Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Which Aisle Sells The Best Babies?

Sharkteeth: [in her whiny voice] Mymy, gusto ko na ng baby sister.
[Mymy, I want a baby sister.]
ThePseudoshrink: [not really paying attention] Uh-huh...
Sharkteeth: [more forceful this time] Mymy! Gusto ko na ng baby sister!
[Mymy! I want a baby sister!]
ThePseudoshrink: Sige, try namin ni Deden.
[Okay, Deden and I are gonna try.]
Sharkteeth: [so overjoyed I can almost hear the skip in her steps] Talaga? Saan tayo bibili ng baby sister? Sa Arranque*?
[Really? Where are we going to buy my baby sister? In Arranque?]

*For those not in the know, Arranque is a place in Recto where you can get dirt-cheap pets, exotic or otherwise.


  1. the husband6:53 AM

    Kumareng Grace's daughter wants 12 brothers and sisters. Good thing Sharkteeth only wants a baby sister. Cheaper!

  2. 12? I should count my blessings pala.

  3. Yup! 12 brothers and sisters. So at that rate, dapat ngayon pa lang simulan ko na, unless may twins o triplets on the way!
    Kung kayo sa Arranque, kami sa cartimar bibili...:)

  4. hahaha! the things kids say are sooo funny sometimes!

  5. thepseudoshrink10:42 PM

    Kumareng Grace, I'm thinking of going to Bioresearch this time...para mas maganda quality. Hehe.
    Caryn, yes, they do, and oftentimes, they're so much more fun to be with than adults.


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