Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Way We Were

While Internet surfing, I came across a link about favorite eating places near the university I attended, and one of those mentioned is Janet's, a sort of high-end (you would have to consider that this is from the perspective of a not-exactly-starving-but-not-quite-loaded university coed) restaurant in the area. It serves good, value-for-money fares like pasta and various meat-and-rice combos. I'm reminded of the time when my roommates and I went there to eat, and my friend, who was taking up hotel and restaurant management, was dissatisfied with the slice of pork, deeming it too fatty, and without much ado walked out and left. The rest of us then looked at one another, quite unsure of what to do. Well, after looking stupidly at each other, we laughed and proceeded to eat. Yes, even our friend's slice of fatty pork. (Well, it was paid already. Can't let it go to waste. Not loaded, remember?) Hahahaha! Some friends, right? Nah, we're just all too familiar already with each other's dramatics (more like histrionics) and didn't (still don't) take it seriously anymore. That incident though became a stuff of legends in our tiny group and is recounted every time we're together. Needless to say, we spend our get-togethers mostly guffawing.

My favorite Janet's dish is beef and mushroom, which strictly should be called "beef and potatoes," as there are only a few pieces of mushroom but with lots of mashed potatoes. Missing it suddenly, I checked the fridge for the ingredients, but the only beef we had was in slices, not chunks. That would do. That would do. It's quite simple to make. First, I browned the meat* on some, okay, a lot, of butter. Then I added chopped onions. Once the onions were translucent, I drained the nasty, cholesterol-laden butter. I then added the liquid from canned mushrooms, simmered the meat till tender, added some potatoes, then finally mixed in a can of mushroom soup and simmered again. Yes, the picture looks unappetizing as hell, all icky and bleeeech, but I swear, it's very yummy. And eating it reminds me of my (long ago) college days. Back when things were uncomplicated and the most cry-worthy moments were the dreaded number 5 and when the one you're pining for didn't look your way, not even a glance.

*Marinated for 30 minutes in pepper, salt, calamansi juice, and shhhhhh...Maggi Magic Sarap. *blush*


  1. Looks yummers to me, and I laughed at your reaction, looks different, but tasted good you say.

  2. Hahaha, Sheng, food presentation is never my strongest point. I should try adding carrots next time, para may konting color.


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