Friday, April 17, 2015

Alive, Not Quite Alert, And Definitely Unenthusiastic

Hey! Hey! Hey! Sorry for my long absence. Just got back a couple of days ago from our, uhm, long "vacation" and I'm still trying to get my groove back. I'm still struggling with a job that I've been doing since March, but I hope to start chatting again next week. I have a ton of stories that I want to tell, but most are, in Diane's parlance, password protected. Oh well. I will share my Baguio flea market finds (so many cute stuff!) and a couple of tips when traveling. Till next week!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Nothing Much Happening Here

Busy-busy-han muna ako, dear friends. I'm editing a book, and my sanity is at the breaking point. I want to cry na sa hirap, pero I can't. I physically cannot cry over such stress no matter how much I try. So when a Twitter notification came, I was over the moon. Hehehe, I'm shallow that way.

The thread is here.
I can't pretend to to understand quantum physics mechanics and parallel universes, but there's one thing I am sure of --  I'm soooooo kilig. Hehehe. To celebrate, I will re-watch Wimbledon and Knight's Tale.


I'm so excited for our Baguio trip and at the same time terrified at the possibility of being stuck in a giant traffic jam. Ticket pa lang sa Victory Liner, pahirapan nang kumuha. I can only blame ABS-CBN and their Forevermore series for the resurgence of people's interest in Baguio. For the longest time, friends seem to find it odd, to say the least, that we always return to Baguio. Then suddenly I noticed my FB feed filled with pictures of friends and relatives going to Baguio. Yung series pala ang dahilan. Boo. Hehehehe. I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures, my favorite veggie dishes, and syempre ang pag-uukay (I'm still a bit upset for not getting a boxed pair of Tiffany goblets and YSL and Sonia Rykiel teacup+saucer sets). Pero malamang magtutulog lang naman ako. Hahaha!


May your holidays bring a bit of rest to the body and the soul. Laterz!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Practical Happiness

You know the feeling...may mga araw when you simply don't feel positive or happy. When you feel like Charlie Brown or Lady Edith. When all you want to do is curl up in your bed.

Pa'no bang maging masaya? 

Much as I want to dish off my usual crappy banal lines, like "The fact na nagising ka kaninang umaga is a reason for happiness" or "Having [insert something obvious, like kids, wealth, roof over your head, food] is happiness in itself", we all know that doesn't work. If you're anything like me, self-help books never help either. Pagbukas ko pa lang ng book, my eyes glaze over and my mind flies. Motivational seminars neither work. I'd get so pumped up at first, but the glow of the inspirational talk seems to fade as quickly as the seminar is over. Plus paying for a pep talk seems stupid for a kuripot person like me.

Paano nga ba?

Disclaimer: I think the most important of all is knowing what gets you down. So much of what I will say here is based on MY experiences and might not work on somebody else. 

1. Lack of sleep drives me batshit crazy. It does. It gets me down and makes me short-tempered and mean. All my bad thoughts happen when I'm puyat. Bad and/or stupid situations that I can deal with gracefully and with aplomb when I'm well rested just devolve into World War III when I lack sleep. Anything shorter than eight hours is a ticking bomb. So you can just imagine this week -- final examinations ni Sharkteeth, deadline ng book, scheduled checkups -- siguro around 4 hours of sleep lang lagi ako for four nights. Grumpy to say the least. Plus my throat itched like hell and I was getting the sneezies. BUT last night, nakatulog ako ng 8 hours straight. Now, here I am, chirpy as a bird. Everything is right again in the world.

2. Do something you like each morning. I feel happier when I do a little crafting (bag repair, sewing, anik-aniks) in the morning. Kaya lang busy-busyhan, so no crafting for me in a long while. It might not be crafting for you. Might be praying. Or playing with your kids or your pets. Or exercise. Just do it. Kahit 15 minutes lang. Actually, me saying that I'm busy that I don't have time isn't true. I can spend hours chatting online. Hehehe. Tamad lang talaga ako kung minsan. 

