Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There's a Reason Why the Shrink Told You to Take the Meds Everyday

I got this over a week ago. Aside from the non sequitur in the fourth sentence, this is way, way better, in terms of grammar, syntax, spelling, etc, than the hate mail, purportedly from the same sender, I got almost 2 years ago. But, damn, girl, you better not stop the meds! Gotta take that Prozac everyday!
date Feb 12, 2008 11:04 AM
subject and so you thought i have forgotten about you pseudoshrink

actually, i still haven't. and you just wait and see what's in store for you this 2008. i see that your sharkteeth's not feeling so well these days. ain't that a pity especially for someone who holds a very high esteem on herself. i'm going to let you go for now. i'm still brewing something "really hot" for you. better watch where your husband's going everyday...


  1. whoah!!! whatever grudge he/she has on you, it must have affected his/her entire life. Not to worry, seems like your letter sender is a coward, as he/she doesn't have the guts to face you up front. ;)

  2. 2 words come to mind: "Grow up!" (she reminds me of Scorpion King heheh). she obviously needs closure and a healthy dose of common sense :)

  3. ThePseudoshrink8:51 PM

    Idol Ven, flattering, actually, all the attention and effort he/she's giving me. Obviously, I still have some kind of power over him/her. We talked about this dati, di ba? Something like, "Which do you prefer, to be hated or to be ignored?"---and we share the same choice, right? Haha, KSP ba?
    Onyxx, alam mo, if given a choice (and tough choice that will be), mas gusto ko pa si SK, kasi lalaban yun ng harapan, not like a sewage rat skulking in the dark, spreading plague and decay.
    (Whoa! I really like my last line...sounds vaguely literary.)

  4. baduday6:31 PM

    Ooh, so the saga continues! Grabe, iba talaga the effect you have on some people. Keep your chin up TPS!

  5. ThePseudoshrink11:55 PM

    Yeah, Baduday, apparently, the saga is still on! Of course I'm keeping my chin up---I think you ought to say this to the one who sent the mail cause I'm sure he/see is somewhere "dark."
    Kaya maging leksyon ito sa atin---mga magulang, laging iha-hug at sasabihan ng "I love you" ang mga anak para feeling loved at walang issues paglaki. Am I making any sense? I'm kinda sleepy na kasi.

  6. supladitagirl3:23 PM

    My God! It is as if she is enjoying the fact that Sam got sick. Ano ba namang klase ng tao iyan? Pati bata pinapatulan? Karmahin ka sana, email sender.

  7. tsokoholik5:34 PM

    I hate mail delivered before Feb 14. Hmmm.. Maybe all the pre-Valentine hype short-circuited his/her brain.. made him/her send this very “thoughtful” note. This person is seriously sick. To your hate-mailer, this I tell you, karma is a bitch!

  8. ThePseudoshrink10:31 PM

    Supladitagirl and Tsokoholik, yeah, karma is indeed painful when it comes biting one's ass, but then, parang this person is not in his/her right mind anymore. And I think, Tsokoholik, that you are holding back! Uuuuy, bawas bratilla!

  9. And I thought I have problems..
    TPS, you have indeed seen crazy

  10. ...and you know what they say about the "thin line between love and hate?" :P

  11. ThePseudoshrink9:38 PM

    Zar, pinag-isip mo ako dun sa sinabi mo...hmmm. Bwahaha! TheHusband better brace himself sa pang-a-alaskang aabutin nya sa akin. Come to think of it, maski dun sa unang hate mail sa akin back in 2006(?) ay matindi ang focus kay TheHusband...

  12. I'm using the same argument with a friend who's undergoing a kind-of-similar situation (being "hated"). But don't mind me, hehehe. I'm just putting romantic notions into everything these days.

  13. bunso7:11 AM

    2008: sending hate mail
    2009: Mental Hospital staff knocking on his/her door.
    Let's get ready for that jacket!

  14. I have no idea who the sender might be...but I actually pity him/her (mostly likely a "her" because of the way she writes) because this person has been carrying a very heavy burden all these years by harboring those ill feelings toward you. tsk...tsk! All the missed happy moments spent instead planning revenge...hebigat! Para kang si Lozada, tps! :)

  15. ThePseudoshrink12:04 AM

    Bunso, funny! So, how was the jacket when you got to wear them? Kidding! ;)

    Kumareng Grace, you have a certain way of putting things in perspective! And you're right, it could have been a time more wisely spent on planning the perfect vacation! Saw your Coron pictures (again). Haaaay, inggit ako! Maybe next year. Ang ganda ng Pilipinas, ano? Haha, I digress, as always.


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