Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sharkteeth's Wraparound Dress


This was the dress I made for Sharkteeth's second culmination activity last Thursday. The very first "real" dress I ever sewed using my new sewing machine.


It's an eyelet wraparound dress with puffed sleeves and shirred skirt tied with a bow at the left side of the waist. I used the senepa(?) edge of the fabric for the bottom of the skirt and the neckline of the dress. All are lined except the sleeves, and a petticoat was attached to the skirt to give it a bit of puff. I wish I can give you a tutorial on how to make a wraparound dress, but I don't have a pattern of any sort – I just cut and adjusted the cut pieces. It was manageable without the pattern because Sharkteeth is so very easy to deal with when it comes to fitting dresses. Otherwise, I think I would need to make a duct-tape dress form for the dress to fit well.


  1. wow! ang ganda TPS! super! i wanna make one for myself. where did you buy the eyelet cloth? please tell me! :)

  2. "It's an eyelet wraparound..."
    You lost me there. hehe
    But you made this? Wow!

  3. uy pwede ka ng maging sastre nyan a. it's nice to have a fallback plan just in case your day job fizzles out heheh

  4. you made that. Galing ah. The dress looks so lovely!

  5. ThePseudoshrink6:27 PM

    Thank you all.
    KG, either sa Castles or sa Fabric Warehouse.
    Corics, why am not surprised? Hahaha. Let's talk powertools na lang.
    Onyxx, kasama na yan sa aking five-year plan.
    Jeanny, yes, thanks. Bata pa ako eh libangan ko na ang pananahi.

  6. Anonymous4:52 AM

    That's a really pretty dress!! :)
    I'd definitely buy that if it will fit me! (gawa ka ng pang -grown up) hehe.. Good job!!!

  7. Hi, Anonymous! Thank you so much. I can make you one, if you want, as long as hindi madalian; just give me the fabric and your measurement.

    Are you from Girltalk?

  8. Daming mong talents. This is so nice. DId you make one for yourself?

  9. Thank you, Derdo. No, I didn't. Kokonti yung tela eh. :)


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