we'd troop to the restroom, with me crouching by her side, my hand extended, waiting to catch her poop. Ah, the *privileges* of being a mom! Alas, shy type yung poop. Nung una, kami lang sa rehydration room. Then, another child was brought in, appendicitis-suspect. The mom was freaking out. As in sinisigawan na yung nurses. Afraid kami ni S. Eventually, ni-admit na kasi nga parang appendicitis. We couldn't decide if we should check out na, kasi nga no poop pa rin for examination pa. Then may dumating uli, a toddler naman. Same case as S. Then the toddler pooped. As in projectile yata. Kalat-kalat sa bed. *Sorry, TMI.* Di kinaya ni S, naduduwal, lumabas ng room. Seconds later, di ko na rin kinaya. After that, we decided to leave na lang. The hell with poop. Like I said, TMC's staff are very efficient. In less than 15 minutes after I asked if we could leave, they prepared our bill and we were able to leave na. Pinabaunan na lang kami ng container if case may makuha kaming stool specimen.

I brought S back to the school and nag-stay na lang ako dun for the rest of the day, just in case may, uhm, "repeat performance". That night,  nakitulog kami sa Quezon City, but she seemed to be better na. I brought her back sa school in the morning, and I went home to my parents' place to rest.

Come Monday, I picked her up, and in the evening, we met with her ninang, my dearest friend M. Kulang yung kwentuhan namin -- happy news, sad news, commiserations, triumphs. So bitin! You know how it is with good friends, right? You don't see each other for a very long time, and yet when you see each other, you just pick up from where you left off. Kilig na kilig si S kasi binigyan sya ng autographed copies ng Alice-Miranda books and a signed poster. #HappyKid


On to our trip home.

Alam nyo naman ang Team KoKo -- laging may sablay pagdating sa trips. Hehehehe. Diba I bought ceramics? Well, as expected, overbaggage ako. The day before our trip home, I asked TheHusband to buy for us 15 kg of baggage allocation. Nagkaka-problema sa communication kasi he left his phone with me. There was a lot of going back and forth. Then sabi nya okay na daw.

Pagdating namin sa T3, we had five bags with us. I thought I'd check in the two biggest ones. Nung i-issue na ang boarding pass, wala daw kaming baggage allocation, according to the ground steward. She was asking if I was going to purchase baggage allocation. But it was so much more expensive than prepaid allocation.

"Ma'am, bibili ba kayo ng baggage allocation? Kasi excess baggage na kayo," she repeated. Hehehe, I LIED.  Me (airily, trying to be nonchalant): "Ay, no need na. I'll just have them picked up and shipped via CebuPac cargo." *Liar, liar, pants on fire.*

I wasn't about to shell out a ton of money para sa baggage namin. But I couldn't leave them either. Sayang ang mga cutie ceramics!!! I toyed with the idea of throwing out some of our clothes, but didn't. Shipping it with CebuPac cargo was out of the question kasi gipit na sa oras. Saka sobrang traffic! (Ibang level na ang traffic sa Manila! Di ko kinaya! #Dumaguetefied)

Punta kami ni S sa isang corner and repacked everything. I don't know how we did it, but we were able to fit five huge bags into four. (#Talent) Sabi ko kay S huwag syang mag-rekla-reklamo or magmukhang nahihirapan sa buhat-buhat nyang backpack and maleta pagdaan namin sa guard kasi baka ipa-offload yung gamit namin. Eh na-conscious si Kulet. She plastered a fake smile on her face that will only make you suspicious. Hahaha! Thankfully, nalagpasan namin ang final check, even with a 15-kg overbaggage. Grabe. Pinawisan ako ng malapot. Parang kriminal lang. Saka, grabe ha, parang matatanggal ang braso ko sa buhat-buhat kong bag. Pati maleta ni S, buhat ko.

Suspect 1
So there. Lagi na lang, lagi na lang...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Milagro Sa Agoo

Sino sa inyo nakakaalala kay Judiel Nieva? Itaas ang kamay!
Eh sa Agoo Apparition? Itaas ang paa!

