Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I don't do memes and such, but I was tagged by Zarine, and ever since I've known her, she has never asked for anything from me, so how can I say no? And, by the way, Zar, I promise not to check for grammatical and syntax errors, and I hope you wouldn't too. I dread the English Nazi's visit though; I believe you know her.

Fifteen weird/unknown(?) things about me:

  1. I have a pillow that has been with me since I was a little girl, and I almost always bring it with me when I have to spend the night away from home.
  2. I have a stationery collection that dates back to secondary school.
  3. I prefer post over email. All I get now through post are bills. Sucks.
  4. I studied cosmetology. For real. Seriously.
  5. My handwriting is horrible! All the money spent on workbooks shot to hell.
  6. This is not quite unknown---I don't know how to sing or dance (the singing and dancing genes were on a sabbatical when it was my family's turn to get it).
  7. I "chose" passing the PT board exam over winning the grand prize in the lottery. One of my CBAs with God. He must be chuckling when He granted my wish and was probably saying, "Hmmm, bright enough to be a physical therapist, too stupid to get through life."
  8. I love to sew, and I once made a quilt. Planning to make another.
  9. Nobody would believe this, but I am extremely and painfully shy.
  10. I was only 10 when I blackmailed somebody. Yeah, I'm evil.
  11. I was a bit of a stalker back in college. Oh, the folly of youth.
  12. I went to work wearing different shoes. And I'm not talking about a little different here---a ballet flat and a penny loafer, different colors!
  13. I love taking long baths (more than chocolates!) and all bubbly and scented things related to it.
  14. I love animals---7 dogs, 2 favorite cats (one of which is indifferent to mice, dangling one over him would only elicit a look of disdain that seems to say, "What? Me, eat a mouse? You must be out of your mind, woman!"), 1 Betta (thanks T2Rad!), 2 mallards (one of which died young; the one that survived became friends with the dogs and behaved like one till the day it died), 1 hamster, and 1 calf!
  15. Totally humiliating secret: I watched Menudo back in the mid-eighties. And wrestling too. Live in Araneta. Ick.

I know I'm supposed to pass this on, but every person I know who has a blog seems to have made a list already. So, this ends with me. And now that you know my secrets, I would have to kill you.


  1. Thanks TP for doing the meme. Too bad I can't ask you for money now, hehe.

  2. Oh, you just missed your chance! Too bad!


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