Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conversations Sa House KoKo

Sharkteeth: [to her classmate] Oh, go kill yourself!
TPS: What the heck?! Don't say that, that's cruel and mean and hurtful.
Sharkteeth: But he's so mean to me. He always disturbs me, even when class is going on.
TPS: Even so. Telling somebody to kill oneself is terrible.
Sharkteeth: I'm sorry, Mymy. 
TPS: Besides, it's possible that he has a crush on you and is trying to get your attention. Little boys have a stupid way of showing they like someone. 
Sharkteeth: Well, that's STUPID alright, because it's NEVER, EVER, EVER going to work on me. 
TPS: [in my mind] I hope so, anak, I FERVENTLY hope so.

TPS: [to TheHusband] Patuyuin mo mamaya yung skirt ni Sam. I washed it kasi walang skirt dun sa galing sa laundromat.
TheHusband: Yung katulad pagpatuyo ni Jackie Chan dun sa Drunken Master movie back in the 80s? [i.e., pinapagpag]
Sharkteeth: [incredulous] THERE WERE ALREADY MOVIES THEN?

TPS: [showing S a picture of Diane's new Fujifilm camera] Look at Diane's new Polaroid camera. So cute ano?
Sharkteeth: Is that the camera that POOPS the pictures?
Yes, anak, it does. It does POOP pictures.

While playing Cut the Rope...
TPS: Anak, I don't know how to do this level.
Here, let me. There. I've set it to an easier level. That's more UP YOUR SPEED.

TheHusband: You've been dissed.
TPS: Oh, shush, both of you. [Pikon-talo...]


  1. LOL, poop pictures talaga. Pero like ko din yung camera ni Diane ha, ang cute! :)

  2. Ang tagal ko nang gustong bumili ng ganun...
    Pero laging nananaig na di ko kailangan yun. Di ko talaga kailangan yun. Hindi talaga. Hinding-hindi...

  3. Mother! Na miss ko 'to hahaha Natawa ako :D Please tell Sharkteeth that once I get rich rich rich (but not the levelz of the spoiled chenes hihihihi (password protected)) I'll buy her one.

  4. Hahahahaha! Diane, I considered giving it as a Christmas gift (mostly kasi gusto ko rin), pero super impractical (ooopps, busina sa bumili), so no, hindi.


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