Thursday, May 08, 2008

Passive-Aggressive Moment

Dear Ms CSR Trainer Cher Co-Passenger,

That you said ducky fuck instead of fuzzy duck in front of your trainees? I get it. In fact, I already got it, along with half the passengers of the bus, before we entered the Skyway, and we could still get it when we reached Sucat Interchange. No need to repeat that fuzzy duck fucking the ducky fuck and the emphatic pronunciation of toll/tol over and over and over. It's no fun either to hear you rant on and on about your trainee who pronounced beach as bitch and how you righteously said that he better pronounce it right because saying the latter would get him in trouble. You know, despite what you're thinking, just because you can say b and v correctly doesn't mean you're intelligent.* You enunciating all throughout the trip was so freaking irritating that I thought my brain was milliseconds away from hemorrhaging. It took three quarters** of my strength not to grab you by your walis-tambo hair*** and bitch slap some sense into you. And the moment you alighted from the bus? I swear, the guy sitting beside me and I sighed in collective relief.

And, oh, another thing, don't you think you should help your takuza boyfriend with his pronunciation first?


*I know I posted this, so this post might seem to be a bit of hypocrisy on my part, but then, my readers can easily close the browser; I, on the other hand, couldn't get off the bus in the middle of SLEX.
**The remaining quarter was goading me to just effing do it.
* **Uhm, Pot, meet Kettle; Kettle, meet Pot. *blush*


  1. ouch! so, who's the unfortunate smartass? nyeheheh... that must have been one hell of a ride :)

  2. deym! is she atleast sexy and beautiful (PURELY physical hehehe)? kahit 1% saving grace man lang for her takuza boyfriend? (fine, it might be 99% for others -- just a meager 98% for me! nyahaha!)

    had an almost similar experience in one of our gimiks. (hello, mordsith! remember that girl?) we were having a discussion on something and this girl, who was even late to arrive, talked as if she knows everything about the topic! "you need to do this," "we've done this before," "you can call me if you need to know anything else." aaaahhh!!! the discussion was about NGO formation, unemployment, eduction, and economy. and she's in the company of a supreme court intern, a corporate lawyer, NGO consultants, a university professor, and of course, the top of the food chain, mordsith and i. :-) (she's a TL in a certain contact center in makati. she was invited by the SC intern, probably because of her "1% saving grace.")

    she has nice eyes. and by eyes i was refering to her twins... i almost wished those twins were her brains.

  3. Bibong Ibon10:44 AM

    just because you can say b and v correctly doesn't mean you're intelligent

    It doesn't, but knowing the Chicago Manual certainly does. Right? ;)

    momentarily down but not out

  4. I wouldn't want to be in that bus, too. Or maybe if I'm close enough to record her blabber on my cel, he he,

  5. Onyxx, she's not a smartass, just an ass. It was a very long, insufferable ride!

    X, no. Wala, walang saving glory. Even with her terrible grammar and all, Janina San Miguel still owns her. Your last para? You remind me of Superfish.

    Bibong Ibon, I won't even go there. But can we include the knowledge of AMA and APA in the list? para naman makapag-claim ako ng intelligence. Hahahaha. Who are you, by the way?

    Z, I was close enough, but I didn't even need to be close enough to hear her...half the bus can hear her, and it was a big bus. Much as I regret not recording her soliloquy, I just realized that my phone's memory wouldn't have been was an hour's ride after all. One hour?! It felt like three. Would have been bearable if my iPod was with me...gotta buy that battery na.

  6. kim bauer and jessica alba made my day. nioce site, that superfish. :-)


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