Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ang Pagbawi Sa Bewang

One night, after the requisite story, Sharkteeth called me, "Tabachingching, tulog na tayo." ["Fattie, let's sleep."] Ayayay! So after years of piling on weight due to bad food and habits, I resolved to eat healthier food and to exercise. The food thing I've already started; it's the exercise that I need to start. I bought a pair of cross-trainers around same time last year, and I have only used it once last month to play soccer* with Sharkteeth. TheHusband is teasing me that the shoes are so very clean. I'm thinking of jogging MWF and yoga TThS. Ugh, I really need to buy some will power to get this started.

It's a bit hard with the food because I work in a small office, and the smell of glorious food in the pantry easily circulates and sometimes dampen my will. But I discovered that rotating meals makes it easier to bear. For example, the lunch I have here is half a can of solid tuna, some bits of cheese, two slices of bread (yeah, I know, I better reduce this to one and do away with the cheese), half a spoonful of low-fat mayo with a dollop of mustard, and some lettuce. The savory flavor of the tuna and the creamy mouthfeel of the mayo make me feel like I'm eating "real" food, thus, I don't feel deprived. I rotate this with egg salad, Spanish sardines, etc. I'm not really sure of the caloric content of this plate---could be a few thousand calories, for all I know, but eating fish certainly makes me feel better than eating meat. If only I could swear off meat. But I'm a "meatatarian" through and through.

So there. Wish me luck!

Tangent thought: On my way to work yesterday, I saw a truck of cows tethered through their nose so they won't move much during the trip. It horrified me and almost (emphasis on
almost) made me decide to be a vegetarian. It's just that beef is so damned yummy and I really love leather bags and shoes, so swearing off beef, or any other meat, is quite an impossibility at the moment.

*By soccer, I mean kicking a ball around and letting Sharkteeth run after it. Sneaky Mymy, I know.


  1. wosaMia2:36 PM

    TPS kaya mo yan! Actually just last week I started abstaining from eating pork na ulit and super konting beef na lang because of the news re double dead na pork, and that made me decide to stop eating pork muna and sana eventually beef na din. Last time nakaya ko for about 3 months. This time medyo mas decided. Goodluck sa atin! :)

  2. Haaaay, it's a battle. Especially because pork BBQ is soooo yummy and my mudra cooks one mean tapa.


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