Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekend Report

*Sigh* Isang workweek na naman ang nakaraan. Ewan ko ba, I feel so tired. Kasi naman, bukod sa work, may housework pa, plus we have a new pet. Happily, Sabado na bukas!!! Finally, I can wake up late. Sana. Sana 10 hours of sleep. Sana quiet ang aking mga sintunadong neighbors. Sana hindi makulit yung hamster. Sana, sana, sana...

Oh, before I forget, meet Sir Ham Sandwich Kensington (aka Bacon), Sharkteeth's reward for learning how to swim freestyle.

He's so adorable -- we're all crazy over the little critter. Pati si TheHusband (parang nagbabalak pang bumili ng isa pa). We have yet to buy a "proper" house for him, and he's getting bored and tired of his tiny cage. He loves lettuce and Nutella. He's not as gluttonous as my beloved hammie (RIP), who used to stuff so much food in his buccinator that his face often looked like an angry puffed-up cobra. Bacon is a bit more moderate in his food intake. But he's so malikot -- ilang beses na syang nahulog dahil sa sobrang kalikutan.

TheDog is annoyed, understandably. He's trying to hide his annoyance by putting up a façade of indifference, but I caught him a couple of times eyeing the rodent with evil eyes. And he was licking his lips!!! Kulang na lang eh magpahid ng laway. Good luck naman kay Bacon. Hahahaha!


It was a pretty hectic week for S. It's math and science week, may Girl Scout training, and sandamakmak ang assignments and projects. Sa totoo lang, I don't want to help her in her projects kasi baka maging dependent. Usually, I just give ideas and siya nag-e-execute. Kaso with the Girl Scout training, early evening na kami dumarating sa bahay, leaving us only a couple of hours to eat and do the assignments. So, much as I don't want to, I'm "helping" her na nga sa projects, and ilang projects ko, este ni S, ang 10/10!!! Hahahaha! Hopefully, pagpasok ng October, medyo lighter ang load nila kasi, hello, pagod na akez. May project pa sila where they will sew paper clothes and model them.

TPS:  So what dress are you gonna model?
Sharkteeth: I'm not going to model one. I'll help in the production.

TPS:  Why? Join ka na! Sayang naman. Please?
Sharkteeth: I don't know... [long pause] I find it UNDIGNIFIED.
TPS: ... [tameme]

"Undignified"? How can you argue with that?

When I was a bit younger, I liked watching beauty contests and didn't see anything wrong with it. Didn't see how sexist or demeaning it is. Pero nung magka-anak ako, I started feeling like the women in beauty contests are being treated like meat. Karne sa palengke. So I completely understood when S said that it is undignified. Kaya hindi ko na pinilit pa.


I have a couple of "sewing" projects to finish myself, and I'll try to share the process and output with you. Sana may time...

We have a scheduled power interruption on Sunday, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Without electricity, I might be able to do my analog stuff. :) So may napipintong cleaning, reorganization, and redecoration sa bahay. Wish me luck! :)

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