Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Saying All the Right Things at the Right Time

After half an hour of dipping our feet at the clubhouse pool, eating chocolates, and basically lazing away the early part of the evening:
Sharkteeth: MyMy, nag-enjoy ako. I love you.
[ThePseudoshrink's cogwheels: She's gonna get some more chocolates!]

After TheHusband wiped Sharkteeth's vomit from the floor and washed and cleaned her up:
Sharkteeth: Deden, salamat, ha? Inalagaan mo ako.
[ThePseudoshrink's cogwheels, and perhaps, TheHusband's too: Oh, she really is gonna get a ton of chocolates!]

After half an hour of memorization of the Lord's Prayer, I asked her if she's still up to it:
Sharkteeth: (screaming, with matching arm pumping action) We're not giving up! NEVER!!!
[ThePseudoshrink's cogwheels: Ooooooh-khaaaay! Too much chocolates! Or a true-blue Leo-born drama queen-to-be?]


  1. heheh... you'll need an awful lot of chocolates if this goes on. i wonder what Sharkteeth gets if she steps out of line

  2. Yes, onyxx. I would probably need to sell my soul to Mr. Wonka later on.
    I find it so hard to punish her---and simple spanking doesn't do the job! You know what's very effective? Making her face the wall! I guess, the isolation is more painful than physical one.

  3. I'd be scared if I were you - she's so manipulative and you're falling for all her tricks!
    Kids?! NEVER!!! :)

  4. T2Rad, true, true! She's my boss, actually, and I'm quite scared of her! ; )


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