Monday, July 21, 2014

Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso

Nung singing lessons ni Sharkteeth last Saturday, she was dilly-dallying sa pag-akyat ng hagdan papunta sa studio. A young teenage boy prodded her, saying "Don't worry, they won't eat you there." Anyway, as there were so many parents and yayas inside the studio waiting for their superstars, I just stayed on the lobby near the stairs and reread Harry Potter. The young boy was also there listening to music.

Siguro around half an hour later, may umaakyat sa hagdan. The young boy briefly looked down the stairs and immediately covered his head with his hoodie, bent forward on his knees, and nagkunwaring tulog. Then a couple of young girls passed by on their way to the studio, briefly looking at the boy, exchanging odd looks.

A few seconds later, he surreptitiously checked kung nakapasok na yung mga girls. Then another girl went up the stairs, and the young boy again did his little farce. When sure that the girl was already inside the studio, he removed his hoodie, and craning his neck toward the studio, checked out the girls again.

Di ako nakatiis. *Chismosa talaga*

TPS: What's that about? Is one of them your crush or something?

AND YET, he kept on checking out the girls in the studio. Akala nya hindi ko nakikita pero he had this little smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes. Later on, hindi na nakatiis, pumasok na ng studio and pinanood na nya ang practice nung isang girl. Echosero.

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