Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Everything Happens For A Reason

Never mind if the Teflon coating of the saucepan is, what?, 1/10,000th of a nanometer. Never mind if the saucers and bowls are nonmicrowaveable. Being pink (perfect shade!), purple (as expected, Sharkteeth was ecstatic), and floral is reason enough for me. And did I mention that they are dirt-cheap? So, I guess, these cuties are the reason why I couldn't seem to resist going to the supermarket despite the many books that I needed to cover.


  1. It's so cute! SAn mo nabili yan? Sharkteeth and I have the same preference...magkakasundo kami!

  2. thepseudoshrink6:45 AM

    Sa Puregold. Cuties noh? Oo, magkakasundo kayong dalawa---purple lovers are quite fanatical.

  3. as in anything pink will do? (provided it's cute of course) :D. the pink ladies strike again -- erm should i make this pink lady & lavender girl instead?

  4. "purple lovers are quite fanatical"

    Bakit nga kaya? I'm a bit of a purple lover, too. I ca be really fanatical at times, he he

  5. Onyxx, Sharkteeth and I are a perfect team when it comes to color.
    Zarine, in fairness, di ko nahalata na mahilig ka sa purple, unlike Grace whose office accessories make me crave for haleyang ube.

  6. heehee. those are real pretty! i don't blame you. and if they're cheap to boot, goooo!


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