Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I attended mass earlier. Well, not really. I wasn't planning to attend, but since I was in the garden at the side of the church, I heard the homily. And what I heard offended me to the core. The priest said that homosexuals are an abomination. But before he uttered those horrid words, he first described homosexual acts as "ang mga bayot 'nag-e-espadahan'" and "ang lesbians 'clap-clap'" -- in front of elementary students attending the mass!!!

Mabalik tayo sa "homosexuals are an abomination." Di lang ako makapag-walk out kasi nasa labas ako! It was so awkward because a gay faculty member was there, listening to the homily. He took it in stride. Di ko alam if I can be as gracious if ako ang homosexual. A Facebook friend justified the priest's statement, saying "[h]e's just being consistent with what's written in the Bible." Then I think a major revision of the Bible should be done ASAP. For me, being homosexual is no different from being left-handed. It's what you are, and it's not something you choose. And I fervently believe that MY GOD has infinite and overflowing love and understanding, one who would NEVER call His/Her child an abomination.


  1. Amen.

    Is it weird for me to wonder how come a priest knows so much about these "abominable" acts? Geez, I've never even heard of that "clap clap" term before.

  2. That was my question as well.

    Kung abominable acts din lang ang pag-uusapan, maraming masasabi ang mga sex molestation/abuse victims ng mga predatory priests...


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