Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Down, Three More To Go!

It was Sharkteeth's graduation last Thursday. The day started with a Holy Mass, and S read the first reading, flawlessly, if I might add. Spoken like a true blue stage mama. It sure was fun watching the kids. One was picking her nose. Someone near the altar was rubbing the crook of her elbow, presumably searching for libag [gross dead skin cells]. One was surveying the chapel, paying no heed to the priest saying his oh-so-lengthy homily. And yet another was picking her wedgie. Oh wait, I'm talking about only one was Sharkteeth doing all those things, well, except for the wedgie picking. By the way, have I told you about the time I was picking my wedg...oh, Kris Aquino moment*. Never mind.

After the mass, we went for some distasteful but unavoidable chores in Madrigal and Festival. We were waiting for our food when the earthquake struck---I wanted to just go and bolt, but TheHusband, the voice of reason in this relationship, MADE me stay. I swear, all I was thinking of was how I would say "I told you so" in three different languages to him should we get buried under the rubble of Festival Mall. [Un]Fortunately, I didn't get to say it.

We had to hurry back back, as the call time was 4:30 PM. Sharkteeth was very cooperative, letting me curl her hair and gloss her up, with only an occasional whimper when I pull and stretch her hair. While I don't like putting makeup on kids, I tinted and powdered her cheeks and glossed her lips. The latter I won't do again. It's
much too adult for a child. Funny thing is I saw not one, not two, but lots of kids wearing blue eyeshadow. I (we) really should just let the kids be kids.

Notice the thin smile? She lost her four front milkteeth and is a bit shy showing the wee little ones growing. Too bad, it was so much fun seeing her big smile, gaps and all. Remember this last year? I miss that smile.

Last year, she said she wanted to get an honor because, well, they get medals. I was whispering to TheHusband, "can I just buy a Hello Kitty medal for her?" Hehehe! Mostly because of work circumstance rather than choice, we weren't able to give her the support she needs and went unguided. I felt terrible really, not because I want an honor for her, but because I wasn't able give her the tools to achieve what she wants. Surprisingly (or not), she was perfectly satisfied because she got the best in speech award, thus, she got a medal as well. So it really must be the medal per se that she wants, not the recognition that goes with it. I knew it! I should have bought that Hello Kitty medal I saw! I was teasing her that the school gives that award to the most talkative, to which she replied with dagger looks. E[k]s said that I'm underestimating Sharkteeth for thinking that there are only three more graduations to go for her and that she might go into masteral and doctoral. No, I did not. I'm just saying that if she wants to go into those things, she might as well pay for it. Mermaid College is not cheap you know. I had to sell my voice to Ursula. I digress.

Well done, you. So proud si Mymy and Deden.

Pwede huwag lagyan ng lip gloss ang kids? It's ruins their beauty.

Pwedeng may-Kris Aquino moment? Please? I just don't wanna make another post for this. Well, I made her graduation dress. I won't dwell with the details 'cause I really don't have any---no patterns, no plans, no revision(s) to the plans, nothing. I all had were the fabric and my imagination. Days leading to the graduation were particularly stressful...I don't have much free weekends now (Mudra is sick, another story), and when I went to the fabric store, I didn't even have any design in mind. I kept going from one store to another---until I chanced upon a silky bolt of fabric. Turned out to be duchess silk. Upon questioning, the attendant replied that it's easy to sew. (It's actually not---the weave unravels easily. Mentirosa.) So the fabric became the basis of the design. I thought it would hold folds and pleats well, and it did. This dress is much simpler in design compared with last year's, but this one's so much more difficult to make. Probably because of its simplicity, any "cheats" would be easily visible. Last year's had more leeway because I used eyelet with lots of shirring and it was adjustable at the waist. But this one? This one had to fit, and fit well. The skirt was the easiest to make as well as the neckline, but I had to sew, unstitch, and resew the sleeves. Thrice. I even hand sew the lining to the sleeve just to make sure the folds are perfect. In the end, after much tearing of my hair, and threads, the dress did become perfect.

TheHusband is partial to this dress because of its classic cut, or so he says. How about you, which do you prefer, this one or last year's?

*Kris Aquino moment: Butting in a conversation with seemingly related personal anecdotes, and in the process, steals the limelight from the other, who was the bida of the conversation in the the first place.


  1. Congrats to Sharkteeth!

  2. I like the new dress, so classic and elegant. =) Congratulations to Sharkteeth! Go get her a Hello Kitty medal too...

  3. congrats sharkteeth! may napagtapos ka na TPS! :)

    hay naku, buti kapa nakapagtahi ng dress! the most i've done with the machine these months is alterations! hu! hu!

  4. grabeh... siguro if my mother were like you, i would've grown up more "kikay" wheheheh. swerte ni sam.

    hayaan mo ang mga awards na yan (honor) -- they well come in time. better build a huge cabinet for them when Sam makes her move

  5. oh,wow for this dress! i wouldn't have guessed you made this.

    i wonder if i can get myself to make my daughter's dress. my mom never did that for me, although i know she wanted to. she did a pink princess jasmine costume though (dhotis and off-shoulders!) for my little sister. selos mode.


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