Monday, October 20, 2008

TPS Pwn3d Again

I gave Sharkteeth some fizzy shells with mermaid inside. She then placed the mermaids in a cup full of water.

TPS: Anak, bakit mo binabad sa tubig yung mga sirena mo?
Sharkteeth: Mymy, mga sirena yan---kailangan nila ng tubig. Ano ka ba?

Good point.


  1. wow. this just might be the cutest thing you've posted yet. where on earth did you find these things?

  2. Cute ni Sharkteeth! Kaw naman kasi, pano nga naman hihinga yung mermaid kung wala sila sa tubig! :)

  3. sheng5:18 PM

    Oo nga naman, sirena nga naman sila, they need H20... hahah...

  4. Yes, Onyxx, they are very cute. Sayang, ubos na yung tinda sa Toy Kingdom. KG and Sheng, you can just imagine how I felt---as in feeling ko eh super tanga ko for not realizing that. Kids, eh?

  5. oo nga naman. siyempre kelangan ng tubig ni dyesebel at ni marina. (so teleserye 'no?):D

    thanks for dropping by.

  6. Bem, you know, sometimes I forget the basics!


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