Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Product Review: MiFlower iPod and MP3 Speaker

Something this cute will never fail to catch my eye, and true enough, just when I was a few meters away from the exit door of the department store, feeling victorious that I didn't buy anything frivolous, I saw this, and with the huge "markdown" from 1000 pesos to 300 pesos, I wasn't able resist (admittedly, I never really tried) the (supposed) bargain. It's a speaker for iPod and other MP3 players. Its leaves gently wave and the colors of the petals change depending on the kind of music it plays---play some slow music and the colors turn mellow; give it some Flo Rida and it becomes more hyper than someone with ADD who missed a dose of Ritalin. Low. Low. Low. Low. There's an LCD "face" that becomes a clock when no music is playing. And the speaker is not bad at all...no tin-ny sound (*cough, iPod earbuds, cough*). I think 20 or so of this would be fantastic for a party---no need for other fancy lights; I just don't know how to synchronize all speakers to one player, but I'm sure it's possible. Probably a splitter of some kind.
I only hope that they made a dock for the iPod or MP3 player so it won't be just lying there. Still, for 300 pesos, I think this is an absolute steal. Do I like it? Yes! In fact, I'll be buying a few more
on the weekend, some to stash for myself (my neurosis, among others) and others for gifts.


  1. sheng8:56 AM

    Very cool indeed. If I have an MP3 Player, I would ask you to buy one for me too, but i don't have one, I depend on my Nokia phone for the sounds, and in the office, my PC speakers and Winamp sounds do good for me.

    But yes, very cool. I like the color.

  2. Sheng, if the need (or want) arises, sabihan mo lang ako. It's really cute.


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