Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dyesebel in the Making

I look like her naman, diba? Please?ThePseudoshrink: What do you want to be when you grow up, anak?
Sharkteeth: A nurse
ThePseudoshrink: [in my mind] Hmmmm...not exactly the profession I want for her, but if she really wants to be a nurse, then so be it.
Sharkteeth: Or a doctor...
ThePseudoshrink: [in my mind] Quite expensive, but doable.

Sharkteeth: [face suddenly brightening] Ah, Mymy, alam ko na! I want to be a MERMAID!
ThePseudoshrink: [in my mind] Now that isn't something I can save up for.

Could somebody send me Ursula's business card?


  1. The Serf4:53 PM

    aren't you glad sharkteeth is a 'she'? imagine having a son who wants to become dyesebel...

  2. ThePseudoshrink5:14 PM

    Haha, syokoy! I remember a slightly gender-insensitive Tito-Vic-Joey (sila nga ba?) comedy long time ago wherein the father is trying to "straighten" up his gay son by submerging him in a drum of water. Afterwhich, the father asked his son, "Ano lalake ka o bakla?" Ang sagot ng gay son, "Sirena."

  3. the serf5:29 PM

    sila nga yata yun. gusto ko sanang i-correct post ko kanina, medyo politically incorrect. pero what the heck.. masisira ang punchline ko pag nag-explain ako e. nyahaha! :-)

    [peace po mga sisters/tita!]

  4. supladitagirl8:04 PM

    Ang cute naman ni Sam! I miss her so much!

  5. ThePseudoshrink9:41 PM

    Supladitagirl, thank you! Kanino pa ba naman magmamana yan? Ehem...

    Well, obviously, hindi sa akin, hehe.

  6. heheh gawin mo kasing multiple choice yung question... (you can insert all the ACCEPTABLE answers). the problem is, baka sagutin ka ng "all of the above"

  7. Onyxx, the first two choices are doable; it's the last that's worrying me. It's Little Mermaid in reverse, kinda like her daughter, Melody.


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