Sunday, November 02, 2014

Mother Of The Year 2014

There's this NASA promo where you can fill in a form* and print a boarding pass to Orion's test flight on December.

Orion boarding pass

I printed one for Sharkteeth. I thought it would be a fun souvenir.

Well, you know the saying, "the road to perdition is paved with good intentions." I was just supposed to hand it to her.

But the devil took over. 

TPS: Hey! Look what I've got over the mail.
Sharkteeth: [excited] What is it?
TPS: NASA is sending a flight to Mars, and they sent you a ticket! You can go to Mars! Yay!
Sharkteeth: Huuuwaaaat??? Are you messing with me?
TPS: Of course not! Here, look at the ticket. It has your name on it.
Sharkteeth: [suspiciously] I don't think that's real...
TPS: Of course it's real. It has a barcode and serial number and stuff.
Sharkteeth: Stop messing with me. Besides, how can I go to Florida?
TPS: Mama Nell will pick you up and bring you to Florida...
Sharkteeth: [faltering] But, but, it's on about Christmas?
TPS: I'll just give you your Christmas gift early...
Sharkteeth: I can't spend Christmas here with you?
That's when I started to think that it might not be a good idea after all...but I couldn't back out anymore... 
TPS: Maybe there's a live feed or something and we can chat.
Sharkteeth: But it won't be the same.
TPS: Oh, it's going to be fun. You in Mars. Can't beat that, right? 
Sharkteeth: You seem to be happy about this...
TPS: What if I am?
Sharkteeth: [sarcastically] Well, Merry Christmas to you!
TPS: Aren't you excited about this?
Sharkteeth: [starting to get teary-eyed] NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! How can I be excited about this?! It's Mars! It's far! It's Christmas!!!

Huwag ka nang magalit, bebe ghel. Sorry na. Love you!

The Mother of the Year Award for 2014? I'm seriously killing it! 


  1. Poor S. Bumawi ka na lang sa Christmas gift. Yung bonggang bongga! :)

    Waaaaah, ang kulit mo TPS! Kung sakin ginawa ng Nanay ko yun, gagantihan ko. Mas malupit na joke. Hehe. :)

  2. LOL! Sa inis sa akin, hindi naghugas ng pinggan. Hahahahaha!


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