Friday, August 17, 2007

Keeping Score

 1.00 score
+ 0.50 score
+ 0.25 score

1.75 scores!

Not exactly geriatric, but no spring chicken either!


  1. so what are these numbers all about anyway?

    happy birthday!! bigay ko na lang gift ko sa yo next time we meet. saan kayo nagcelebrate?

  2. Ack! My age, onyxx!
    Thanks very much. We just came back from Boracay! Thankfully, it was bright and shiny when we were there!

  3. 1.75? one point seventy-five. this means that pseudoshrink is 1 year shy of turning 75 years old. thus, she has 1 year before becoming a geriatric. LOL!

  4. But then, Idol Ven, numbers are really irrelevant, as I don't look like a day over a score and a year. Hahaha! Oh, please, let me be in my delusions.

  5. Belated happy birthday!


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