Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sharkteeth's First Day of School

'Twas Sharkteeth's first day of school last Thursday, June 14, 2007. TheHusband and I waited by the corridor, and we saw how she easily got bored when none of her classmates seemed to be as enthusiastic in going to the playhouse that HELLO! HAS A TOY COOKING RANGE! WITH DIALS THAT ACTUALLY TURN! and HELLO! HAS A CORDLESS PHONE! And I could read that imp's mind: "What are they waiting for?? How could they not want to play? How could they want to just sit still when the slides, the playhouse, and the swing are all beckoning us?! Why, oh, why, oh, why?" Finally, she was able to coax another kid, the sister of one the students, and that's when the fun started. Thing is, she wouldn't stop...not even when the classes were already starting! She kept on sneaking out of the classroom and going to the playhouse. Oh, foreboding of things to come.
I love this kid so much!
The second day was a bit harder. She had a touch of a cold and slight fever and not a bit of inclination of going to school. When we got to the school, she wouldn't let go of me and wanted to be carried and was all-around bleak. Not even the playhouse could entice her. And this inopportune time was chosen by an intrimitidang babae [very nosy old woman] (the Tagalog just sounds so much more apt, don't cha think?) to drop an advice on how to mold the character of a child, my child, if I may add! "Don't carry her always. That's why she's spoiled!" She managed to give an advice and pass judgment on Sharkteeth in less than 10 seconds! Beat that! And Sharkteeth hasn't even bitten and chewed on her ass yet.


  1. buti pala nadala mo yung camera mo. very colorful pa naman yung background. so how was your first day in school? :)

  2. Hehe, camera is a must-have for a first-time schooler's stage mudra! My first day in school? All I can remember was that I kept on playing with my hankie, which prompted my teacher to call my very own stage mudra. And, oh, I (mis)pronounced crocodile as crocodial. Ick!
    And yours, onyxx?


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