Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Three Years Later...

...I still post sporadically. But yay! It's been 3 years! Surprisingly, even with all the self-centered crap I post, I still have readers. Readers (yes, readers! with an s! with an s! ) from Japan, Germany, France (though I think that was Kumareng Grace during her holiday in Paris), Saudi Arabia, UK, Ireland, USA (thanks Diong! And dear reader from McNeil, TX, who visits oh so frequently, thank you so much! You alone make up 90% of my USA page views!), and of course, from the country I love most, the Philippines! Thanks to all those who link to me and to Onyxx, who (close-to-literally) pushed me to post something new. Hahaha! This is sounding like an awards night speech.

I'm making a promise, nay, a vow, to post more often, with fewer me-myself-and-I topics and more arts, crafts, and baking. I can't promise to lessen my post about Sharkteeth---I know some are already rolling their eyes when I post mundane Sharkteeth bits, but she is my pride and joy (yes, anak, you're more important than my shoes and bags and that very fragrant Crabtree & Evelyn shampoo bottle you broke and got punished for last night, however hard it is to believe), and I couldn't help it even if I try.

So there. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!



  1. wow. awards night nga. :-) you have a loyal reader here. hi, sharkteeth and thehusband!

  2. amen!

    sana matutuloy and promise mo... that you'll write more often. cool design :)

  3. sheng8:33 AM

    I love to follow your post too, hehhee... I am a reader...

  4. My comments are almost always late but I have read 3 years' worth of posts here. Belated happy blogiversary!

  5. Tenchu! Tenchu! Tenchu! Sana ay di kayo magsawang pumunta dito kahit kung minsan (o kadalasan?) ay walang wawa ang sinasabi ko.


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