Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sharkteeth's Field Trip

Horseback ridingSharkteeth had her first field trip last February 2, and we went to Leisure Farms in Lemery, Batangas. It's a residential area agripark with nature trail, worm "nursery," herb and vegetable garden, flower garden, fish pond (more on this later), koi pond, butterfly garden, horseback riding trail, et cetera. The place is beautiful and clean, but the food sucked big time...well, can't have it all, I guess.

Sharkteeth rode a horse while I was there at the sidelines, biting my nails, well, not really biting my nails, but scared shit
less still. ThFishing, obviously, to no availe nature trail was so very tiring, especially when you're with the most hyper kid around (where does she get all that energy?) who kept on running even when we were crossing the hanging bridges. And the fish pond, that cursed, cursed pond that seems to have the most intelligent fishes in the whole world---with all the kids fishing, only one was stupid enough to bite the bait. Fishing rod rental was 50 pesos, and each fish you catch is another 50. Tilapia, 50 pesos a piece? I think it was fortunate that Sharkteeth did not catch one. A parent was ranting about the price and (half) jokingly told his son that he'll just buy a kilogram of tilapia and put them in a basin and the son can fish them out. I think he was serious.

I gotta hand it to the nuns, God bless them. They are the most patient people I know---absolutely living saints. You think I'm e
xaggerating? Try spending a day with those kids! I don't think I'd last with my sanity intact (shot to shreds in the first place).

We stopped at Fantasy Island on our way home...this is the closest thing to a castle I've ever been. I really would love to go back, with TheHusband this time. We probably should bring o
The fairy godmothersur own food though.
Fantasy Island Castle
Pricesses looking over their kingdom

Castle = Check; Fairy godmothers = Check; Princesses = Check; Dragon = Check. Off to happiness ever after!


  1. Hahaha. LOL. This is funny. Pseudoshrink, think like a child. Enroll her into swimming lessons. And when she's good at it, buy her fins and coustume or something, then make her swim like a mermaid. PRESTO! Instant dream come true.

  2. I pass by Fantasy Island every time I go home to Batangas but I've never been inside that "castle." I haven't even been inside Leisure Farms. He he. My hometown couldn't offer me anything anymore! ha ha!

  3. i like the shot where Sharkteeth & her pal have their backs turned and are facing the 'Castle' -- that's a nice Vantage Point (o hah, may kasama pang plugging yan weheheh)

  4. Idol Ven, naligaw yata ang comment mo. Anyhoo, yes, we're planning on enrolling her in swimming lessons. Hehe, gusto ko sana voice lessons eh. Do you teach?
    Zar, you totally should! Ang ganda ng Leisure Farms. Wish ko lang magkaroon ng property dun. Am still a rural girl/farmer's daughter at heart. About Fantasy Island, we haven't been inside either. Looks like a fab venue for a wedding. Maganda ang Lemery. Perfect climate, good coffee, lots of trees...would love to live there, kahit weekend home lang.
    Onyxx, haha, plugging nga! I think may ganyang "pose/scene" sa Meteor Garden. Can't be sure though.

  5. Tsuri, tsuri. Naligaw nga. You want me to teach sharkteeth? You sure about this?

  6. ThePseudoshrink9:03 PM

    Idol Ven, oo naman! Dead serious! Wait, magkano ba PF mo? Baka naman dahil sumisikat ka eh mahal na?! Pati sana dancing eh...you know naman how pathetic my singing and dancing genes are.


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