Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Radio Silence On The Homefront


Radio silence muna ako, dear reader(s). Finals ni Sharkteeth, and we're trying to cope with the lessons she missed last February. Saka wala na naman kaming househelp. :( Aliping saguiguilid na naman ang peg ko. Grabe ha? I'm working (extra) full time on a book, reviewing S, may sakit pa si TheHusband, cleaning (or at least trying to) the house, cooking, etc. Pagod na ako. And overwhelmed. The million dollar question: bakit di pa rin ako pumapayat despite all these? Hay, I can only blame my genes. Ang katakawan. Ooooppps, radio silence nga pala ako. Sya, sige. Laterz! Hope to be back by Friday.

PS: Speaking of radio silence, awful yung sa Malaysian Air, ano? The uncertainty. The peculiar circumstances. The grief. It's just too much to bear. I hope they'd be found soon.


  1. We are losing our househelp na rin tomorrow. :( She's been with us for the past eight years and now she's decided to find true love and start her own family. Kailangan ko na matuto magluto. Eeeep!

  2. I think it's much more awful in your case. Matagal-tagal na rin sya sa inyo, and I think she's like family na rin to you. But for TRUE LOVE? It's hard to argue with that, right?! Madali lang magluto. Start with stir-fried rice. Hehehehe. That's my go-to dish when I'm feeling lazy and need something fast. I just throw in whatever's in my ref. :)


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