Sunday, April 13, 2008

Roseta Melocotones y Crema

Oh, it's just peaches and just sounds so much more "cuisine" that way. Okay, enough of the pretentiousness! See, TheHusband went home down south because his granny died, and I was thinking of something to cheer him up when he gets back tomorrow, but ever since the New Year's New York Cheesecake Disaster (no, I don't have any post about this, and please don't ask me because my insides still clench with pain when I remember the failure; it was New Year's eve after all), I haven't had the guts to try doing desserts again.

Peaches and Cream Rosette. So pretty, if I may say so myself.

So, I thought, go slow, start anew, do something totally dummy-proof, and there goes the lightbulb! Why not peaches and cream? Totally easy, a child can do it, no way to miss, plus my ever-trusted assistant is more than willing to help.
My trusted assistant
Here are the ingredients needed, but it's so hard to screw this up, you can add other things like grated cheese or other fruits:


2 packs of all-purpose cream
1 small condensed milk
1 can peaches
6 yellow cake bars (you can use broas or graham crackers)

1. Slice the cake bars.
2. Slice the peaches...some thick, others as thin as possible (for the rosette).
3. Mix the cream and the milk.
4. Place a thin layer of cream on the bottom of the pan, then a layer of cake, then a layer of cream, then peaches, then another layer of cream.
5. Once done, you can add the peach slices for the rosette. I started from the center going outward. Don't do that---messes the cream and "uglifies" the peaches! Outward going inward makes a neater rosette.
6. Refrigerate for 3 hours or more.

Sharkteeth mixing the cream and condensed milk. It's good that I did not do this on YouTube, or else you would hear me screeching, “one direction only! one direction only!”

Sharkteeth covering the peach layer with the cream and milk mixture

I also made a small one using a panna cotta cup swiped from Starbucks---it's for my cutie pie assistant. I think this can be made into a rosette peaches and cream tower, much like a cupcake tower.

For my cutie pie assistant

Petite Peaches and Cream Rosette

This should sufficiently lift up TheHusband's spirit, don't you think?


  1. the ony thing that would make this entry perfect is if you could bring us a sample of this tomorrow -- i'm salivating already :)

  2. ThePseudoshrink9:31 PM

    Oh my, I know I'm going to be tempting the "office's food karma god" if I don't bring some tomorrow, but I only made one! Sowee! Next time na lang!

  3. tsalap!

    so, can you tell us what happened with the "New Year's New York Cheesecake Disaster"?


  4. josephine3:48 PM

    I'm gonna copy this! kaya lang hihilera ko lang, I'm sure di ko magagawa yung flowers... Sam's so pretty!

  5. This looks so yummy!!!
    Pareho kami ni Jo, for sure di ko din magagaya yung flower ;)

  6. e[k]s, you know you're hurting me, right? go passive-aggressive on someone else, okay?
    jo and zarine, promise, the rosette is soooooo easy. as in! if you know how to make a circle and you know a bit about direction, ie, inward vs outward, you can make one.

  7. Ang sarap naman nito! Is this like the refrigerator cake (or mango cream pie)? Anyway, I don't eat peaches so hanggang mango lang ako! he! he! yummmmy sa pics at hanep sa presentation! nabos ba agad?

  8. TravelGirl, yes, refrigerator cake ito. Masarap din ang mangga dito, it's just that I'm so tamad in slicing mangoes. Truth be told, di talaga naka-plano yung rosette...sobrang plain lang kasi nung cake after ko malagay yung last layer ng cream kaya ko naisipang lagyan ng design. TheHusband had second thoughts about eating it kasi nanghihinayang sya na masira yung flower, eh nanaig ang gutom.

  9. supladita eyes9:54 PM

    Pagluto mo ako nito pagbalik ko diyan?

  10. Babaeng suplada, oo naman---ang tanong, kelan ka pa babalik? Babalik ka pa ba?


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