Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diplomacy, Tact, And How To Lose An Argument

Sharkteeth: There's something bad that I have to tell you...
TPS: [tensing up] What is it, anak? [So many frightening things crossed my mind: her dizzy spells are coming back, she's having fever again, she got into a fight with a classmate and will be expelled, she has a boyfriend afraid...]
Sharkteeth: Well, J [her best friend] is inviting me to hang out this Saturday, but E [her classmate-friend] is inviting me to her birthday party, which is also on Saturday...
TPS: So, why don't you and J go together to E's party?
Sharkteeth: J and E aren't friends. They had a fight when they were in grade II. J doesn't want me to be friends with E, but E is nice to me...

TPS: I see. So what's your plan?
Sharkteeth: If I attend E's party, J's gonna be pissed. If I join J and miss E's party, E is gonna be pissed. I think I'll just stay home this weekend and hang out with you.
TPS: Hmmmppp...third choice lang ako.
Sharkteeth: But you don't hang out with me either.
TPS: Of course, I do. I'm always home.
Sharkteeth: Yes, you are, but you always hang out with the computer.

TPS: Touché.


  1. i enjoyed reading your posts (started nung sang araw pa) . light, na may reality, but keeping a sense of mystery pa din. no qualms blog. been blogging too since 2006 (with my old blog) . bookmarked :) regards,

    1. Gosh, I'm blushing. Thank you so much.
      I'll head over to your blog now.

  2. good point. Sam's comebacks are getting sharper by the day :D

  3. Hay, naku, Onyxx. That's so true.


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