Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorite Five: Pretty Porcelain

1. PiP Set Two Cup and Saucers Cappuccino Blue: Such a pretty and charming painting of birds. I think no other words are necessary. *Sigh* 

2. Royal Albert Cheeky Pink Vintage 5-Piece Place Setting: "Express your personality with this fun and light hearted pattern. Cheeky Pink will add charm and elegance to a fun afternoon tea with girlfriends. Romantic and playful, this 5-Piece Place Setting includes modern twists, such as polka dots and beautiful roses, charmingly fashioned in fine bone china. 22 carat gold lining completes the pretty vintage look for that perfect gift or indulgent treat."

3. Cath Kidston's Bird Tea for One Set: "A mini teapot with a matching cup. Make teatime special, even when it's just you."

Totally pretty, but
reviews are mostly bad on account of the height of the spout -- tilting it spills the content. 

4. The Macmillan Alice: With all the Alice in Wonderland characters beautifully drawn at the border of the plates encircling Alice, how can you resist?

5. Wedgwood Peter Rabbit: "Our childhood favourite hops into life in this Beatrix Potter pattern. This beloved collection is perfect for children and the young at heart alike."

Totally cute Beatrix Potter drawing, at the same time totally horrifying story: "'Now my dears,' said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning, 'you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor.'"

"Accident"? That's what Mrs. Rabbit calls it? Denial! :)

Note: In my bid to post regularly, I'm going, or at least try, to post every Friday five of my favorite things. They might be current or past possessions, though others might not be necessarily mine -- could be a wish for my fairy godmother (where are you, by the way?), could be something I saw and found interesting, but it will always be driven by beauty and functionality, hopefully both, but that's a tall order.


  1. ang ganda nga :). they look like they should be for display only, and not used kasi you'll be too busy looking at the designs instead of eating hehehe

  2. Saka masakit sa dibdib pag nabasag. :(

  3. Dainty china! Tea party ang naiisip ko pag nakakakita ng mga ganyan. Lakas makarelax. Pero tama ka, sakit sa dibdib talaga pag nabasag. Yan yung tipong ang sarap icollect noh tapos ipapamana sa mga anak na babae. :)

  4. LOL! So true. May tea set ako, regalo ni TheHusband nung di pa kami mag-asawa. When Sam was around five, nakita nya, hiniram, wala pang 10 minutes, basag na. :(

  5. pangdisplay lang talaga ang nature nya.. ang sayang gamitin...too beautiful to use...

  6. I used my Alice plate and na-gasgas na. Sad. :(
    Dapat talaga eh sa eskaparate lang.

  7. Nakakahiya sabihin but I follow Gretchen Barretto's IG account because I love looking at there teacup collection. Panay Royal Albert lang naman k'se hehe!

  8. Leah, there's no shame in that. :) Ako nga, I follow Heart Evangelista's IG just to see kung gagayahin ba nya outfit ni Marian. I used to follow her for her paintings, pero ngayon I have more shallow goals. Hahahaha

    1. Natawa ako dito hahaha why the warla nila?

      Hindi ako masyado familiar sa Royal Albert because die hard Noritake fans ang mga tao sa bahay.

      Mas bet ko yung Tale of Peter Rabbit, tama ba ako? Mas feel ko yung medyo may childhood effect :)

    2. More like wina-warla ni Heart si Marian, who, I am pleasantly surprised, is so dedma lang. Tungkol sa
      kasalan at mga kung ano-anong nakaka-bwisit na emote ni Heart. And yet like a SLEX bus accident, I couldn't look away. Punta ka sa FashionPulis, kasi yun ang updated sa mga pangyayari.

      Cute nung Peter Rabbit. Hehehe, I don't use mine. Naka-display lang. Iisa kasi, pag nabasag, huhuhuhu. I love Peter Rabbit illustrations. Puro cute.


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