Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet Temperance

Worldwide Web, meet the new member of the family, Temperance. Temperance, meet Worldwide Web!

Temperance (or Melody, Sharpay, Bunny, or whatever Sharkteeth wants at the moment; she's always gonna be Temperance to me) is my gift to Sharkteeth for braving it through two consecutive bouts of cough and colds and for her excellent performance in school this past quarter (yeah, I know, too early for academic pressure and all, but whatever). TheHusband observed last night that the hindlimbs seem weak. Apparently, he was mistaken---that puny, tiny bunny with weak hindlimbs? She outrun the yaya, Sharkteeth, and me this morning, creating chaos in an already chaotic home.


  1. Ha! You've fallen prey to the rabbit spell! Wendy begged me to buy a year ago...after one month of meticulous care, she has left the care to our kasambahays and have forgotten about Jack and Jill!

    Cute creatures they are...when they're not big yet! :)

  2. My brother used to have one too! Not too cute when they get old.

  3. send mo to sa dali!

  4. hi, temperance. :-)


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