Saturday, April 19, 2008

He Brought Sexy Back. No, Silly, Not Justin Timberlake

Oh. My. God! Those were the only words I was able to utter when I saw David Cook's performance,* and I was left groping around for my panties, which instantly dropped to floor when I heard his voice. I accelerated from totally AI clueless to for-heaven's-sake-hand-me-the-phone-so-I-can-vote-
for-David-Cook-wait-I-can't-vote-thru-Globe? AI crazy when I saw his Always Be My Baby performance on YouTube. TOTALLY MAKA-LAGLAG-
doesn't even begin to cover it. He's like a rugged Brad Pitt with a voice that matches his looks. And the voice, oh, my God, the voice! Haaaay, describing it wouldn't give it any justice---I'm handing that task to the voice fetishist, and I'm leaving you with the video of his performance. Now, if only somebody can help me find my knickers!

*Baduday, thanks for the post! Apparently, you still haven't lost your voice fetish.


  1. i hope you won't get too disappointed if ever he gets axed. ooopss.... pretend you didn't hear that. teka, baka kabagin ka nyan TPS. better hold on to your drawers wehehehe

  2. Although I'm hoping he would win, it doesn't matter to me that much because I'm already a fan. I was chatting with Baduday last night and I told her that I'm gonna buy his album if and when it comes out.

  3. "I was left groping around for my panties, which instantly dropped to floor when I heard his voice."

    hmmm... asan si thehusband nun? hehehe. ;-) i've been following his career since he performed billy jean. not sure if he'll win, but i think right now, it doesn't matter. not winning only means he'll probably release an album earlier. studio version of always be my baby is already out in the net. i can send it to you if you're a bit tired of typing david cook's name already (you've probably done that for more than a thousand times already? hehehe).

  4. thepseudoshrink9:38 AM

    e[k]s, TheHusband who? Oh, TheHusband. Hehehe, kidding, beybe.
    Thanks for the offer, pero I not only have the copy of studio version, I also have a flash version of the performance. It was the office anthem yesterday.

  5. You should watch his older AI performances. He's that good. And I think he also sort of transformed, especially when he gained confidence, from an unkempt dude to a hearthrob.

  6. thepseudoshrink4:01 PM

    Yeah, Zarine, I's almost "stalker-ish." I have even watched his high school play. Haha! Obsessed fan ba ang dating? I also like Hello; astig, for a lack of a better word.

  7. Stalke-ish and obsessed? I do that all the time! Ha ha ha!

  8. Laglag panty pala ha! Malandi kang may asawa ka! he! he!
    Anyway, I think that talent-wise, he deserves to win. Iba kasi talaga sya...diba sabi nga ni Simon, he "stands out by a mile." But then, this is a popularity contest...and my sister told me that his youtube video (of "Always Be My Baby") has been downloaded about 2,000 times versus the 28,000downloads (I hope I remembered the figures correctly) of David Archuleta's "When You Believe" I don't know with i-tunes). But let's just hope that isn't an indicator!

  9. thepseudoshrink@gmail.com10:18 PM

    Zarine, you have had your fair share of stalking, ie, being the stalkee and the stalker, haven't you? ;)

    TravelGirl, doesn't matter---to me, he's the winner already! Looped all day ang Always Be My Baby yesterday sa office and today sa bahay!

  10. "Zarine, you have had your fair share of stalking, ie, being the stalkee and the stalker, haven't you? ;)"


  11. Baduday7:05 PM

    Correct, I still am a voice fetish, and David Cook has a lovely, lovely voice. Found out that his bro has brain tumor pala kaya he was emotional din

  12. thepseudoshrink7:10 PM

    Baduday, sabihin mo kay mang benn huwag na syang magtawa sa pag-iyak mo.

  13. David Crook9:47 PM

    Hi Eylen.

    This is David Crook from Ameyrican Idol.

    I'm glad you liked my rendition.

    I'm dedicating my next performance to you. Hopefully you won't be masyadong sad...masyadong, masyadong sad anymore.

    All the best.

  14. thepseudoshrink9:50 PM

    mang benn, david crook, lucky flyboy: May MPD ka? May gamot yan. :P

  15. Let me correct myself:
    David Cook: 8000 downloads
    David Archuleta: 258,000 downloads
    But you're right...talent-wise, David Cook should be the winner...

  16. Baduday11:32 PM

    Have you watched his latest? Fave ko pa naman ang Music of the Night. Sweet intoxication!

  17. TravelGirl, they failed to account the knickers that fell, not only from me, but also from other girls. Surely, that's worth more than a thousand downloads each, right?
    Yeah, Baduday. I like it, but not as much as Always Be My Baby. Teka, papakinggan ko uli.


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