Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reducio! Abracadabra! Fail...

TheHusband was looking at a camcorder ad...

TPS: Bakit 'di mo i-consider ang Flip? Mura lang.
TheHusband: Ang simple ng features.
TPS: What features do you need? Di ba resolution lang ang kailangan?
TheHusband: Zoom.
TPS: Ga'no ba kalayo ipi-film mo? (thinking that he might be considering moving to another career direction, say, becoming a paparazzo)
TheHusband: Saka dapat kaya nya akong gawing macho.
TPS: Uhm, bebe, 'di camcorder kailangan mo, MAGICIAN.

On a related note (somehow), "ccommercial model" na si TheHusband! It's for an airplane manufacturer, which, under the bonds of contract, couldn't be named at the moment. Next time you fly first class, pay attention to the commercial please. Despite the teasing he's getting from me, I'm actually very proud. *Sorry, bebe, I just had to say it. So stoked. You know how shallow I am, right?*


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  2. Tell him I'm looking for the same thing!
    Seriously, do update us (or me) what model/brand you'd get. We're thinking of getting one too.

  3. i don;t think i would be able to fly first class, so kung pwede na ireveal, sabihin mo na kung anong airline! better yet, ipost mo yung ad! he! he!


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