Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cook Wins!

Yay for David Cook! But then, I really don't need this affirmation because in my heart of hearts, he is the true winner. Still, yay!

And oh, by the way, I still haven't found the knickers I lost during his Always Be My Baby performance. Did anybody see a leopard-print panty with "Bitch Goddess" embroidered on it?


  1. i knew this would would make your day :). i don't know why simon c. had to make those comments (re DC's song choices), but at least he made up for it by apologizing to DC on that final night

  2. thepseudoshrink12:04 AM

    Yeah, it did! Hmmm, I think Simon's comments, vacillating between nasty and adoring, are just a ploy to keep the viewers guessing who the winner will be.


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