Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cath Kidston-Style Dining Chair Cover

I love Cath Kidston prints! They sell the most charming and adorable prints -- when I browse through their site, I feel like I can hear Diana Ross' Home in my mind. It's so homey and shabby chic, though medyo mahalia sya for my pocket -- chic nga, magiging shabby naman ang bulsa ko. Anyway, wanting to reupholster our dining chairs, I looked for some Cath Kidston-style prints and found some pillowcases with floral prints. As it turned out, the pillowcases fit the back of the chair perfectly.

I did a few modifications and it was good to go! I then removed the seats and just stapled the new fabric on top of the old one. I didn't sew the edge of the fabric anymore; I just folded it. So, heto ang finished product. Pretty, right? Parang mabango yung chair, di ba?


  1. Ang galing! I like Kath Kidston prints too.

    On another note, kintab ng sahig a. Sipag mo!

  2. They are so adorable. I passed by Vanilla Cupcake yesterday, and they used CK prints for their furniture. So pretty.


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