Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goodbye and Hello

In less than a fortnight, I'd be leaving my home-away-from-home. On the last day of August, it will be a decade. Although it is needless to say that I'm happy with where I'm going, I never thought that my leaving would sadden me so (but then, I'm a total sentimental sap). I started here in my mid-20s, with no desire to stay for more than 1 year, and I stupidly let the interviewer know (quite amazing that she still let me get to the next round of interview---I think they needed a lot of people then). But things do not always go as planned. I met my soulmate here (that is, if your definition of soulmate is someone you can find in the Mall of Asia without a prearranged meeting place or without using a cell phone or mall paging system), got married, got pregnant, gave birth to a very beautiful baby who does not resemble me a bit, and 1 year turned into 2, 3, 4 , etc., and here I am, a decade older, though not necessarily wiser.

When asked why I wanted to leave, it's all too easy to reply with bitter clichés, but surprisingly, there aren't any. Fact is, even with all the changes, the petty jealousy
, the management that you believe would never empathize, the seemingly endless and rewardless toil, the rules, the amendment to the rules, the amendment to the amendment of the rules, ad infinitum, life is good here. After all, is there such a thing as perfect workplace? One with no changes all? The petty jealousy? What is a workplace with no jealousy, I ask you? The management who never seem to empathize? Question is, as a bottom-feeder rank-and-file, did we ever? And let's not start on the endless and rewardless toil, because it is not rewardless, and God forbid that it ends! The rules, well, sometimes they are downright illogical, if not stupid (Why on earth do they allow phones with cameras, radios, and MP3 players yet ban stand-alone cameras and MP3 players? Unfathomable, right, soon-to-be-Atty. Campos?), but since we're not the ones making the rules, there's no choice but to suck it. Sometimes these are small trade-offs, okay, maybe not too small, but trade-offs nonetheless. After all, it's not everyday that you can work with very intelligent, beautiful, so very stylish, so very talented, and highly opinionated (and I mean that in the most positive way possible) people.

So, back to the original question: Why am I leaving? Simply put, with my new work, I would have more time for my family. Sharkteeth, I believe, already has plans on how we're going to spend my Saturdays. And again, life is good.


  1. TPS, you and onyxx leaving makes many of us want to reconsider our options (You guys were my first workmates!). Though I can see myself reaching the one-decade mark, God willing.
    I'd probably be too shy to say anything to you face to face, so ... goodbye and good luck! :)

  2. Zar, life is so full of options! But all you really need is to know what you want and what makes you happy. There were times that I thought I was unhappy in _ _ _, but I realized happiness is a matter of perspective, and with that, I feel so happy and blessed to have worked there. It's just that I would be so much happier if I get to spend more time with TheHusband and Sharkteeth.
    Anyhooo, thanks so much! I, too, would probably be too shy to say anything face to face, so...goodbye and God bless.

  3. "After all, it's not everyday that you can work with very intelligent, beautiful, so very stylish, so very talented, and highly opinionated (and I mean that in the most positive way possible) people."
    ---aaaawwww. that's too much pseudoshrink. enough about me. anyways, i'm glad you're parting post is not full of bitterness. it's very simple, reasonable, sincere, and honest. thanks for everything ... for the encouragement and believing in my talent (melodramatic music playing in the background). hehehe. drama. see yah!

  4. The PseudoShrink5:21 PM

    Actually Ven, sa'yo pa lang, kulang na yung adjectives eh!
    I may be sooooo tamad in watching your gigs and such, but always remember that I'm a great fan! I hope you find your heart's greatest and truest desire! ♪♫ There's no business like showbusiness! ♪♫

  5. amen... earlier i thought things would end in a bitter parting (heaven knows The List of Gripes just keeps on growing) but in the end it was actually easier than i had expected. in a way, i'm glad i left without drama or recrimination because it's easier to look back and reconnect with old friends every once in a while. let's stay in touch :)

    p.s. baka meron kang bagong raket dyan na pwedeng pagkikitaan, isali mo naman kami heheh

  6. The PseudoShrink3:48 AM

    Onyxx, God knows my drama queen alter-ego would have been purring with contentment had I been more melodramatic about this, but there is nothing to be bitter about. Like I said, _ _ _ has been my home for almost 10 years———much of the food TheHusband and I served on our family table came from _ _ _, and abundant food it was. This alone merits a big thank you.
    Anyhooo, I hope this "raket" gets big! And by the way, I'd probably buy a phone na, it's hard to depend on true love alone, plus it only works on my soulmate...probably won't work with anybody else. ; )

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Good luck sayo!

