Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

May the Force be with you!

Here's TheHusband's costume for the office Halloween Party. He only wanted to wear the mask and carry the Lightsaber, but you know me and my motto, GO HARD OR GO I sewed him a cape, bought a pair of gloves, ruined a jacket to make a top where I attached Darth's circuit board. By the way, the mask has a mechanism that changes the voice to Darth Vader's, and there are buttons on the circuit board for Darth's heavy breathing. Got the mask with the circuit board, as well as the Lightsaber, from an ukay. Winner, ano?! I wanted to buy a pair of boots, but that's when TheHusband put his foot down (hehehe, pun unintended). Sayang daw pera. Oo nga naman.

My not-so-little mummy.

Meanwhile, Sharkteeth's outfit was a total dud. She was supposed to go as a mummy, and I wrapped her in bathroom tissue, but before the party could start, tinanggal na namin ang costume nya. Na-sense ko discomfort nya, pero ayaw nyang magreklamo kasi I told her na huwag syang mag-arte-arte pag suot na nya yung costume. Ayaw na ayaw nya ang "I told you so" [that is, pag siya ang sinasabihan. hehehe]. Tapos pinagtitinginan sya kasi sya lang yung ghoulish ang costume in a sea of Elsas, fairies, and superheroes. Na-self-consious. Saka hindi na raw sya makahinga sa dami ng tissue sa mukha nya. I asked her kung gusto na nyang tanggalin, and ayaw pa nung una. "But, Mymy, you already paid for the entrance..." So there, tinanggal na lang. I got a bit sad, kasi baka next Halloween she'd be too big for trick or treating na and might not join anymore. Haaaay...oh well.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Winnur!!!! The H's costume looks yayamanin.. seryoso! Pero iba pa din ang may ultimate DIY talent. Ikaw na Mother E!

  2. Hahahahahaha! In fer, di umabot ng 500 ang ginastos ko. Besides, matagal na yung mask and lightsaber. Meron pa nga akong stormtrooper mask. Wala kasi kaming hilig sa Star Wars. Walang-wala. So not interested.

  3. I'd probably have the same reaction if you had asked me to wear that mummy costume. Can you imagine what it would be like if you suddenly had to go to the bathroom? (well, on second thought, at least may dala na syang tissue hahaha) Or, what if biglang umulan and you're still out in the streets? buti naman you were able to convince TH to wear all these hehehe. at least may silbi ang mga Star Wars parpaphernalias mo.

  4. Antigas kasi ng ulo. Princess Leia ang suggestion ko, ayaw! Nagawa na nya ang mummy years back, and ang hirap talaga. She left a trail of TP sa trick or treating route nila. LOL!


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