Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Tantalizing Trifecta

Cough, colds, and flu. Need I say more? It started with the yaya, then Sharkteeth, and then me. TheHusband is the only one who isn't a casualty. Yet. And thank goodness the spread of the disease went that route. Just imagine if TheHusband got them before Sharkteeth? Koya, huwag po! Hahaha. You know that it's a joke, right, bebe? Kinda pointless saying that. He doesn't know this blog. Hah! The yaya and Sharkteeth are getting better already, but mine is just beginning. This might have been compounded by the torrential rain we stupidly braved and the random act of kindness I, again, stupidly did. Kinda long and embarassing story. Nevermind. Anyway, hopefully, tomorrow is a better day. If things turn out well, I'm gonna make a dough myself tonight and have a pizza tomorrow.


  1. sheng8:38 AM

    Ohh, get well soon, everybody's been bugged here, i mean, caught the flu bug! whew! Take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks Sheng! Everybody's okay na. Thank goodness.


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