Thursday, October 02, 2008


As promised, fewer me-me-me posts and more arts and crafts. And here's to fulfilling the promise!

The first lamp (lamp A), made of wire and wood with its shade stripped off, was a freebie/prize I got when I inquired about a loan years back when I was still in my former place of employment (would henceforth be referred to as FPE). It's been shoved in the kitchen cabinet, sharing the gloomy darkness with old empty bottles of Asti and Bailey's, waiting for some kind inspiration. I digress. The second one (lamp B), actually intended for candles, I got from Papemelroti. Imagine that? Papemelroti is still alive. It's been producing recycled-themed items since I was in high school, and that, my dear readers, was verrrry long time ago.

Here are the basic steps.*

1. Get the light mechanism and rubber feet off lamp A. Thanks to TheHusband for unscrewing the light mechanism.
2. Drill a hole at the base of lamp B. Hehehe, first time to use the drill, and I sure felt girl-power-y/feminist-y (I'm not even one) wielding it. Drill today, chainsaw tomorrow! Girlz rule!
3. Install the light mechanism and rubber feet on lamp B. I covered all exposed metal, you know, just in case someone (READ: Sharkteeth) decides to stick her hand in, and I don't think I'd be surprised if she does---I once stuck a corned beef can key into an electrical outlet. Got shocked in more ways that one. Must be the reason for MY hair.
4. Trace and cut the shape of lamp B on a translucent fabric, one for each side. I used an old curtain.
5. Paste the fabric on each side. Let dry. By the way, I used SewNoMore. It's terrible to use on clothing, but it worked great on this project. I'm thinking of covering up the edges of the fabric with some sort of trimming lace/cord. Maybe this weekend.
6. Turn off all the lights for maximum drama and light this lamp up!

Of course, by this time, TheHusband and Sharkteeth already know the drill and know exactly when to "ooohh!," "aaahh!," "wow!, " and "ganda, Mymy!" without being prodded.

*You'll need a drill, a screwdriver, electrical tape, very sticky glue, and lots of poise and grace while wielding that frickin' heavy drill.


  1. sheng8:56 AM

    Very nice lamp! I love the fact that you are recycling them to newer lamps, very cute and antique-looking!

  2. Ganda! Galing mo talaga sa crafts!

  3. Thank you!


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