Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Faithful Steed

He joins me whenever I run.* Any excuse, actually, for him to leave the house. And he's always, ALWAYS, the first to greet me whenever I get home. He got into fights recently with other dogs. A bitch was in heat, see. After a particularly bad battering he got from the other dogs, he refused to leave the house for a week, looking all pitiful and casting puppy dog looks whenever he sees us. He's healing well, thank goodness.

*Mentirosa! Hahahaha! More like run a few steps, pant, drag feet, walk, repeat.


  1. tayan mo muna si Bantay, hi there TPS!

  2. kumusta si don juan? maybe it's time to get him neutered? ilang beses na syang naka-score, di ba... let's give his hormones a rest nyeheheheh

  3. awww i miss having a dog. lahat ng aso ko nasa pilipinas. hope his wounds are getting better by the day.

  4. Hi Sheng! How's your new baby?
    Onyxx, hayun, may isang puppy dun akong nakita na na deadringer nya nung puppy pa sya. Cuteness.
    Hi Ibyang. Ayyy, nakaka-miss naman yun. Couldn't bring them with you? Yeah, his wounds are all healed now and is all-around crazy again.

  5. for some reason, i felt my eyes welling with tears with this post. your dog reminded me of my late mutt, 'puti'.

    hope he's okay now (he should be, this post was waaay back Feb).

    i'd love to read more about him (and sharkteeth too, yes)

  6. Hi! Glad you dropped by. BTW, I came to your blog by way of some, uhm, "glow-inducing pharmaceuticals." Ah, he got better na, pero two weeks ago, he was hacked, yes, HACKED, near his nose. I think it's my elderly neighbor who hates him so much and once threatened to bullwhip him. Ang lalim nung sugat, but he is okay now. I had another dog, Birkin, and I haven't told his story yet. Too much of a heartbreak. Hope you're feeling better na.


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