Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Than Meets The Eye

When Sharkteeth came home last night, she was furious. You should see her when she's angry -- brows knitted, eyes flashing dangerously, and lips curling up in disdain. The Furies personified, with Lady Sif thrown in for good measure. An unstoppable force of nature in a tiny bundle.

Sharkteeth: Mymy! You know what?! Bush* and his friend accused me that I took his Lego! But I didn't. I just played with it and returned it on his table.
TPS: That's rude...pero, anak, baka someone took it and they thought you didn't return it. 
Sharkteeth: But I did return it. I'm going to ask teacher to change my Kris Kringle baby. I don't want to give those Hotwheels to him. 
TPS: Anak, I'm afraid it's too late for that. You'd have to suck it. Ibigay mo na lang yung gift and ignore him na lang. 
Sharkteeth: Fine. I'll give it to him alright. I'll SHOVE that gift to his face!!! 
TPS: Huwaaaaggg!!! 
Sharkteeth: They were so rude to me!!!

This went on for a while. Pag-uwi ni TheHusband, sinabi din daw sa kanya. Bubusa-busa daw.

Christmas party. When we met for lunch, S said that the boys apologized na daw. Kasi Bush found the Lego inside his pocket.

TPS: That's good. It's nice they know they should apologize when they wrongly accuse someone. 
Sharkteeth: They only did because I asked them. When Bush said it was in his pocket all along, I DEMANDED that they apologize. Or else I was ready to make them apologize the HARD WAY. [hitting her palm with her fist...ominous, right?]
TPS: So they did? 
Sharkteeth: Yes. They must have realized that there's something BIGGER IN THIS LITTLE GIRL IN THE CUTE DRESS.

Cute naman talaga yung dress.
Akala ko hindi isusuot kasi ayaw nya ng dresses.

*Not his real name, of course. Let's protect the innocent, however rude they might be.


  1. Hahahaha, she knows and asserts her rights. Way to go, Sharkteeth!

  2. Buti na lang natapos na ang usapin na eto, kasi di sya matahimik. She was annoyed (understatement) with the accusation.

  3. Little Mother E ang peg! Hahaha Pero seriously, humanga ako kay Sam. Talagang ipinaglaban niya at sana yung laban natin para kay GIngersnaps eh magbunga din. Hello Gingersnaps!!!!!

  4. PS Mother, d ko nakadaan sa Dimensione... Nagkasakit ako sa dami ng Xmas party na ina-attend-an ko. Once I feel fine, dadaan ako ng Mega. :)

    1. Naku, D, mali rin ang info na nakuha ko. Sa Play & Display pala. Don't worry about me, si Tsokoholik na daw bahala bumili for me.
      Get well na. Baka umabot pa ng Pasko akalain pa ng inaanak mo eh tinataguan mo sila...

  5. Hopeless na ang laban natin, D! Deadmatology 101 ang peg ng Gingersnaps. :(

  6. Aba at mukhang may pinagmanahan! Haha. In peyrnes, ang cute nga ng dress ni S at bagay sa kanya! Bilis ng panahon, next time ibang klaseng boy problem na ang ikukwento nya sayo. Hehe. :)

  7. Hay, Edel, not a moment too soon...

  8. I love that the story is juxtaposed with a photo of her in a feminine dress. :) Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas, Annie. She's a bundle of non sequiturs and contradictions; she's the sweetest kid yet no pushover.


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