3. You know the cliché about shopping when sad? So true. But I don't buy high-ticket items, hello?! I'd be broke, then I'd be truly and majorly depressed. Hahaha! Favorite kong bilhin pag malungkot ako is a bottle of nail polish. My nail and cuticle care ranges from bare to nonexistent, so it doesn't seem to make any sense that I'd buy nail polish, but it does -- buying that bright neon yellow polish is my f*ck you to sadness and it does make me happy, even temporarily. Hayun, napakarami ko nang nail polish sa bahay. Not totally useless though. I use them as touch-ups sa chipping paint, sa scratched bags or shoes, anything that needs color. Sharkteeth once used an entire bottle of gold nail polish for her project.

4. Most important of all, umiwas sa inggit. You know the scene: You're scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, then you see your friends' post on their beach trip or winter trip, her outfit of the day/makeup of the day/whatever of the day, somebody's Blahnik/Jimmy Choo/Otto/Rusty Lopez/Parisian/Sanrio/Polly Pocket/Lallaloopsy/Lego/Barbie/Hermes/LV/Chanel/Secosana collection, the breakfast/lunch/dinner/merienda/elevenses they're having...then you get that all too familiar feeling of envy and jealousy and the day turns sour. Why can't it be me?! Why can't I have that bag, those shoes, that pretty, oh so pretty, Miranda Kerr x Royal Albert collection? Why? Why? Why? Kung ano-anong bagay ang gusto kong bilhin pag nakikita ko sa Instagram. Dati naman Johnson's baby powder lang okay na sa akin, ngayon may Guerlain pa akong nalalaman. Just turn off that damned thing. Or unsubscribe altogether. Out of sight, out of mind. And don't sign on again till you can stare at those pretty, expensive, envy-inviting posts with clinical detachment. Or when you are uber-rich and can buy those things with wild abandon.

So there. Forget about platitudes and start doing something about it. Literally. If you can add anything, please leave a comment. Let's help each other.

*Obviously, I'm not talking about major depression here. Go to a real shrink for that. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mga Istoryang Sinauna: Ipiseseseses!

Derdo shared this in Facebook a couple of days ago.

Please ignore the completely unrelated background.
It was either this or a picture of an ipis. No contest, obviously.
From Femina
So true, right? Why does it fly to you when you're trying to murder it? Burst of bravado? Or perhaps a bluff? Which usually works, by the way! And why are the so hard to kill? They're terrorists, I tell you.

Back in college, we had to dissect those damned insects for our Invertebrate Biology class. We were teamed up in twos, and fortunately, I got teamed with my best friend. Afraid na ako sa simula pa lang, but I thought na kakayanin ko naman. Walang kalaban-laban yung cockroach -- it was pinned to the dissecting pan and there was no chance of it flying.

I was feigning bravery and failing in each passing moment, PERO once I sliced it open, it emitted a smell so foul!!! I retched. My friend, who had been so patient with my kaartehan, took over and did the rest of the dissection. Grabe, I owe her my life. Friends forever, teh!

Anyway, hindi yan ang main kwento.

I was living alone in a one-room apartment in a seedy part of Parañaque near the office. Before sleeping, I noticed a tiny part of the ceiling fell. I didn't pay much attention, thinking I can tell the owner the next day.

So nakatulog na ako. Around midnight, I heard more pieces of wood falling. Kebs lang. Back to sleep. 

THEN NAGISING AKO, WITH A THOUSAND COCKROACHES SCRAMBLING ALL OVER MY FACE AND BODY. ALL OVER THE ROOM. And the all-too familiar foul smell permeating my room. I was living a nightmare. I was screaming. And I thought I'd pass out.

