Friday, February 28, 2014


Warning: This is a long, rant-y post. Medyo nega, pero may masaya din na part. You've been duly warned!!!

A week after Sharkteeth was released from the hospital, she went home from school with fever, headache, and complaints of dizziness. The next day, we went to her pedia. Her pedia listened to S's heart rate and found it to be quite fast. Though tachycardia is not unusual when someone has fever, her pedia got a bit suspicious and listened more intently to her heart. I think some seed of doubt has been planted in her head during S's hospitalization and was looking for a sign/symptom of something. I don't speak Cebuano and I asked her to please speak in Tagalog or English, but while she starts in English, she'd switch to Cebuano midway, and she kept on muttering "rare." She mentioned a rare syndrome that sounded like "Schaecter's," but when I asked her to spell it, she seemed to be not thoroughly familiar with the disease. Parang hihimatayin ako na masusuka na lumalaki ang ulo. That bad. I couldn't speak. Me. Couldn't speak. (Turned out she was referring to Stickler's syndrome.) She recommended a pediatric cardiologist. The cardio isn't accredited by our insurance, and if the the condition is congenital, the 2D echo will not be covered by the insurance, but she has to give a diagnosis first before we can get an approval for the 2D echo from Medicard. All that confused me because how can the cardiologist diagnose the condition if the 2D echo hasn't been done yet? We decided to just pay for the 2D echo and get it over with. I swear, my love-hate relationship with Medicard became hate-hate at that very moment. All their syrupy sales pitch/orientation turned sour in my mouth. The 2D echo went without any hitch, with the technician/nurse and the doctor amused and charmed (nanay ako, pagbigyan na) by S's kadaldalan. (Thank goodness, Tagalog yung pedia cardio nya, hindi na ako nahirapang maintindihan.) The nurse was jokingly saying that S can go by herself next time she needs a checkup because she was the one providing the doctor details about her hospitalization and current symptoms. THANKFULLY, SHARKTEETH'S HEART IS OKAY!!! (I think mine wasn't before then. Ka-stresss.) Anyhoo, later, lumabas ang results ng laboratory examination, and it turned out to be a mild case of UTI. Then, nung Monday around 11 am, S called me, saying she has fever, asking me to pick her up from school. I was so afraid. She seemed fine naman but still with low-grade fever. I brought her to her pedia again the next day, who recommended that I bring her to an ENT. Feeling ko halos buong February na kaming pabalik-balik sa hospital. When the ENT examined S's nose, he said that it's still congested and the sinusitis hasn't resolved fully and prescribed a nasal spray. It seems to be helping S, as the mucus really loosened up (sorry, TMI). Kaso praning nga ako, when we got home, I asked S every few minutes how she is. Umabot na sa point na nagalit na sya kasi I was scaring her daw. Hay, what can I do? I'm praning. And I'm a mother. Totally bad combination. You know, sa sobrang paranoia ko, I jump a little whenever someone calls me or sends me an SMS, especially if the number isn't familiar. Kaya naman when she came home from school kanina smiling, bright and chirpy, at panay ang daldal, tuwang-tuwa ako. As in. So happy. 

I love you, bebeh gher!

Eto naman, different topic. Our high school batch will be having a reunion on December. Before the date was settled, one classmate was rallying that it be moved to February next year, during her vacation. She was out-voted because, simply put, most balikbayans go home during December when most reunions, whether alumni or family, are held. Now she's terribly pissed because she didn't get her way. Now she's calling every person whom she thinks is her ally and is telling him/her not to go, otherwise, she won't give her any pasalubong? What the ...?! The temerity, right? I cringe and feel embarrassed for those people who reportedly agreed not to attend. I mean, is there really any pasalubong or an amount of money that can match the reunion? Don't get me wrong. There were many reunions in the past that I didn't attend, but it was totally out of my own volition. Well, maybe if she gives me a million, I won't attend -- then promptly blow the money away by holding ANOTHER reunion, on my tab. I cringe on how she's using money to further her agenda, in the process acting like a spoiled brat. I cringe that there are classmates who are willing to go along with her bratty behavior just for the money. Spell C-H-E-A-P naman. I'm angry that the reunion is being marred by sneaky phone calls and backstabbing and malicious texts. It is ironic to be that sad and pathetic when you're working in the happiest place on earth

Way old news, but totally applies. Pera-pera na lang ba?
So there. Yan ang mga bagay-bagay na nag-bother sa akin recently. Though yung second issue, ultimately, keber lang sa akin 'yan, especially pag pino-problema ko si S. To close this, ang masasabi ko lang: napakahirap maging ina. Uulitin ko: The pain you feel when your child is in pain is magnified so many times. I'd rather give birth without epidural kesa makita ko si S in pain.

Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted.


  1. Buti nalang S is okay. Kakainis naman your pedia, parang mahina ang bedside manner. And that batchmate, she hasn't grown up ha!
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  2. Hay naku, in theory, maganda sana ang may HMO/insurance, but it severely limits our choices pagdating sa doctors and hospitals, especially for us, who lives quite far from Manila.
    Si batchmate, ewan ko ba dun. Sometimes I think there's something wrong psychologically. Parang hindi na normal behavior yung pinaggagagawa nya.

  3. glad to hearing S is doing ok na.cute ng daughter mo :) about that batchmate, sooooo high school.gosh! some people never grow up, they just grow old.tsk!

  4. Angel E, I'm crazy about her. As in.
    Re classmate, oo, parang walang pinagkatandaan. Umabot na sa point na nag-de-deactivate ako ng Facebook para makaiwas sa negativity na dinadala ng reunion/classmate na yun.


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