Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm So Lungkot...So, So Lungkot

Sharkteeth is with my parents, and no one is
  1. kicking me on the chin at the middle of the night
  2. sassing me, hence, I'm not getting any practice at "claw sharpening"
  3. greeting me a sunshiny "Good morning!" and asking me if she can drink coffee
  4. asking me to buy quail eggs, DVDs, lemons (probably mangoes), scooter, yes, scooter!, mocha cookies from every store we pass by, etc
  5. stealing my double-sided tape and PostIts
  6. pleading with me not to go to work and to just play with her all day, although playing is a very loose term that might mean running after and picking up the ball, letting her hide in a box and feigning surprise when she pops out (hopefully not a foreboding of future "profession"), running after her while she bikes, whatever
  7. lying her head on my thighs and just being plain malambing
  8. hugging me tight till I almost choke
  9. giving me those freakishly tiny weed flowers plucked while walking 'round the village
  10. poking me on my blubbery belly and saying, "Ang taba-taba mo na, Mymy!"
  11. insisting that she is Dora and I am Boots, and with the size disparity totally lost on her
  12. asking me to tell her stories about Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella and their respective princes; Bear-Bear and how he became hers; the hammer, saw, nails, wood, and other hardware supplies escaping at midnight and going to a bar, getting drunk and carousing till morning and showing up late at the hardware store the next day hung over and bleary eyed (you should totally hear this one!)
Haaaaay, I can go on and on, and it won't change a thing...miss ko na si kulit!


  1. wow that's a long list. when is she coming home?

  2. Wow, Sharkteeth is really the spitting image of TheHusband :)

  3. marco9:52 AM

    faile is right. she sure looks A LOT like her dad! really!

  4. jo gementera12:52 PM

    I wish you'll find a yaya na...hirap kasi naman humanap eh...

  5. Uy, baka di na naman ibalik nina Lola and Lola! :)

  6. Hi, everybody! My sassy Sharkteeth's back! So happy! Sadly, this is just a temporary thing; as long as we don't have a yaya, she's gonna stay in Bulacan. If may ma-recommend kayo, please contact me!
    She really looks like TheHusband, huh? I was actually trying to recall if I was even there when she was conceived. *scratches head* Whoever said "Paternity is a matter of speculation, but maternity is a matter of fact" hasn't seen Sharkteeth yet. Hahaha!

  7. tsokoholik9:16 AM

    i was about to ask why Sharkteeth is with the don't have a yaya pala. sad setup for you, but i bet the grandparents are so thrilled. was this photo taken recently? she's so big na!

  8. If may ma-recommend kayo, please contact me!

    --> ekstranghero @ gmail . com. mabait na yayo (?). promise. minimum wage (and this is even negotiable!) plus internet access (alang firewall, non-nego), masaya na ako. :-)

    ang laki na ni sam! hello, sammy!

  9. mang benn12:16 AM

    Please do not use "I'm so, so lungkot" without my permission. Naka copyright na sa akin yan.

  10. Tsokoholik, this was taken mid-February. Ang laki na nya noh? I can still remember when you, Abby ganda, Paul, Grachie, Jo Roger (uuuuy, sila pa no'n), and Co-rics visited her when she was only a few days old! Ang bilis ng panahon!
    E[k]stranger, I'll keep that in mind. You know that our not-so-Smart Bro sucks, right?
    Mang benn, who are you and why are you using Mang Benn's name in vain? Kung ikaw nga si Mang Benn, who was the reason for you being so, so lungkot?

  11. mang benn11:04 PM

    Batang-bata mo pa nun TPS nang gawin kong screensaver yun; may uhog ka pa nga sa labi nun (tama ba yun?). So please, again, don't use it without my permission, lest you wanna hear from my lawyer. She's no other than T-H-E--...

    btw, bati na ba kayo ni dave?

  12. ThePseudoshrink9:39 PM

    Hay naku, Suerte, lagot ka kay Mang Ben! You're using his name in vain! Hala ka, baka banggain ka nun ng cab nya.

  13. mang benn10:52 PM

    Please wag mong isama si Suerte dito. Napakabait ng batang yun; masipag na, may malasakit pa sa kumpanya. (Hindi katulad ng iba dyan, tiniriple lang ang sweldo, lumipat na agad..)


  14. sino ba si mang benn? siya ba yung na link kay ...?

    ang laki na ni sam. next thing you'll know, she's getting married already. hehehe.

  15. uy mang ben-wanna be, tama ng arte yan :) gusto mo lang umeksena e sinama mo pa si mang ben bweheheh pero ok na rin kasi pinatawa mo ko ng malakas this day. on second thought, ituloy mo yan ha. or... gumawa ka na lang ng sarili mong blog para mas masaya

  16. mang benn10:36 PM

    Let me clarify this: I am not a mang benn-wannabe. I am the real mang benn. Full name: Benn K. Atesh. I am not using my own name in vain! It's this Philippine Idol gold passer blogger who's using my name in vain! TPS and IdolVen, sabay ko na kayong idedemanda.

    Hehe. Juk-juk-juk...unle

  17. Sounds like a sweet kid.

    Steals double-sided tape and PostIts?

    Why? lol


  18. teka teka, hindi ko nga kilala si mang ben? siya ba yung taxi driver?

  19. Ven, si mang benn ay yung na-link kay baduday! Balita ko nga eh sila na. ; )

    Onyxx, ewan ko nga ba dyan kay mang benn kung bakit ayaw pang gumawa ng sariling blog. But then, baka meron na at di lang sinasabi.

    Mang benn, sue me!

    Ozy, I think it's a genetic thing she got from me. I'm a dork who hoards office and school supplies. She's the sweetest though! I love her to bits.

  20. mang benn12:54 PM

    "Ven, si mang benn ay yung na-link kay baduday! Balita ko nga eh sila na."

    Hahaha, that's a good one! Sharp talaga 'tong batchmate ko!

    No blog for me. Though I have a lot of things to say (mga walang kwenta mostly), I can't write as well as you guys. My writing won't give justice to my thoughts. ALT-S lang kaya ko (tsaka arrow down syempre).


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