Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love You Sew!

As I stated in Quince, I love sewing, a skill I learned at a young age, around 10, I think. Barbie's clothes were a tad expensive back then, still are, in fact, and I didn't think tears would help me in my pleas for her wardrobe. So, I figured, why not make her clothes? So, I did, and lots of it. And for someone as hyper-uber-critical as my mother, she was quite impressed, and she particularly admired the details (e.g., collar of a preppy polo shirt, beading of a wedding dress), where I put a lot of time on. That is how I started, thanks to Barbie! And, oh, thanks to my mom! I still sew whenever we go to my parents' house and I have time, though these two are so hard to come by these days. Recently, though, I found myself at the old house with a few yards of different fabrics and plenty of time, and here it is---an A&E-esque skirt for Sharkteeth. Isn't that pretty? Oh, let me toot my own horn, wouldja please! I am still consumed by details, and if you'd notice, the bias ruffle(?) has a lining, which is of the same fabric as the belt. The inside of the waist (not shown here) and the pockets were also lined with this floral fabric, which I think lends a bit of sweetness to the otherwise staid khaki. A few stitches were crooked, but after removing and restitching, the darn stitches were still crooked, and the fact that it was close to midnight made me accept the stitches, crooked and all. It took me around 5 hours, lots of imagination, a ton of will to go on (my old ningas-cogon attitude tends to resurface at times like this), a few grunts of support from TheHusband, and a lot of squinting at the eye of the needle.


  1. nice, nice! ang cute! :)

  2. Thank you, Onyxx and Zarine! I have another sewing project coming up (for Tsokoholik), and I hope it will go well.

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    So nice! did you go to school for this? galeng!

  4. ^Thanks so much. No, I didn't, but for the longest time, I been trying to enroll. I need some training in pattern making.


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