Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grace And Thankfulness

It's Thanksgiving next week in the US. Of all the American holidays, it's the one Western holiday that I want to celebrate here in the Philippines. Never mind Halloween (especially since I just get stressed with all the costumes). I just think that we don't say "thank you" often enough.

I have SO MANY things to be thankful for. So many. But there is one that particularly stands out because it brings food to the table, among other things, and lets me earn without needing to leave home. Now the latter remains debatable as a perk, but when you're a mother of a child who is susceptible to all sorts of respiratory infections and gets feverish with every bout of cold, being able to stay at home is a huge benefit.

Back in 2011, I replied to a LinkedIn ad from a company in Europe -- on a lark, mind -- not really expecting anything to come out of it. So I was pleasantly surprised when the editorial manager (EM) replied immediately. Things went pretty fast, and soon I was already receiving steady work from the company, which, for the sake of privacy, I will refer to here as "Castle."

Like I said, Castle provides steady work, although of course there will always be lean times -- even scientists and authors have to rest. Another wonderful perk is Castle's fair rate. I know, and have long accepted, that it is lower than my American or British peers; after all, why would Castle subcontract something if they're not going to have any financial benefit out of it? And yet, Castle's rate remains the highest among my clients. And the most important of all is the gracious EM. There are times (not often!!! *defensive*) when my work isn't as good or when I miss my deadline, yet she's always professional and understanding. Last February, I was midway on a book when Sharkteeth got sick, and ever so gracious, she emailed me, asking me not to worry about the book and to focus on S first. While other EMs would be freaking out by that point, Castle's EM was calm and collected. And have I mentioned their fair rates? I have?! LOL! Well, I can't stress it enough, Castle's rate is very good. So good that it inspires me to work harder. Hahahaha!

It has been more than three years (no jinx please!!!), and I still marvel at this grace I received. Thank you, Castle and your ever-so-gracious EM.


  1. People often forget to thank the one above for their jobs. To think that the income we get from then is what put food on our table and allows us to enjoy life and its offerings. I often hear complaints when people talk about their jobs so I find this post refreshing. :)

    P.S. I'm sure you're doing a good job that's why your EM treat you well. Humble ka lang talaga. Hehe.

  2. Hindi ko sure yang humility part, and I'm sure mas mabilis pa sa alas-cuatro ay may kokontra, hehehehe, pero even with this post, I think kulang pa how thankful I am to have this work -- it gave me a certain freedom that I didn't find in all my other jobs. True, kung minsan sobrang stressful sa dami ng work, but it's a nice problem to have rather than walang work. :)

  3. wow! parang type ko din mag work dyan kay Castle,,hehehe.. Congrats Ms. Ellen! You deserve it!!!

  4. LOL! Heto nga, nausog na yata. A couple of days I posted this, no project from them. :(

  5. Alam mo Mother E! dream ko 'to eh. I want to gradually establish myself in freelancing.. especially working at home. This intensifies when I'm getting tired of dealing with bossess and colleagues. (teka, d naman kayo magkakilala ng boss at mga kasamahan ko hahaha.. wag mo ko sumbong ha) I once opened an oDesk account,ayun nalimutan ko na password.

    Wishing you more work at kapag super dami na, please establish a training and consulting company ha :) Yung parang kay, tapos mentor mo ako. haha

  6. LOL! Mangarap naman ako ng Martine levelz! Hahahahah

    Hindi ko fully ma-recommend ang ganitong setup, especially for young, sociable persons. I think this is only working for me 'cause I'm an introvert.

  7. My sentiments exactly. Too often we forget to say thanks, even for the smallest things. Not just to the universe, pero even to people around us that at times we take for granted. I am also very thankful that I can work from home on my own time and at the rate that I want. Mabuhay ang mga freelancers and outsourcers ! :)

  8. 10 years ago, hindi siguro ganun ka-viable ang ganitong work, but now, with better Internet connection, so many things are possible. And the fact na hindi nauubos ang 4 hours every working day in traffic is a huge blessing to be thankful for.

  9. 4 hours wasted in traffic - alam ko yan! Never again!


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