Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sharkteeth's Moving Up Ceremony

This is so not real time! Sharkteeth's moving up ceremony was last March 16, and I almost forgot to post about it. Well, there's really not much to post---it's just a nursery class after all. What amuses/baffles me though was that they were all given awards (Sharkteeth's the most thoughtful! So true!). Seems they're really taking "find something good in everyone" to heart.

It was fun...there was singing and dancing and more singing and dancing. Sharkteeth though, reminiscent of the start of the schoolyear, kept on sneaking toward the the playhouse.

It's been a [school] year. It's a long way from college (does anyone, by chance, know a good mermaid school?), but she has certainly grown, academically, physically, and emotionally, and she is turning out to be more, much, much more, than I can hope for. I love her so.

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