Well, apparently, it was all a big joke lang daw. Quite frankly, I don't know what to believe. On the one hand, it was declared as Constat de Non Supernaturalitate (Latin, "clearly evident to be not supernatural") in 1993 by a theological commission, taking into account the financial corruption of family and Judiel's transsexualism, but I hardly think transsexualism is mutually exclusive with apparitions. On the other hand, purporting pig's blood to be divine blood does raise a red flag.

Oh, I'm straying from my kwento.

Si Madear, member sya ng DMI, and they organized a trip, and excursion if you may, to Agoo. Syempre, moi is the dakilang alalay. Ewan ko ba kung bakit lagi akong isinasama ni Madear sa mga excursion nila -- I'm not exactly the extroverted sort, wala halos akong peers na kasama, tapos usually big groups talaga yun, kanya-kanyang reklamo (maiihi, matatae, bibili ng buko pie, bibili ng bagoong, etc.). Dutiful daughter that I am, sumasama naman ako.

Mabalik tayo sa kwentong Agoo. So we rented a bus, brought food, and trudged on to Agoo. We got there mid-morning. Akyat kami sa bundok (or was it a hill?), even the old-timers and Thandercatz. Napakaraming tao. Napakainit! Glamour ceased to exist that day. (Ang tanong: Meron ba in the first place?!)

Tingin kami sa kalangitan, hoping for a miracle. Then, biglang nagkagulo!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Peter Rabbit Love

Thank you, Derdo.

How I love this. Not only is it utterly cute, it also came when I wasn't feeling particularly cheery -- the thoughtfulness that came along with it was the perfect pick-me-up. Sharkteeth has since exacted a promise from me that we're gonna SHARE the present, although truth be told, she's using it exclusively and it is I who have to ask HER permission when I want to use it. Tsssskkk...I'm such a doormat. :)

Thank you so much, Derdo.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Usisera, Beta Version

Bata pa lang ako, may mga senyales na ng aking, uhmmm, inquisitive nature. Read: usisera. Back when I was in Grade 2, ninakawan ang simbahan sa tabi ng school that I was attending. The thieves (I assumed na plural kasi mahihirapan kung mag-isa lang) stole the ornate silver panels decorating the altar. See the gilded gold altar? That's where the silver panels used to be.

Source: Wikipedia

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Cutie Baguio Ukay Finds

As promised, here are a few of my Baguio finds. I still couldn't find the others, so hindi ko ma-post lahat. I don't remember exactly how much each cost, but the price range was 35 (Peter Rabbit [PR] bowl) to 250 pesos (PR dessert cup+saucer boxed set). Ang dami ko nang PR stuff. I am not even actively collecting...napansin ko na lang, dumarami na sila. Derdo gave me a Peter Rabbit plate+bowl set in a quilted basket, and it's so adorable and charming. *Thank you, Derdo!* I'll post it in the future -- it needs a post of its own kasi nga super cute.

My Melody ceramic trinket box
For Sharkteeth

Friday, May 08, 2015

Easy And Filling Ham, Egg, And Cheese Bun

I'm a fan of the One-Pot Chef, and he inspired me to make these ham, egg, and cheese buns. I swear they're very easy to make.

1. You'll need some buns (something big and preferably crusty/flakey on the outside), ham slices, eggs, cheese (I used orange cheddar), pepper, and onion stalks (for garnish). I added a couple of pepperoni slices per bun (not in the picture, it was an afterthought).

Thursday, May 07, 2015


Hellooooowwww!  How are you all? I hope you all had a restful weekend. Especially all laborers like me. You know, if there is one holiday that I always celebrate (by not working), it is Labor Day. 'Cause not doing so seems sadly ironic.

It was TheHusband's birthday last weekend, and we were supposed to go to Bohol for some R&R, but apparently, Oceanjet's Bohol schedule has been moved to late afternoon and it's not worth going there paying for a whole day of hotel accommodation yet arriving early in the evening. We decided to go to Siquijor instead.

BUT WAIT, it ain't over till it's over!