Friday, May 02, 2008

I Know A Few In My Blogroll Will Enjoy These

Lord please protect us for every time.Rimot control

Do not leave yur car illegaly park

*I only used a camera phone, hence the lame-ass resolution.


  1. enjoyed it! hehehe. (may isa akong nakita, not exactly similar in nature to the ones you posted, pero katawa din: "KUNG UMIIHI KA DITO, BAWAL.")

    hey, the coffee, sometime next week, promise! di makalabas ng bahay e. was at ayala the other day kaso nakalimutan ko naman. hehehe.

  2. Grabe ah, kaaga nyong online ni Co-rics!
    This is my new bad habit---taking pictures of such signages!
    Will wait for you (and the coffee) sometime next week!

  3. Ganda... Tapang kumuha, pwedeng pwede sa street photography :-)

  4. Diong, tapang...tapang ng apog. Kasi parang medyo na-we-weird-an sa akin yung katabi ko sa bus nung nikukuhanan ko ng picture yung "Lord...." Queber!

  5. Ha, ha, ha! Antagal ko na tinitingnan yun, ngayon ko lang naintindihan yung rimot control.

  6. the signs say it all -- and they work! they're a real attention-grabber and passersby are 'forced' to drive their sluggish minds to understand what the signs mean heheheh


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