Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rant Na Naman?

I was pretty late in having Sharkteeth's uniform made. I was getting desperate too, kasi June na nun. While buying fabric in a local store, thankfully, another mom buying some fabric herself recommended a tailoring shop that specifically sews uniforms. PHP150 per blouse daw ang charge.

When I went there, the guy owner said they can finish it in a week. Eh di kampante naman ako kasi S still has her uniform from last year and kasya pa naman, albeit getting a bit tight for her na. Still, the old uniforms would do for the meantime. I confirmed the price. Nagkasundo naman kami.

When we got back from Bacolod, nagka-gastroenteritis ako and I wasn't able to pick up the uniforms on the date they specified, June 30. On the Saturday of that week, when I tried to pick up the uniforms, wala daw dun. Wala rin dun yung owner. Hindi ko naman alam kung saan yung main branch nila. When I returned on the next Monday, July 7, andun yung asawa nung tailor, and di pa raw natatahi ang uniform. Jusko naman. Naiwala daw nila yung measurements. I didn't wanna argue anymore 'cause I was getting tired na of arguing with them and with another shop (a laundryshop, another story). I just had S remeasured, and the lady promised I can get two uniforms after two days. Unfortunately, I hurt my back, which restricted my mobility. Long story short, kanina ko lang na pick up.

I was actually expecting the worst, i.e., hindi pa rin tapos. Buti naman tapos na. When I paid, naghihintay ako ng sukli sa 1000, kasi PHP600 ang total, tapos, wala, deadma lang yung lalaking sastre. When I asked for the sukli, wala daw kasi PHP250 per blouse. WUTTTT???!!! I told him na sabi nya sa akin PHP150 lang yung blouse. Sabi daw nung wife nya eh PHP250. But my point is, sya (guy owner) ang kausap ko in the first place, hindi yung wife nya, and he told me na PHP150 per blouse. He was sort of denying na sya ang kausap ko, asking, "Tayo ba ang nag-usap? Parang hindi naman."


No matter how much I promise to avoid cursing, parang the whole of the universe, o sige, the whole of Dumaguete's service industry is conspiring to make me curse, and curse loud. I really tried to hold my temper in check, and I actually succeeded. Pero kung inakala nya na papayag akong hindi makuha yung pera ko, well, he was sorely mistaken. I just told him, despite his protestations that his wife told him to charge PHP250, we agreed on PHP150 and I told him that, in fact, he was the one who first took S's measurements. Eventually, he must have realized I wasn't going away till I get my money and relented.

Pero, grabe, bakit kailangan ko pang makipag-argue? To paraphrase my friend M, why do they have to draw this out of me? I was getting angry, I was close to the point of yelling, and I felt terrible because I was behaving like a bad person, for what, 400 pesos?! I know I could just have let it go, it's just money, but I know I'd get angry at myself more if I let bad services have their way.

This isn't the first time I've encountered bad services, kahit saan naman, merong ganun. It's just that sobrang frequent talaga dito. Nakaka-bother na. The laundy incident I mentioned above, it was awful, but I won't talk about it yet 'cause I filed a case sa DTI. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

SHARKTEEEEETHHHH!!! Water, please, saka gamot sa alta-presyon!


  1. Nagbabakasali makalusot?! Labo!

  2. Nakaka-dismaya, diba? Parang ang siste is, "it ain't over till it's over," na up to the last minute eh pwedeng magbago ang presyo ng walang pasabi. Panira sila sa ganda ng lugar.


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