Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Belated Mothers' Day Syrup

Chatting away with a friend and former colleague (F/FC) earlier about politics, napunta ang chicahan namin tungkol sa pag-aanak. Nakwento ko that Sharkteeth was having trouble learning how to swim, and last Sunday night, I walked in on her sobbing -- ayaw nang pumasok sa swimming class kasi she couldn't float or glide and a classmate was mocking her daw that she couldn't swim. [Sharkteeth, ituro mo yan sa akin bukas at kukutusan ko ng isa!!!] Sharkteeth spent most of Mothers' Day evening crying on my arms. I was so heartbroken for her. I seriously considered making her stop her lessons, but I think that would send a wrong signal -- that you can just up and quit when things get difficult. Anyhoo, I related this to F/FC and said that, "Napakahirap magka-anak. You feel their pain and heartbreak but ten times over." F/FC, who doesn't have a child yet, asked -- something like, "What are the pros of having a child? Parang lahat ng naririnig ko mahirap magka-anak." My answer: "Her smile. Seeing her smile is worth all the pain."


  1. So how's relating to swimming these days? Have they become friends? I hope so.

  2. They parted as enemies. Maybe next summer. Maybe...


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