Thankfully, I was able to take a hold of myself and I tried to kill as many as I could and I opened the windows and the door and let the living leave (take no prisoners!) and then I swept the rest out. Di na ako nakatulog after that. I closed the hole in the ceiling. I inspected every nook and cranny and washed every surface with disinfectant. Deodorized the room. Buti maliit lang yung room ko. I felt violated. Took a bath twice. Or was it thrice?

Still traumatized till now. Seriously, can you give me one positive contribution of cockroaches to our ecology? No, I didn't think so. And whomever eradicate cockroaches deserves a Nobel Prize. But until then, I'm keeping my bug spray with me. #LoveYouBaygon! :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorite Five: Kate Spade Love

Matagal na pala akong walang Friday Favorite Five post. Coincidentally, a week ago, Derdo sent me a link to Kate Spade's new collection. Lahat maganda! I want them all, pero I'll limit this post to five. And believe me, nahirapan talaga akong i-trim down to five.

1. Spring forward flowerpot crossbody, $328.00: "For our spring forward line, our designers embraced their inner eccentrics, creating a collection of whimsical handbags that celebrate the season; this witty flowerpot-shaped cross-body, for example, brings the delights of the garden to any ensemble."

I love this the most in the entire spring collection. Imagine, a flower pot bag? Quirky and functional. I can imagine Zooey Deschanel carrying this.

2. Blooms fit and flare dress, $398.00: "Spring is (finally) in the air, and there’s no better way to celebrate the season than by donning a pretty dress. our flower-covered fit-and-flare certainly fits the bill—in fine cotton, with just the right amount of stretch, it’s perfect for garden parties, brunches and picnics in the park."

Nothing like flowers to perk up your day, right? Well, except for coffee, that is. Marian Rivera ang peg ng dress na ito.

3. Leonia espadrilles, $198.00: "Quite possibly the ultimate shoe for a sunny saturday afternoon, the leonia pairs the sole (and the soul) of an espadrille with a perforated gold leather upper, for a look that’s both easy and chic."

At first glance, I thought it was made of woven leather, à la sulihiya. Parang yung sofa ng parents ko. Turned out it is perforated leather pala. Nangangarap ako ng Chanel espadrille, pero eto pwede na. "Pwede na?" As if afford ko. Hahahaha!

4. Madison Ave. collection paillette flower hat, $448.00: "The Madison Ave. collection began in 2013 as a small capsule exclusively for our madison avenue flagship in NYC, but we knew we couldn't keep these elegant, luxurious pieces a local secret for long. each item – like our blossom-bedecked paillette flower hat -- is still made in small batches for extra-specialness."
So fresh-looking and so perfect with the shoes! Summer na summer! 

5. Classic nylon international carry-on, $448.00: "Cleverly designed to maximize capacity while still fitting snugly in the overhead compartment, our international carry-on is the ideal suitcase for your upcoming trips, whether you're headed to Rio, Riyadh or Rome. Spacious enough for a four-day weekend (or, if you?re a light packer, an even longer jaunt), it's also stylish and, in our durable woven nylon, sturdy enough to make trip after trip."

And even if you check this in, it's unlikely someone will pick it up by mistake.  I would prefer this in red or white though. Again, as if afford. Hehehe.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid post. Asa naman ako, diba?!  Although if Kate Spade will make me a brand ambassador (hahahahahaha! Feeling Karlie Kloss!) or a partner site, sino naman ako para tumanggi, diba? Mareng Kate, e-mail me at thepseudoshrink at gmail dot com. Willing and able. Let's make this happen, baby! I'm "The Secret"-ing it. Teka, inom muna ako ng gamot, kinukumbulsyon yata ako and hallucinating. Hahahaha!

Note: In my bid to post regularly, I'm going, or at least try, to post every Friday five of my favorite things. They might be current or past possessions, though others might not be necessarily mine -- could be a wish for my fairy godmother (where are you, by the way?), could be something I saw and found interesting, but it will always be driven by beauty and functionality, hopefully both, but that's a tall order.