  8. Bunso6:29 PM

    Well, I'll be damned! You're leaving your cocoon, just when I thought you'd be staying for good! Best wishes!

  9. ThePseudoshrink9:19 PM

    Something gets lost when things are written/read as opposed to spoken/heard. So Anonymous, is that "good luck" said with a smiley or with a smirk? ; ) Thanks, anyway. Bunso, yes, I shall leave my cocoon and emerge as a butterfly, uhmmm, more like an insect, realistically speaking. Thanks. BTW, who are you?

  10. ThePseudoshrink11:14 PM

    Uhmmm...a butterfly is an insect too. But you get the drift, right?

  11. Zoe's Dad3:10 PM

    Leaving so soon, batchmate? It's only been a decade and you're leaving na Haha. Time, indeed, flies huh. Mid-20s ka na pala when we first met?! Kala ko fresh grad ka lang nun! For 10 years niloko mo ko, haha. _ _ _ has been very good to me too. Everyday I thank God for my job. It's really just a matter of perspective. And oh btw, please stop the "time-with-family" crap; kilala kita, di ka nagpapahuli ng buhay! Haha. Just tell the truth - your salary was tripled! Good luck, and I'm happy for you!

  12. ThePseudoshrink3:31 PM

    Zoe's daddy, one decade na today! Yah, was in my mid-20s then---couldn't help it, mukha lang talaga akong bata noon [o, mga miron, walang kokontra!], plus isip-bata din. Ikaw yung fresh grad, dibba? Sa _ _ _ ka sinuerte, 'no? ; )
    Curses! You saw thru my "time-with-family" crap! Haha! Anyhooo, just to make it clear, di tripled, quadrupled!!! Do spread the word!
    Hehe, joke lang po! Baka may maniwala! Salamat, batchmate!

  13. zoe's dad11:30 PM

    Haha, di ako sa _ _ _ sinuerte, bata pa ako suerte na ako. Another thing we have in common pala, sa _ _ _ tayo nakahanap ng pakakasellen ; ). Yeah it's 10 short years now. I originally planned to go to work today but I decided otherwise; I bummed around the whole day, hehe. Sarap. Remember from years back, after niyong mag lunch sa office, you would work in front of the computer standing up, kasi ayaw niyong tumaba, haha! But that's our secret, I won't tell that to anyone. Promise. Btw, I don't buy your definition of soulmate. I saw YourHusband in MOA too, sans any pager/cellphone. Di ko naman siguro siya soulmate nwoh, haha. (Ask him if he still remembers.) Again, good luck, and I'll see you around... (sorry for the typo in previous post, hehe)

  14. umalis ka na pala?! namfucha!! kala ko absent lang ako, tapos absent ka lang din... lalalala... sino na magp-provide ng HEROES ssn 2 fix ko?!!

    enough of me selfishness, I wish you well, get yourself a cellphone soon so'd you can text me the latest Nigella Lawson recipes you find (damn, that was still about me, wasn't it?)

  15. zoe's daddy, that's a fine way to celebrate a decade! and please, let's not start talking about such rude things as adiposities! ; ) regarding the soulmate definition, BUY IT! how can you explain agreeing to meet in MOA without any rendezvous place or time yet still encounter each other? good luck, lucky!
    t2rad, sorry, forgot to tell you! anyhoo, wala pa namang heroes ngayon. let's just burn the bridge when we get there! ipag-burn na lang kita? how about the barefoot contessa? do you like her, in a culinary sense, i mean? 'cause i'm sure you dig nigella lawson not just for her recipes...

  16. t2rad, i almost forgot! you'd like my view in my new place of employment---a huge billboard of cindy kurleto!


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