Monday, August 24, 2015


Minsang breakfast ni Sharkteeth (before school), I was browsing Solenn's Instagram...
Me:  I'm such a fan of Solenn.
Sharkteeth: Why?
Me: Well, she's beautiful and very confident.
Sharkteeth: What else?
Me: She's very talented. [I showed her Solenn's paintings.]
Sharkteeth: Now, I too am a fan. 
Me: She has a very handsome fiancé.
Sharkteeth: But you have Deden. 

You have to agree, she KNOWS which side of the bread to butter. :)

Minsan sa mall, after eating...
Me: Can we browse in the department store a bit?
Sharkteeth: Sure. C'mon, you can choose a gift for your birthday.
Me: Well, in that case, let's go to the second floor where the jewelry shops are.
Sharkteeth: Oh, no, we're just going to the clearance aisle. 

So, you know now that I'm not the side of the bread that is buttered.

Again, usapang birthday...

Sharkteeth: What do you want for your birthday?
Me: Not much. Just a clean and organized house. Maybe you and Deden can...
Sharkteeth: I said a birthday gift, not a MIRACLE.

Am I asking for too much? Am I?
Related note: May bago kaming helper. She's very masipag, may utak, may kusa, hindi chatty. I love her. I did get my birthday wish, after all. Huwag sanang mausog.

Overheard, after kong utusan si Sharkteeth for the n-th time that day...
Sharkteeth: [mimicking a Nat Geo voice-over] The Samosaurus will surely face the brink of death and extinction because of the never-ending orders from the growling and terrifying Bossy Rex.

Am I terrifying? Am I? I'm such a Care Bear kaya...with fangs.


S and I were chatting yesterday and she said that everybody's spoiling her with gifts. *Thank you all for the kind gifts and greetings. So grateful.* I said, "I hope it won't turn you SELFISH."

Upon hearing the word selfish, hayun na. Lumabas ang lahat ng hugot.

Eto ang soliloquy...

"You know, when I don't lend my iPad to J, he calls me 'selfish'. He once told me, 'I haven't done anything bad to you, why are you treating me this way?' And I said, 'EXCUUUUSSSEE ME, I have a list of all the things you did to me!' [may matching nanlilisik na mata] And he replied, 'Let's not talk about the past. Forgive and forget.' But I can't forget. It's all in here [points to her head]."

Hays, there are times when I look at her, seeking a reflection of myself and don't find any. At all. Yet there are times when hints of little habits and mannerisms, and unfortunately bad ugali that I vainly try to hide from her (like being vindictive and unforgiving), faintly manifest, reminding me that she is her mother's daughter. We're both works in progress.


  1. Ang kulit nyong dalawa! Sarap siguro talaga maging Nanay at makipagkwentuhan sa anak. Kaya pala ang Nanay ko ang daldal lalo na pag kakwentuhan kami, hindi maubusan ng kwento.

    P.S. Hindi pala ako pwede helper, kasi chatty ako. Magagalit ang mga among katulad mo. Hahahahahaha...

    1. I'm sure, when you have one na rin, dadaldalin mo yun from day 1.
      Ganyan din nanay ko. Actually, pareho lang kami. Kaya usually, bago matapos ang trip ko medyo paos na ako.

      Hahaha! Medyo nadala lang ako sa mga helpers ko. Sobra makapagkwento ng mga kanilang lives and loves. Nauubusan ako ng oras sa trabaho. Ang masama pa, kung minsan eh kwentong kutsero lang. Hahaha!

  2. Angkyut nya! Nakakatuwa!

    1. Makulit yun. Duguan lagi ilong ko. Kaya lagi akong may katabing tissue.

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    My little one has got my temper. :-P It's both frightening and amusing seeing your traits in your child. I think S got your smarts and humor. ;-)

    1. Diba? It's kinda scary when you see your face in you child when he/she is angry, kasi you see yourself and you get reminded how you are when you're angry. At least, I am.


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