Friday, May 02, 2008

He Took Some Clay And Breathed Life Into It

Sharkteeth and I joined a "sampler" pottery class sponsored by the Filipinas Heritage LibraryJon Pettyjohn showing how to use the wheel, a Filipiniana library under the Ayala Foundation, last April 12. It was presided by no less than Jon Pettyjohn, Philippines' renowned clay artist. There was a brief lecture on Philippine pottery followed by a workshop.

Sharkteeth was invited to use the wheel, and stage mother that I am, I went with her. GooSharkteeth trying to do some coilingd thing I did because the moment her hands were dirtied by the clay, she started chanting, "I. WANT. TO. WASH. MY. HANDS! I. WANT. TO. WASH. MY. HANDS! I. WANT. TO. WASH. MY. HANDS! I. WANT. TO. WASH. MY. HANDS!" I gotta hand it to Mr Pettyjohn, who seemed unperturbed by Sharkteeth's whining; he even finished Sharkteeth's bowl for her. It was so tiring, as the clay was so heavy!

For those who want to learn pottery, you can go to The Pottery Work
shop of the Pettyjohn-Mendoza School at the 4th floor of Glorietta 4, tel.: 812-0766, mobile: 0915-571-1160. Classes include basic hand building, slab making, coiling, wheel throwing, and glazing.

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My maiden effortFinished products. Totally crappy, eh?


  1. the husband7:33 AM

    Pottery = Demi Moore. Is that weird? Hmm...
    How much? Is it okay to quit (walk out) when I get tired, or lazy? I want to try sana, kaya lang I don't have patience (read: artistic talent) to do a whole pot (or vase, or something similar, whatever you call those things).
    Laki na ni Sam

  2. Hi, Co-rics! No, it's not weird. I was kinda hoping they'd play that cheesy Ghost theme song. They didn't.

    Trial single session (1 hour), 350 (with free clay)
    Single session, 600
    Five sessions, 3000
    Ten sessions, 5000
    Firing fee, 1.5 per cubic inch
    Clay, 100 per 2 kg

    Of course you can quit if you want, pero it's so enjoyable that you'd probably finish the entire course. Bring the wife along---mag-e-enjoy sya surely!

  3. Nagpunta pala kayo dito...OK ba? I want to try it.

  4. Anna Grace, I just realized na wala man lang pala akong nasabi kung na-enjoy namin o hindi...hehe. We thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I wanted to join the classes sana kaso sobrang busy-busyhan sa work ngayon.

  5. Cool! Galeng naman...

  6. kainis, di ako naka-attend. so, when does he plan to offer free pottery-making classes again?

  7. Diong, salamat! Kamusta buhay Indy?
    Onyxx, sayang nga. Ang saya-saya! Di ko pa nga lang nakukuha yung ginawa namin. Siguro this weekend.

  8. I didn't know he was doing this. I'm passing along this info to my mom, she's gonna love this. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Ang kulit talaga ni Sharkteeth lol

  9. Tricia12:35 PM

    Galing! You get to learn from Mr. Pettyjohn himself! I want to visit his place in Laguna some time.

  10. Ozy, yeah, and he's very good at it, and even that, my friend, is an understatement!
    Trish, yes, and it was so much fun! Tiring, but fun! Wish you were there. Ikaw agad naisip ko nung matanggap ko yung email---diba gusto mo dating mag-aral?


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