Friday, February 15, 2008

For My Baby

I don't usually do Valentines* mush, but for my baby, I will. Here's one for my kalabasa, my hot stud, my babe.
I love you.

Semper fidelis

*This was supposed to be be for Valentines, but our ever-reliable Internet provider, Smart (not so smart afterall), was down again yesterday.


  1. napaka-sywet naman... :-) sana may magbigay din sa akin niyan soon.

  2. ThePseudoshrink3:33 AM

    Anong niyan? Locket?

  3. Yuckkk! Corny. LOL! ;)

  4. nyehehehh... ano yan, valentine spillover?

  5. yeah, the locket, with our pictures in it. hehehe.

  6. thepseudoshrink12:21 AM

    Bunso, oy, oy, oy, manahimik ang miron! Hahaha.
    Onyxx, would have been for VDay, kaso ang galing ng Internet namin eh.
    Serf, our pictures? Baka naman you mean, your pictures with C, M, G, H, G---naku, sino pa? Haha.


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