Friday, December 05, 2014

Trials And Tribulations

Oh, hi, dear blog-friends! Buhay pa ako. Yay!

I was just so busy. I had to learn a new tool in a matter of hours and turn around urgent files quickly. How quick? The turn-around time was 6 hours! Grabe, muntik nang mag-total eclipse ang heart ko. Corneeeeyyyy. Sorry. Kulang sa tulog.

Needless to say, medyo nataranta ako...medyo naloka ako...medyo nangilid ang luha ko habang nag-wo-work. Sa isang eye lang. And I wiped the tear even before it can fall. I'm hard that way. Hahahaha! Pero diba nga, thankful ako for this work? So I sucked it. There was no choice but to march on. And march I did. For six days. For freaking six days, I barely cooked. I barely mumbled. I barely went out of the house. Okay, tama na. OA na ako. The important thing is tapos na yung project na yun. I can breathe easier.

Or so I thought...

May bagyong padating. Hagupit! Pangalan pa lang takot na ako.

Back in Thursday morning, Dumaguete was included in the list of projected areas that might be affected. Nataranta ako. I bought a powerbank and canned goods. Seems every other Dumaguete├▒o had the same idea. Isang kilometro yata ang haba ng counters. Exagge ako. Hehehehe. Pero very long talaga ang lines. Friday classes were cancelled. Sayang, mahina lang naman ng ulan today. I guess the city government wanted to play it safe. Mahirap nga naman pag inabutan ng ulan ang mga kids. I think Yolanda traumatized all Pinoys, not just Taclobanons.

So far, wala pa namang malakas na ulan. I hope magtuloy-tuloy na ang good weather. And sana wala namang tamaan ng malakas. We all deserve a happy Christmas.


  1. hi ms. ellen can i have your number?

  2. Hi Marie, please email me at thepseudoshrink at gmail dot com.

  3. After Ondoy, everyone at home typhoon trauma din.. We hoarded de lata only to realize sira na si nag-iisang abrilata.. Winnur!!

  4. Diane, alam mo na kakantahin ni Alanis. Hehehehehe


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